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Personhood is the Civil Rights Movement of the 21st Century

The civil rights movement of the 21st century is called Personhood. Long after abortion becomes a settled issue and a thing of a past dark age, we will be dealing with end of life issues, cloning, in vitro fertilization issues, artificial wombs, genetic engineering, animal-human hybrids, nanotechnology, singularity, cyborgism, transhumanism.

This biological time-bomb is ticking and is about to explode. The Church is unprepared to deal with many profound implications that are coming at us fast. All of these advances in biology can be reformed by recognizing the Personhood of all human beings from biological beginnings to natural death. That’s why you should become part of the Personhood effort in your state.

The Personhood movement also holds the promise for bringing righteousness, liberty, long life and prosperity to the whole human race. There are Godly applications for genetic research to cure diseases and reverse aging. But the acid test is Personhood. That is, we are each made in the image of God. Therefore, the dignity and sanctity of life must be respected and preserved in all research and application.

People have been searching for immortality for thousands of years, but we’ve only known what the DNA molecule looks like for about 50 years. The reason we age is that DNA breaks down and does not replicate the same way as when we are young. Some reading this will live to see that a lifespan of 100 to 120-years-old is commonplace. I believe this will happen eventually, but God will not allow it to come until the Gospel has sufficiently leavened the world. Among certain people, I believe this gift of long life is coming soon. Imagine what a gift it would be for a 75-year-old to enjoy the physical health he enjoyed as a 25-year-old, knowing everything he knows now. But in the depraved reprobate man, this could be a source of great evil. Why did God choose to limit man’s lifespan after the Flood? It was because prior to the Flood and after, man created a race of Nephilim — men of renown whose long lifespans made them capable of attaining a god-like status.

Currently, a 20-year old with $10,000 in mutual funds investing just $100 a month will be a millionaire by age 70. If this investment is allowed to accrue until age 170, it will be approaching a billion. With this amount of money, a person could become a petty dictator in some countries. For example, if I had had $1 million, 23 years ago during the collapse of the Soviet Union, I could have started my own kingdom. If I had had $1 billion, I could have bought up most of the land in several central Asian Republics and averted several civil wars. There were entire nations where the gross national product was about $5 billion in 1995.

God simply doesn’t allow that to occur on a mass scale by limiting our lifespan. However, we are now breaking down language barriers with the Internet and computers. And soon, due to genetic breakthroughs we will have long lifespans as in the days of the patriarchs.

How many people can say that they are in better physical shape at age 50 or 60 than they were at age 30 due to their nutrition, health and fitness? I was looking at some photos of my grandfather who died of leukemia at age 63. Then I compare him to my father and the difference is amazing. It is certainly possible to still be “young” at age 60 or 70. Now imagine you could extend that to age 120.

I believe that long term, God intends on giving Christians long life and wisdom. Then He intends on transferring great wealth into the hands of Godly people who will literally be able to take dominion of the earth, similar to what Joseph was able to accomplish in just 14 years in the whole known world of his day. Joseph lived to be 110. If you are 55 or less, you should consider your life is not half over. So it is crucial that we maintain control over the advances in genetic research that are coming soon. The vision of the Personhood movement is to ensure this knowledge is used toward greater liberty and to protect the sanctity of life.

A Tribute to Joe Smith

What Makes a Christian Powerful

By Joe Smith
Edited by Doug Wooley, 9/20/1988
Revised by Jay Rogers, 10/8/2014

Joe Smith was an elder and past vice president of Maranatha Christian Churches and Ministries. He passed on to be present with the Lord earlier this week.

Joe Smith is survived by his wife Katie in Wesley Chapel, Florida.

I heard this message by Joe Smith back in the 1980s when I was a young Christian. It contains the some important foundational truths that impacted my life. The original title of the message was “What Makes Maranatha Powerful,” but I disagree with this title. It should be “What Makes a Christian Powerful” because God has one standard for all His people.

Lordship, holiness, covenant, purity, evangelism, the Great Commission, prayer and fasting are not obscure doctrines for a special category of super-spiritual Christian. These truths are what make all Christians powerful. I’ve edited the article in places to reflect this.

Joe’s Spiritual Background

By Doug Wooley

Many times we need to know what a person is thinking and what his experiences have been before we can understand what he is saying. Otherwise, we will receive his message from our own experiences and from what we are thinking. Joe has been walking in the kingdom since 1959. One day a man witnessed to Joe and his life was touched by God. Joe acknowledged Jesus Christ as his Lord. He did not know about being saved, but something happened on the inside of him that changed him. He had the experience of salvation, which is better than having three Scriptures on salvation. It is better to know God than listen to five tapes about God.

Over the years, Joe has seen people come and go. He has been to many churches, some of which he experienced the manifested presence of God and some of which he perceived as being dead and cold. One day at a crusade in Paducah. Kentucky in 1973, Joe heard the Maranatha band, Praise, and he was amazed at the anointing and strength upon these young people. Joe said had worked with young people “for years and years and years,” and he never saw anything like this. Joe wished he could take what these young people had and put it in his youth at his church. After the meeting, Joe met Bob Weiner and asked if he could get together with him to learn what Bob was doing with his youth. Joe visited with Bob’s church all day on a Saturday and stayed for the nightly service. Songs were sung and testimonies were given and the excitement and anointing grew. Joe related how he had gone to a Baptist church that had an activity building with coke machines, ping pong tables, basketball goals almost everything, but they did not have the same anointing in the young people. Joe then asked God to show him where the anointing and power comes from.

The Source of Our Power

By Joe Smith

People make a mistake in thinking that power is in the form and they will try to copy the form, hoping to produce the power. The Bible says, power comes from God. Power belongs to God. “Faith comes by hearing” (Rom. 10:17). The Word will activate faith within you. When you begin to implement that which God has shown you, a form will begin to take place to implement that which God has spoken. But, the form is never the source of the power. God is the source of the power. Form is developed.

The power is not with form, but with underlying principles from the Word. The Church made out of people, so the Church is no more powerful than the people that are in it. Therefore, the principles that make the Church powerful are also the principles that will make any man or woman powerful. We can be powerful Christians by having the following six foundations: Lordship, holiness, covenant, evangelism, world vision, prayer and fasting.

After reading 2 Tim. 3:1 4, one might think that these Scriptures are speaking about sinners who are just living for themselves with no thought of God.

But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come. For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self control, brutal, haters of good, treacherous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God (2 Tim. 3:1-4).

However, verse 5 continues, “holding a form of godliness, although they have denied its power, and avoid such men as these.” Many church groups meet and have a form of godliness, but they have denied the power.

Total Commitment to the Lordship of Jesus Christ

One of the foundational teachings that makes a Christian powerful is “Lordship.” Lordship is an attitude of the heart of an individual to commit his entire life to Jesus to be his servant for life. Lordship or total commitment, is committing your own will and desires to do that which pleases God. Jesus is either Lord of all or not Lord at all. However, many times we fall short of the intent of our hearts, to serve Jesus 100%. Our actions don’t always measure up to the attitude of our hearts. If a person’s attitude of the heart is not Lordship, then they will have a form of godliness, but deny the power.

Power comes from hearing the Word of God and responding to it. If this Gospel cannot set you free from the power of sin over your life, then this Gospel cannot get you to heaven or give you eternal life. Romans 6:23 says that “the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus.” When you give your life to Jesus, the power of sin is broken over your life. Rom 6:14 says, “sin shall not be master over you,” after you have become a Christian as a result of responding to the Gospel and giving your heart to Jesus. The people in 2 Tim. 3 have a form of godliness but are denying the power because they are still living in sin. It is one thing to live in sin; it is another thing to make a mistake. If a person’s attitude is to please God and when he does not please God, then God will show him, and because He is his God and his Lord, he will repent and get it right with God.

Joe was used to cursing, but after he had become a Christian and cursed, the holy righteous one on the inside of him said that he is not supposed to talk like that and he stopped cursing. Something happened on the inside of Joe showing that the nature of man can be changed.

When we preach Lordship, this means that the power of sin is broken in a Christian’s life and that a person is not to live in sin anymore. We do not tolerate a person who lives in sin – that is, a person who claims to be a Christian and is attending our church. Instead church discipline is practiced.

With people having the attitude of their hearts right, we then developed a form to express Lordship. If a person is going to be a part of our church, then this is the form to express their commitment. But form is not the power of God. You can go to every meeting, and do everything you are supposed to, and yet die and go to hell. People make the mistake that if they obey the form, then they must be right with God. Only the blood of Jesus makes you right with God, thereby giving you a proper attitude in your heart. However, if your heart is right with God, then it will be expressed in a form.


The second foundational teaching that makes a Christian powerful is “holiness.” The Bible often talks about blessing God’s holy name (Ps. 145:21). Jesus was called the holy child. The Spirit of God is called the Holy Spirit. That is because God is a holy God. Holiness is the nature of God, just as love is the nature of God. Holiness is absolute total purity, complete, whole, and healthy. Therefore, God by nature, has to be opposed to anything that is unholy, anything that is corrupt, anything that is impure. Seeing sin in the universe actually magnifies God’s holiness. Without holiness, no man can see God. Holiness is also defined as that which has been separated to be used by God for His glory. The motive and attitude of our hearts’ for everything that we do should be to “give glory to God,” and then we will never be frustrated.

Holiness is purity. God has often forgiven sinners, but He has never forgiven sin. That had to be atoned for. When we realize that our sin has been atoned for and that God can and will forgive us for our acts of disobedience and impurity, worship is invoked inside of us. Whenever anyone has seen God in His holiness and purity, they have fallen on their face before the Lamb and said, “holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty.” Isaiah saw a vision of God with the train of His robe filling the temple and the angels worshiping God saying, “Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord of Hosts” (Is. 6:3). The apostle John had a similar revelation of angels not ceasing to say “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God, the Almighty” (Rev. 4:8). Anytime a group of people live in purity, the worship in that group will be outstanding. Holiness will produce worship. In 2 Chronicles 20:21, singers were specifically assigned to praise God in the beauty of holiness. When we walk in holiness, our praise and worship will be outstanding and the presence of God will fill our temples’ (bodies’). In many church groups, there is not a high level of praise and worship because there is immorality, lust, and impurity in the congregation.

The Church has a form to express holiness. We don’t allow ungodly relationships in our church (2 Cor. 6:17 18). When you become a member of our church, a person becomes “singly devoted to God.” As you become singly devoted to God, He will prepare you for marriage. The Bible says, “the marriage bed is holy and undefiled.” God instituted the family and purposes for us to be married, unless we are a eunuch. God knows exactly what you need. He was the one Who said Adam needed a help mate, and He was the One Who picked the help mate for Adam and chose the help mate for Adam. As you are just getting character worked into your life, and as your just being singly devoted to God, then God will begin to reveal to you who your wife is going to be or who your husband is to be, and He will give you someone who will help you. The Bible says, “two get a better reward for their labor than one” (Eccl. 4:9). When God begins to speak to you about marriage, God is not going to speak marriage to you and give you somebody that doesn’t have a similar vision and understanding and calling on their life. For example, if God is calling you to the nations, He’s not going to speak to you someone who does not intend to leave the city. There are some common senses and practical ways that you can check it out and say, “Well, now is this what God is speaking to me? Is this really the Spirit of the Lord coming and talking to me?”

In contrast to the world, we have a form that speaks to purity before marriage. There are many ways (forms) in which to handle the situation. In our church, young people do not date and “mess around” in order to find a mate. There are no Scriptures in the Bible on dating because God did not institute it. Anything that God instituted is in the Bible and there are clear cut directions and understanding for it. There are many Scriptures about marriage because God instituted it, but God did not start dating. God intended for you to trust Him in every area of your life, including a choice of a mate.

Someone might say, “How is God going to give me a mate?” I don’t know. Which is easier: to give you a mate or raise you from the dead? We sort of get weird when it comes to spiritual things. The reason most people never make it in the kingdom of God is because of “unholy relationships.” People who associate with the same old crowd begin to act in the same old ways.

Over the years, we have lost the emphasis in the church about holiness. In our church in Paducah, young people saw the glorious church without spot or wrinkle and they wanted to be a part of that glorious church. They saw the holiness of God. There was an awe in them for the holiness of God. There was a reverence in them for the holiness of God. Yet we never had to worry about them getting into lust and trying to sneak around to sin or cop out with some rationale of the heart as to hide their secret motives of what they were doing. They walked in purity. They walked in holiness.

Some churches are now copying the form. Yet the form is not what produces holiness. Holiness comes out of the attitude of your heart. They can copy the form all they want, and you’ll walk in that group and still find a lot of sin.


Deuteronomy 7:9 says that God is a covenant God. To be in covenant means to be faithful, loyal and steadfast. Covenant is expressed in relationships between you and God, and between you and others. A person will be no more faithful and loyal to others than he is to God. When a person comes into covenant with God, he is expressing Lordship saying, “everything that I have, everything that I am, everything that I ever will have, belongs to God.” Likewise, God says to the person, “all that I have is yours.” We get the best part of the deal. God will work with us and be faithful to us always.

Covenant is expressed in our relationship with one another. 1 Cor. 12:18 says that God places us in the body, just as he pleases. It is not the church of our choice. It’s the church of His choice. God places us in the body in a specific location so that character can be formed in us and we can conform into Jesus’ image. God will place you in the body next to sandpaper brother or sandpaper sister. Sandpaper can do one or two things. It can either rub you raw or polish you. Here is what will happen. Usually, when you begin to get rubbed, you will look at that person and say, “I was doing all right until I met you,” and think that they are your problem. They are not your problem. Circumstances do not create problems, they only reveal problems. They just reveal attitudes of the heart. If a problem is not in your heart, then it will not come to the surface.

Covenant means you give up the right to quit. If you can’t quit, then the only option is to work it out. When problems occur in a relationship, there is a suggestion to terminate the relationship and quit; however, if you are in covenant and the relationship cannot be terminated, then you have to work it out. If you know that your friend loves you and he won’t quit on you and you can’t quit on him, then you are depending on something: Because both of your hearts are to please God and for God to get the glory, God will adjust you.

Covenant means if I have a car, you have a car. If I have a house, you have a house. If I have bills, you have bills. If we have a kindred spirit of commitment and loyalty to each other, it is because of covenant relationships. We will have a great impact on the world because when God speaks, we all hear. Then we all move and do it.

We have a form that expresses covenant within our fellowship. It is important to be in proper working order with one to another. We do not tolerate back biting and injuring one another. The Bible says that he who sows discord among the brothers is breaking covenant and is an abomination to God. We obey authority and those who govern in the church. We bring our tithes and offerings into the storehouse. We open up our houses to our brothers who need a place to stay while traveling. We provide for them. All these are various forms or expressions of covenant.


The fourth foundational principle is evangelism. Jesus came to seek and save the lost (Luke 19:10). If Jesus lives inside of us, then we will want to seek and save the lost. We might not be a campus evangelist, but wherever we go (work, neighborhood) we should be sharing Jesus. Prov. 11:30 says, “he who is wise wins souls.” The power is the desire to see people get saved. A healthy church is always reproducing itself through evangelism. Out of evangelism come international students.

World Vision

The fifth thing that you need is a world vision. You have got to have that world vision. In our churches, we get together at once a year at a conference to implement this world vision. The people overseas are so excited about coming to America and coming to this conference. I know it is a sacrifice. I know we spend a lot of money. But let me tell you something. It is worth its weight in gold. I am convinced of that. It is the family coming together from all over the world. When they start parading those flags, and they start giving their testimonies, and they start doing their things, and showing us what they are doing in their ministries overseas, we’re going to get a vision; they can see, “Hey, this thing is really big, this thing is really impacting the world.”

It blesses me, when I travel to Manilla, Philippines, and I walk down the stairs and they have a big world map. I’ll see people coming around to see where they have pins everywhere there is a campus church. And they’ll stand there and say. “I wonder why we don’t have a church there? Maybe God will let me start one there?” They already have that world vision. You must have a world vision because God commanded us to “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations” (Matt. 28:19). Out of this world vision, God gave us a vision to reach international students. The form will change, but the power comes from the vision to evangelize the world, not the international students. We have ministries all over the world because of international students that we reached in the United States.

Prayer and Fasting

The sixth pillar of power is prayer and fasting. In the early days in Paducah, the church would pray and fast every Saturday. They prayed from 9 to 12 in the morning. Prayer and fasting will break down strongholds over cities and release people into our churches. A church that prays will have a common vision and a common understanding. There is something that unites us in prayer. There are days that we call for prayer and fasting for specific reasons.


These six principles are the source of a Christian’s power.

Total Commitment (Lordship) can be expressed in a lot of ways, but it will be expressed if it’s in your heart.

Holiness can be expressed in a lot of ways, but it will be expressed if it’s in your heart.

Covenant can be expressed in a lot of ways, but it will be expressed if it’s in your heart.

Evangelism can go in many forms, but it will be expressed if it’s in your heart.

World Vision will be expressed if it is in your heart.

Prayer and Fasting will be expressed if it’s in your heart.

These are going to have various forms. Don’t ever get deceived and think that just because you got the form you got the power, because as we started off you can have a form of godliness and deny the power. If you just got the form and you don’t have the power, after a while it becomes drudgery to you. After a while it becomes boredom to you. After a while you sort of get hopeless because it doesn’t seem to be working or producing. This is because you have developed a form without understanding the power, and there is no power working in you. Jesus said, “I am the bread of life.” When you are eating of the bread of life, you will get stronger and stronger because bread gives you strength. When you’re source is Jesus, and that is your power, and that power from within is developing the form, then you will never get weaker, but get stronger and stronger.

Theological Schizophrenia in the Pro-life Movement

When I first encountered the following quote on a popular pro-life blog, I had to do a double take and reread it in full context.

Remember that these abortionists are misguided. They are sinners, just like you and me. And they are also REDEEMABLE. They are not our enemy. Our enemy is the sin of abortion.

These misguided souls are our brothers and sisters in Christ, whether you like it or not. Let this be a reminder to pray for their conversion with increased fervor.

If you don’t believe that these abortionists featured in “After Tiller” can experience a conversion, then you don’t know the same God I do. The God I serve is in the business of miracles.

Abby Johnson

On one hand Abby Johnson says abortionists are “our brothers and sisters in Christ.” Then she asks us to “pray for their conversion.” Although tempered with some truth, this is a serious error.

First, people who are unrepentant and murder children for a living are not our “brothers and sisters in Christ.” No Christian disagrees that an abortionist can repent and experience the love and grace of Jesus Christ. No one disagrees that our enemy is sin and the devil. But are abortionists already our “brothers and sisters in Christ” because they may be redeemable? Of course not!

Second, the idea that abortionists are simply “misguided souls” who are “just like you and me” belies a deep underlying misunderstanding of what is meant by “conversion” and “salvation.” While it is true that believers in Jesus Christ are sinners in that we fall into sins of omission and commission, to equate the abortionist’s unrepentant sin of child murder with the struggle that believers wage against sin is a shocking perversion of the Gospel.

The Word of God itself makes a strong delineation between those who love God and those who hate Him. What does the Word of God say about those who are unregenerate and not yet converted to Christ?

While it is true that we are all sinners and deserve hell, the doctrine of “total depravity” does not mean that each sinner is as bad as he can possibly be. Nor does it mean that all sins are equally as abominable in the sight of God. In fact, the “shedding of innocent blood” is singled out many times in Scripture as something that God especially hates (cf. Proverbs 6:17). That is not to whitewash the nature of sin in general. In fact, in order for there to be the “Good News,” there must first be the “Bad News.” By nature, we have hearts that are hardened toward God both by our sinful nature and a lifetime of sinful actions that add up with “compound interest.” This is a most radical corruption.

Jeremiah 17:9 – The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?

Romans chapter 3:10-18 is the famous passage by the Apostle Paul that gives a litany of scriptures that show that non-believers are by nature at hateful toward God.

As it is written:

“There is none righteous, no, not one;
There is none who understands;
There is none who seeks after God.
They have all turned aside;
They have together become unprofitable;
There is none who does good, no, not one.”

“Their throat is an open tomb;
With their tongues they have practiced deceit”

“The poison of asps is under their lips”;

“Whose mouth is full of cursing and bitterness.”

“Their feet are swift to shed blood;
Destruction and misery are in their ways;
And the way of peace they have not known.”

“There is no fear of God before their eyes.”

From a modern perspective, this is “hateful” language toward sinners. In fact, liberal theologians have committed the error of stating that although Jesus preached love, it was that Pharisaical scoundrel, Saul of Tarsus, otherwise known as St. Paul, who lobbed a stink bomb into the newly born “religion of love.” Of course, liberals ignore the dozens of scriptures in which Jesus himself speaks of hellfire and eternal condemnation for those who will not enter the kingdom of God.

Softening the Heart – Is it Scriptural?

It is true that the Bible uses the hardening or softening of the heart as a metaphor for those who come to saving faith in God. There are dozens of scriptures that speak of this. But who is ultimately responsible for our salvation? It is the Lord himself who hardens and softens.

Exodus 7:3 – But I will harden Pharaoh’s heart, and though I multiply my signs and wonders in the land of Egypt.

Note that what God has decreed always comes to pass. God promised to harden Pharaoh’s heart and in response, Pharaoh hardened his own heart.

Exodus 8:15 – But when Pharaoh saw that there was a respite, he hardened his heart and would not listen to them, as the Lord had said.

Then as a result of Pharaoh hardening his own heart, God hardened it to the point where he could not even hear the words of Moses and Aaron.

Exodus 9:12 – But the Lord hardened the heart of Pharaoh, and he did not listen to them, as the Lord had spoken to Moses.

Exodus 10:20 – But the Lord hardened Pharaoh’s heart, and he did not let the people of Israel go.

Throughout Scripture, we see it is the Lord who hardens and softens hearts.

Ezekiel 11:19 – I will give them one heart, and a new spirit I will put within them. I will remove the heart of stone from their flesh and give them a heart of flesh.

Ezekiel 36:26 – And I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you. And I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.

John 12:39-40 – Therefore they could not believe. For again Isaiah said, “He has blinded their eyes and hardened their heart, lest they see with their eyes, and understand with their heart, and turn, and I would heal them.”

Romans 9:18 – So then he has mercy on whomever he wills, and he hardens whomever he wills.

No one by the strength of their own will has the power to soften their own heart so that God may account them “good enough” to merit salvation. Neither do Christians have the power to soften sinners’ hearts. Only God may do that. Although we can’t pretend to know the will of God perfectly, there is a simple way of understanding and applying this truth.

But the issue isn’t hard preaching vs. soft preaching. The objective is to preach a pure Gospel full of truth with a heart of love for all.

The Gospel tells us that we are all sinners and deserve nothing more than the wrath of God. Therefore, repentance of sin should be taught and preached. Those who are born-again as a result of hearing the Gospel are able to repent and believe. Christ’s perfect righteousness is imputed to us by grace through faith as a free gift. Our sins are imputed to Christ through His once and for all sacrifice. Our sins are all washed away by the blood Jesus shed on the cross. This is called justification. Not only are our sins forgiven – which is a great thing – but Christ also broke the power of sin in our lives at the cross. We are then sanctified or “made holy” as we continue to grow in grace.

This is true conversion.

By way of disclaimer, I am Reformed in my theology of salvation. However, none of what I’ve claimed here would have been foreign to the great scholars of the Catholic Church such as Augustine of Hippo or Thomas Aquinas, who certainly taught that we obtain salvation by the grace of God, who alone is able to change hearts. This would not have been foreign to the many popular Arminian preachers, such as John Wesley, Andrew Murray, A.W. Tozer or Leonard Ravenhill. They might disagree with a few of the above points, but they would certainly agree with the following.

Soft preaching can just as well “love” sinners into the pit of hell because it justifies them in their sin rather than pointing them to the cross. However, the message of the cross will always be offensive to those who are perishing. This is unavoidable. A cross-less message is a message that is powerless to save. Of course, we must preach out of a heart of love, having been forgiven ourselves, showing the grace and mercy of Christ we have received.

Truth vs. Experience

What of the charge that sidewalk preachers are hateful and ineffective because they and yell and scream at women?

First, “screaming” is a subjective term. In the few seconds that these preachers have to reach a women entering the front door of a death mill, there is a sense of urgency. There is wisdom crying out in the street (Proverbs 1:20-33).

Here in Orlando the sidewalk counselors use “truth horns.” At right is a picture of Reilly Sproul, who is R.C. Sproul Jr.‘s son (and R.C. Sproul’s grandson), pleading with abortion bound women at Orlando Women’s Center to save their babies. He is adopted. He is telling the women that his birth mother loved him enough to give him to a loving family and how much he loves his adoptive family. No one can doubt this is a precious example of God’s grace. I’ve seen God use all sorts of methods and demeanors to save lives such as Reilly Sproul’s.

I don’t make the presumption that anyone is wrong when they say sidewalk counselors need to be compassionate in their preaching. I do fault them for really bad theology when they presume to call people who are trying to save lives, “hateful” or a “cult” — as some have done on social media and elsewhere. I will continue to defend street ministers who preach the Truth against these attacks.

Second, it is never a legitimate argument to pit experience against biblical truth. Abby Johnson may be able to show a hundred converts to the pro-life cause out of a gentle and loving witness. I may be able to show in central Florida alone a few dozen true conversions to Jesus Christ who came through a loving witness that included some harsh words and confrontation. I can also show at least a few dozen abortion “doctors” who simply quit doing abortions after being exposed to their business associates, OB/GYN patients and neighbors as child murderers.

In her book, Targets of Hatred, abortion clinic owner, Patricia Baird-Windle, stated that the Aware Woman abortion center had a total of 24 abortionists over the years who chose to quit rather than be exposed as child killers by pro-life advocates. We don’t know for a fact whether any of them ever came to know Jesus Christ as their Savior. However, we need to face the reality that there will always be a reprobate element in this world. God hardens those whom He hardens. Note that Pat Windle titled her book, Targets of Hatred. In the end, she completely ignored the dozens of Christians who prayed for her conversion, talked to her one on one, and had nothing but a loving and long suffering attitude toward her.

One could argue that if a few had not been so harsh with Pat Windle or if others had just loved her more, then she could have been loved into the kingdom of heaven. But that is simply a false hope. It ignores a simple truth. We can harden our own hearts, but only God can soften our hearts. And despite the experience of those who have come to the Lord out of either hard love or soft love, our mandate is to preach the Gospel to all creation.

Sinners an active role in hardening their own hearts. What do we do then about those who have hardened themselves against God and will not ever be saved? Even in those cases when there is not true repentance, we can rejoice when an abortionist quits because babies will be saved. We don’t need to shed endless tears over the wicked who refuse to repent.

In fact, Jesus even commanded His apostles in Matthew 10:14, “And if anyone will not receive you or listen to your words, shake off the dust from your feet when you leave that house or town.”

This essentially means we should concentrate on those who have not yet heard the Gospel. This does not mean we cannot be long suffering with the wicked and continue to work for their salvation.

God can change the heart of the most hardened sinner. But it will not be due to our continual work to try to “soften” their heart by neglecting the hard sayings of Scripture. When the full Gospel is preached, then we have an assurance that souls are being won to Christ. With a deficient Gospel, we can never know if former abortionists aren’t simply being won to a “cause.”

I would like to believe that the pro-life movement will reform itself. Unfortunately, what I believe is that even the word “pro-life” will in time become irrelevant and meaningless as a description for defending all Persons who are created in the image of God. What is needed is not a simple reform, but a revolution, a 180 degree shift toward a biblical, Christ-centered ministry that will take the Gospel of Life to the gates of hell.

Ashamed of the Gospel

None Dare Call it Murder

Critics of Gospel street preachers often attack a straw man. They say that harsh confrontation at abortion centers is unloving – or that those who preach repentance from the sin of child murder using strident tones are hateful.

At right, is the pro-choice lie parroted by Students for Life that women who have abortions are not murderers.

It is difficult for me to criticize Students for Life because they are solid on many issues. They oppose abortion in cases of rape and put out good material to answer the hard questions about the abortion “exceptions.” Their Planned Parenthood awareness campaign is top notch. I have used their resources and graphics, which are excellent. They also hold to the truth that life begins at conception/fertilization.

The above, although not a Students For Life graphic, appears at their website. They readily contend that women who have died due to complications from abortion at Planned Parenthood were “killed” in the “hood” and are not afraid to bring the issue of race into exposing abortion as a form of genocide.

This shows they are not afraid to frame abortion as a “moral issue.” Hooray for Truth!

Then they inexplicably come up with the following nonsense.

Bad pro-life sign slogans are ones that reinforce negative stereotypes about the pro-life movement. These sign slogans are often preachy, condemnatory, and hard to understand. These types of signs are ultimately counterproductive and a waste of time. For example, if you are on an abortion clinic sidewalk, signs that scream, Abortion is murder!, Thou Shalt Not KILL, or God hates murder are not going to receive a positive, constructive response from your audience. Please, please, please avoid using this type of messaging and language (Bad Pro-life Sign Slogans).

What is unclear here is whether Students for Life opposes calling abortion “murder” because they do not really believe it is murder, or if they merely oppose standing for Truth because it will not be well received. Does Students for Life deny the Truth? Are they ashamed of the Truth? Do they really believe that Truth is “counterproductive”? Either way, this stance is one of theological and moral schizophrenia.

Gualberto Garcia-Jones of the National Personhood Alliance has written of this exchange of Truth for political expediency that is plaguing a wide swath of the pro-life movement.

Truth is the only thing that will win this battle, for if Americans are only exposed to middling incremental pro-life arguments, how will their hearts and minds ever be truly changed to accept, even demand, the protection of each human life? (Prudence and Moral Clarity).

So where does the aversion to call abortion “murder” or “child killing” come from? It is one thing to oppose abortion and have bad theology. It becomes even more problematic to stand for life when the Gospel is jettisoned altogether. On various Students for Life websites you will not find the name of God mentioned one time. You will not find the Word of God even once. Simply, their error is a preoccupation with promoting a natural law view of “human rights” over and above the Word of God.

Abortion is not a women’s rights or reproductive rights issue. It is a human rights issue. This issue challenges our society to determine the values and rights of the most vulnerable among us. When we recognize abortion as a social justice issue, the discussion boils down to one question: Does a pre-born human being have the right to be born or not? (Why Should You Care About Abortion?)

Well, what if I say, “No”? What if I say that a woman’s right to choose outweighs the right of a preborn child prior to its ability to feel pain. Then what?

Then it’s feeling against feeling.

There are Christians who say that we cannot deal with the abortion issue based upon the Law of God. Some are PR reasons: “It makes us look bad. It makes us look narrow.” Some are ideological reasons: “Well, these people don’t believe in the law of God so we can’t quote it to them.” The language of Scripture is the language of God. God spoke to us in His Word. If we think we can improve upon the Law of God, if we think we can be more clever and get people to go along with us, then this is just a surrender of the Christian religion to the enemy. We cannot surrender the premise of there being a God who is Sovereign, the Rule-maker, and the Law-giver and then expect to prevail on the field of battle. He who frames the question wins the debate. If we don’t believe in moral absolutes and then we get into a cultural-political debate, how are we going to win? It’s who can be the most clever, who can take the best poll. My feelings aren’t really that relevant. God’s Law is (God’s Law and Society).

In a nutshell, this is the error of Students for Life and many pro-life groups. They have jettisoned the authority of the Word of God in favor of an impotent weapon. Instead they have donned the humanistic equivalent of Saul’s armor. They have exchanged the solid rock of God’s Word for a campaign of “public relations,” “focus groups,” “relevance” and popular rhetoric such as, “justice,” “human rights” and “values.” Even though many of the Students for Life members believe the Bible, they are taught within their ranks to have no faith in its authority and power to win hearts and minds in the public arena. They would do well to remember what the Word testifies about itself.

For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart (Hebrews 4:12).

There is something to be said for knowing our audience and using wisdom in our approach. There are many Proverbs that show us that it is right to use wisdom in a case-by-case basis. Proverbs 15:1 tells us

A soft answer turns away wrath,
But a harsh word stirs up anger.

But then a few verses later, in Proverbs 15:31,32, we are also told that

The ear that hears the rebukes of life
Will abide among the wise.
He who disdains instruction despises his own soul,
But he who heeds rebuke gets understanding.

Ironically, critics of what they perceive as “hellfire” preaching can become just as shrill toward those Gospel preachers they attack. In many cases, they have never actually stood with the evangelists who have bravely assaulted the gates of hell with the preaching of the Word. There are many who have used this method of biblical preaching for years who have had great success in saving babies and convincing workers to quit the child killing business.

Biblical Law vs. Natural Law

Biblical law must always be regarded as superior to natural law. This is the framework of the conflict within the pro-life street activist movement.

What then is “natural law”?

Inherent in all human beings the sense of good and evil. We all know deep down that murder is wrong, theft is wrong, adultery is wrong. According to Romans 1:18-21, natural revelation testifies of the nature of God, His power and the nature of His creative acts. Man recognizes the existence of the power of God and His creative acts even without knowledge of the Bible.

Obviously, natural revelation teaches us that abortion is wrong. So there is some truth in natural law theory. But this knowledge will not alleviate the evil of abortion. In many cases, knowing that abortion is murder will only sear the consciences of the unconverted. Such is the depravity of man. This is why extravagant forms of activism designed to grab media attention are actually counter-productive in the long run unless the Gospel is the center of the message. Even graphic images of aborted babies divorced from the message of the Gospel can eventually become an acceptable consequence of “pro-choice” freedom in the eyes of the unregenerate. We would do well to remember that the natural man is not basically good. He is intrinsically evil.

My first foray into pro-life direct action was in Brookline, Massachusetts in 1988. I understood that the purpose was threefold — repentance, spiritual warfare, evangelism. Operation Rescue was a way of waking the heart of a sleeping church and gaining media exposure. Before long, people would see that abortion was murder because here were Christians who were finally acting like it was murder. Or so I thought.

Over the next few years, I noticed that there was a wide difference in what some pro-life leaders were saying. On either side, there are two extremes.

On one side there are the biblical evangelists. They preach the Gospel in the open air in the places where sin is prevalent. They passionately and courageously call people to Christ by exposing the sin of abortion as well as many other sins plaguing our nation. Their main message is repentance. The Old Testament prophets, John the Baptist, Jesus and the Apostles declared in the open air, “Repent therefore, and turn again, that your sins may be blotted out, that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord” (Acts 3:19-20).

On the other side, there are the pro-life activists. They appear at abortion clinics and other public places with slogans and signs. They seek to educate students and people of all ages about the reality of abortion. Their purpose is to bring the force of science, consensus and propaganda in the public square to convince people that abortion is the killing of a human person. They use natural law arguments to achieve the purpose of pro-life activism.

Now it’s true that in a godly or predominantly godly culture, people will understand natural law in a way that mimics or comes close to biblical law. We see that in pro-life organizations with no religious affiliation in which Christians are doing the work. However, natural law can also be co-opted by corrupt, humanistic worldviews. Natural law can be interpreted from many different angles. In so doing, morality becomes relativistic. We see that in National Right to Life, Students for Life, Feminists for Life, the Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians, and so on.

Grounded as it is in natural law theory, the pro-life position appeals to a supposed objective neutrality among humanity that, if it sees the issue aright, would logically oppose abortion. It does not take the depravity of mankind and the harmful effects of that depravity on man’s moral views seriously. Christians who support the pro-life position must recognize that in giving the unregenerate individual the opportunity to adjudicate on the issue of abortion on the basis of natural law, they are compromising the message of Scripture which depicts the unconverted as spiritually dead and unable to so adjudicate. And this is only the tip of the iceberg (Andrew Sandlin, The Sanctity of Life Versus the Sanctity of Law).

A simple way of illustrating the wisdom of each side is to look at slogans.

A biblical preacher will make use of Jeremiah 1:5, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations.” Luke 1:15 describes how John the Baptist was “filled with the Holy Spirit, even from his mother’s womb” (v. 31) and goes on to say that Jesus also was conceived in the womb as the Son of God and was even recognized as such by John the Baptist when both infants were still in utero. “And it happened, when Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary, that the babe leaped in her womb” (v. 41).

A natural law pro-life advocate will make use of Dr. Seuss’, “A person’s a person, no matter how small” from the children’s book, Horton Hears a Who. What they may not know is that Theodor Seuss Geisel (pen named Dr. Seuss) and his wife were longtime supporters of Planned Parenthood. At one point, Geisel even threatened to sue a pro-life organization for its use of the slogan.

Of course, there is nothing intrinsically wrong with using children’s literature. In fact, the Horton Hears a Who analogy is biblical. It matches the teaching of Scripture that a human being is made in the image of God from conception. We can use natural law to persuade people that a fully formed child in the womb is a legal person deserving of the right to life. However, it is a lot more difficult to persuade someone that a poor woman undergoing cancer treatment who conceives after being raped is making the wrong moral choice if she uses the morning after pill. Natural revelation alone does not answer these so-called “hard cases.” Only specific revelation, in the form of the inspired Word of God, is applicable in these cases. This is why it is difficult to take the concept of natural revelation and build a natural law theory that will prevail in the cultural arena.

It’s hard to fathom how even some professing Christians see this “Horton Hears a Who” approach as superior to the eternal, unchanging and inerrant Word of God. The irony is that many pro-life advocates down in Whoville preach that signs using biblical commandments will “reinforce negative stereotypes about the pro-life movement.” Further, they are supposedly “preachy, condemnatory, and hard to understand … ultimately counterproductive and a waste of time.”

The greatest error the pro-life movement made early on is that it was not based on biblical ethics. That is, we did not stop and teach among ourselves that abortion is not simply wrong, abortion is murder, a violation of God’s commandment. If we believe abortionists as well as the fathers and mothers who kill their little girls and boys in the womb are murderers, then we must not be afraid to portray them as murderers.

— To be continued

Abortion: Misguidance or Murder?

These misguided souls [abortion industry workers] are our brothers and sisters in Christ, whether you like it or not.

You can call someone a “baby killer” all day long.

Not one of them left because people yelled at them and told them that they were going to hell.Abby Johnson

Does confrontational preaching at abortion centers work? Does urgent pleading to repent produce true converts to Jesus Christ?

The evidence shows that when we go and stand at abortion mills and preach the Gospel, it is effective. Not only do women turn away from abortion, but some are convicted of their sin and repent. When we picket abortionists’ neighborhoods and places of business, we see quite a number quit the trade of child killing. Reducing the number of abortionists in any region is an effective tactic in turning the tide of child murder. When boldly go into the “highways and byways” with the Good News of salvation, we confront the culture with the reality of sin, death and hell.

We do this out of love for God, preborn children and those committing the sin of child murder. It is out of love that we use strong biblical rhetoric to speak of the abortion holocaust. It is out of love that we show the horror of the aftermath of abortion through graphic images. It is out of love that we tell aborting fathers that they are cowards for not defending the lives of their children. It is out of love that we tell aborting moms that they are murdering little ones who were created in the image of God. It is out of love that we tell people who murder their children that they are bound for hell unless they repent.

Below are three video testimonies of abortion industry workers who quit in recent years. These are just in the Orlando area alone.

In May 2012, abortionist Scott Spagnolo-Hye announced on video that he was quitting abortions and going into family practice. Sidewalk evangelist John Barros wrote on his Facebook page:

I have been speaking to Scott Hye for about two years. I have prayed with him and shared God’s Word with him. I have even stood in front of his house. I have continued to pray and talk to him. He has said he hated doing abortions, but after so long I wondered. Then today, he promised that he is going to quit and said he would meet with me to discuss where he stands with God and repentance. Won’t you pray with me? – John Barros

An abortion clinic worker in Orlando quit on the spot one Saturday morning, August 20th, 2011 after talking with sidewalk counselor Daniel Howell and several of the team who minister each week at All Women’s Health Center abortion mill in Altamonte Springs, Florida. She never made it inside. We invited her to church the next day. She attended and sat with us. Clarissa came to church again the next week and publicly professed faith in Christ during an evangelistic service. – Deanna Waller

A lady stopped by today to see what we were doing. She confessed that she ran the All Women’s Health Center abortion clinic for 10-1/2 years. She was absolutely amazed at what was going on here. She saw the Reformation Bible College kids as well as a couple others singing hymns and conversations going on with people coming for abortions. Terri also saw ladies that had come to Christ here and the joy that was in their hearts. She encouraged us all to never quit. I got to spend quite a bit of time speaking with her. She told how abortionist Randall Whitney worked for her and he hasn’t changed a bit. She has repented of her sin and is in a church. She is dealing with the consequences of her sin and there is much pain. – John Barros

In each of these cases, the workers were confronted – at their jobs, in their communities, and even in their neighborhoods – with the reality that abortion is child murder. What is important to remember is that each of them encountered a number of rebukes and exhortations – some harsh and others gentle – but the two women have shown Godly sorrow for their own sin. Once converted to Christ, they did not throw rocks at those who were trying to snatch them from the fire.

These former abortion industry workers are scarred individuals who live with a lot of pain and guilt over what they experienced killing preborn children for a living. Dozens more we’ve talked to have not been interviewed on video. Throughout the nation, hundreds if not thousands of abortion industry workers have not only quit their jobs, but have come to faith in Jesus Christ due to Gospel preaching. If the message is to be loving and compassionate toward them, then we hear that loud and clear.

In the case of abortionist Scott Hye, he did not profess Christ, but expressed great joy in leaving the child killing profession. John Barros let him know that he was one of the group that had picketed his neighborhood several times. He also told him repeatedly to repent. Anyone who knows of John Barros’ ministry knows that he uses strong biblical preaching over and above any other approach. Scott Hye now works as a neuromusculoskeletal specialist in south Florida.

Here is a short video about my friend John Barros, who heads up the ministry, Who Will Stand. Consider that there are thousands more like John throughout America bringing the Word of God boldly to the gates of hell and seeing miraculous results.

Norma McCorvey used to work for an abortion clinic in Dallas. The Operation Rescue National office was next door. She said she used to come and spend many hours there because the spirit in that office was so different. Finally, she professed Christ. If you have followed the ministry of Flip Benham and Operation Save America you will see a demeanor that is both loving and confrontational. True love is tough love.

T.H.I.N.K. for a minute!

In writing this article, I am trying to apply the acrostic THINK.

T – is it True
H – is it Helpful
I – does it Inspire confidence
N – is it Necessary
K – is it Kind

In the history of The Forerunner since it began in 1981, this has been our policy. If I can find a good thing to say about a person, I try to note that, even if the person is not a professing Christian. It is honoring to God to accentuate the positive in any person. Since we are all image bearers of God, He is able to work even through the actions of people who are opposed to Him through “common grace.” However, only those who are born-again are called, “children of God” (1 John 3:1). The Apostle John goes on to write, “For this reason the world does not know us, because it did not know Him.” It is a grave error to speak of child murderers as our “brothers and sisters in Christ.”

The quotes used here are an example of a typical attitude within the pro-life movement. The intent is not to attack anyone personally. I have encountered the same error among dozens of pro-life leaders. I have heard this compelling, yet false, argument from all quarters of the movement, Roman Catholic, Protestant, Reformed, evangelical and charismatic. I could just as easily replace Abby’s name here with “Pastor X.”

So when I mention Abby Johnson, it is as a poster child, not a punching bag. I hope Abby Johnson reforms her views. As she likes to point out, she is a novice. She was accepted into the role of a spokesperson too soon, but I hope the best for her.

And Then There Were None is the ministry of Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood CEO. In the past four years since her conversion to the pro-life cause, she has valiantly tried to reach out to those who were formerly trapped in the child killing industry.

She has also become a vocal critic of sidewalk preaching at abortion clinics. In her frequent postings on the Internet, she frequently issues a disclaimer that she is a novice in ministry and “no expert.” Then she goes on to claim that she certainly knows what works and what does not. She uses her own experience as a convert as proof.

I was heartened when I first heard about another abortion industry worker’s conversion. I don’t need to agree with Abby Johnson on everything in order to be glad that she is no longer caught in a destructive lifestyle. She wants to help others escape as well. Abby is the latest Wunderkind trotted out by pro-life ministries as evidence that none are so lost that they cannot be saved. I’d be even more heartened if she would exhibit the same “non-judgmental” attitude she preaches toward those doing sidewalk evangelism at abortion mills.

That being said, Abby Johnson is a “work in progress.” She is far from perfect. She does not speak for what is always effective despite her powerful testimony. She doesn’t stand in judgment of the entire movement. She cannot peer into other people’s hearts to see how “loving” they in fact are and what motivates them.

Instead we judge a tree by its fruit. Are abortion mill workers coming to Christ? Are abortionists quitting? Is the Gospel being preached without compromise? God is doing a great work here in our region. No evangelistic ministry is perfect, but I would rather spend a day with these people than anywhere else. These Christians are peaceful, loving and sweet. The abortion mill workers who observe them long enough come to a begrudging respect because the difference between the two spirits is like day and night.

Where there is Revival, there is no tranquility for child killers!

A Personal Invitation to Abby Johnson

The Internet and social media being what it is, at some point I hope this will be read by Abby Johnson.

Abby, the next time you are in Central Florida, I would like you to link up with some of the saints here who stand daily at the abortion centers in Orlando. Please come as an observer with an open mind and an open heart and stay for a few hours to observe.

I’d also like to suggest that many different parts of the Body of Christ work together to bring the lost into the kingdom of God. My friend, Dick Maxwell, who leads an evangelistic team at the abortion mills in Clearwater, Florida each week, puts it this way.

Prophetically, some warn sinners with threats of hell correcting those who are in opposition to God. Evangelists are those who offer hope through the Good News. If God grants repentance, then it is time for a pastor to lead them. Finally, a teacher will help them to expand their knowledge of the truth. Many of the people who respond to a kind-hearted evangelist will be unaware of the other secondary causes that God used to draw them to Christ. For any of us to say that we have the better way is foolish, divisive and rebellious toward God’s purpose in using the whole Body of Christ.

Sometimes we need wisdom from the Holy Spirit to discern which message a sinner needs to hear. Jude 1:22 explains the distinction.

And on some have compassion, making a distinction; but others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire, hating even the garment defiled by the flesh.

We can easily fall into the trap of thinking that only our ministry or our church understands the Gospel correctly. Several years ago, I was at a Christian Reconstructionist Society meeting in Florida. During a panel discussion, someone asked, “What should be the limits on how much the we will cooperate with other groups who don’t preach the Gospel or preach another Gospel? Should we cooperate with them in attempts toward social reform?”

I have always loved the answer that was given.

When we are Christians, to the extent to any degree we are faithful to the Gospel, we are bigger than ourselves. And that is why whether they are Arminian, Roman Catholic, or Calvinist, people who are truly serving the Lord are bigger than their own thinking, bigger than their own faith. We transcend ourselves. And that is the glory of the Gospel. It enables us to do more than we can do. It is the grace of God working through us. It is not that we teach different Gospels; we are trying to teach the same Gospel even though at times our emphasis will be a warped one, a limited one, a partial one. All the same, God can use it (Panel Discussion).

— To be continued

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