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The Bible and the Constitution on Life and Marriage

The Constitution upholds God’s Law concerning the right to life. This was the understanding of the Framers. They heard the words of the Declaration still ringing in their ears, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Today we have civil judges and representatives who think the Constitution can be interpreted in a vacuum without the understanding that our rights are a gift from God. In fact, human “rights” are meaningless until you understand the dignity of the human Person based on the idea that we are each image bearers of God.

Jesus Christ entered the world as a zygote as fully human and fully God. He took on the form of a man made in the image of God even though He was from the beginning co-equal, co-eternal and one in substance with God. Human beings take on this same image of God when the union of two gametes results in a zygote that immediately begins to divide and multiply. This is both the image of Christ and the image of the Bride of Christ, the Church. It is the image of marriage and the mystery of Christ in us. The image of conception also reflects the Dominion Mandate — to be fruitful and multiply (Genesis 1:28). The explosive growth of the embryo and then fetus is the image of the Great Commission given to the Church — to fill the earth with the Good News of Christ and subdue all of life under God’s sovereignty (Matthew 28:18-20).

Likewise, the reason homosexual marriage is wrong is not because it is unconstitutional, but because it violates a creation ordinance. God created man and woman in His image to be a reflection of Christ and the Church. This reflects our relationship to God in salvation. The union of a man and a woman demonstrates the purpose of God that through pro-creation the planet could be filled and subdued to reflect God’s glory. That is what marriage is. It’s a reflection of our Personhood in the image of God.

Homosexual unions don’t bear that image. They bear only the mark of man’s rebellion toward God. This is not the mark of Christ, but the mark of antichrist. No judge’s perverse, vacuous interpretation of the 14th amendment can overturn a creation ordinance or turn rebellion into freedom.

Sadly, even many Christians believe this battle is over and we have lost both on the life and marriage front. Nothing could be further from the truth. God’s ordinances are eternal and nations who rebel against God’s laws are always judged. Equilibrium must always return because these laws are hard-wired into nature itself. Trying to ascend above these laws is a futile waste of time and effort.

Suppose we think of a man made of water in an infinitely extended and bottomless ocean of water. Desiring to get out of water, he makes a ladder of water. He sets this ladder upon the water and against the water and then attempts to climb out of the water. So hopeless and senseless a picture must be drawn of the natural man’s methodology based as it is upon the assumption that time or chance is ultimate. On his assumption his own rationality is a product of chance. On his assumption even the laws of logic which he employs are products of chance. The rationality and purpose that he may be searching for are still bound to be products of chance. — Cornelius Van Til, The Defense of the Faith (P&R, 1972), p. 102.

Equilibrium must always return. The only foundation for human reason is the destiny and purpose authored in our beings by an eternal God. This is the imago Dei — the image of God in us. Even the idea of “rights” based on purely on human reason is nonsense. The founder’s understood this and rightly appealed to “God,” our “Creator,” “the Supreme Judge” and “Divine Providence” as the source of human dignity and civil rights. This is necessary, since asserting human rights above God’s Law, like a “ladder of water,” must always return to equilibrium. However, to win this battle in the short term, we must do two things.

  1. Be biblical presuppositionalists — that is, not afraid to reason using the plain meaning of the God’s Law and Truth, which is eternal.
  2. Be resolute and persistent enough to challenge the false reasoning of judicial tyranny through to the end in order to expose it for how nonsensical and diabolical it really is.

We have fallen this far because Christians have preferred to cooperate in trying to build “ladders of water.” We have been inconsistent on our stand for Law and Truth. We have been afraid to venture boldly into the civil debate and point out the foolishness of man’s rebellion against God.

Operation Save America - New Orleans 2014 Recap

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana (www.forerunner.com) – I was in New Orleans for a week in July with Operation Save America (OSA). It was a fitting follow-up to the OSA Regional event held in Kissimmee, Florida in June. In both cities, Planned Parenthood is plotting to open giant abortion mega-centers. In both cities, their attempts have been thwarted by community resistance.

Memorial Service for Baby Amos at St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans. (Click on all images to enlarge.)

In June, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal signed into law a regulatory statue that, if enforced, will make it difficult for the remaining abortion clinics in Louisiana to stay open.

In July, a lawsuit filed by a neighboring physician’s office against the Kissimmee Planned Parenthood has blocked surgical abortions on site through a temporary injunction.

That being said, no law will ever shut down the last abortion clinic in America. Even after abortion becomes illegal and criminalized, the seed of the woman will be at enmity with the seed of the serpent. We are not fighting abortion as much as tearing down the strongholds that allow the war against God’s precious seed to continue.

Strategy vs. Logistics

There is a saying sometimes used by the military, “Amateurs talk strategy. Professionals talk logistics.”

Strategy is a careful plan or method for achieving a particular goal usually over a long period of time.

Logistics is the branch of military science and operations dealing with the procurement, supply, and maintenance of equipment, with the movement, evacuation, and hospitalization of personnel, with the provision of facilities and services, and with related matters (Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary).

In other words, amateurs talk about complicated strategies. Professionals know to keep it simple. Once you know what you are doing strategy-wise, logistics are all that matter. The strategy takes care of itself. Logistics are wise decisions that help the strategy to work and move forward.

If one abortion center closes or even has difficulty turning a profit, then that is a victory. It’s not a strategy for eliminating abortion, but simply a logistical part of a longer war to end abortion.

For example, a court recently ordered that Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando (PPGO) cannot perform surgical abortion at their Kissimmee site. According to PPGO CEO Jenna Tosh in a supplemental affadavit, this will hurt them because they already “sunk” $2 million and over two years of planning into this center. I rejoice over that because I know that is going to cost PPGO lots of money – potentially millions of dollars – the longer they try to fight on this front.

Will this end abortion in Central Florida? Not likely.

Will this court ruling save lives? Almost definitely.

We are already hearing encouraging personal testimonies to that effect. Some have hit close to home. This victory has come because hundreds of Christians in Kissimmee have risen up against abortion. The lawsuit of several doctors against Planned Parenthood and the court order was a result of that larger effort. But we realize that now we have to fight harder than ever.

God’s Strategy: The Church

An abortion giant in Kissimmee, Florida may be staggering a bit, he may be on his knees, but we won’t rest until we have cut off his head and defeated every giant in the land. It is no coincidence that in 2 Samuel 17:40, David picked up five smooth stones. Apparently, Goliath was one of a family of giants. We know from 2 Samuel 21:16-22, especially the last verse, that there were at least four other Philistine giants. Goliath had four brother giants in the land who were later killed by David and his mighty men. David employed good logistics – even if he did not need more than one stone that day. His strategy was simple, to run to the battle to meet Goliath (1 Samuel 17:48).

This one abortion mill in Kissimmee has about 600 brother giants throughout America. That might seem overwhelming, but 20 years ago, there were over 2000 abortion mills in America. Now most of those have closed. What is encouraging is that most of this was accomplished during the Clinton administration without changing a single enforceable anti-abortion law. In 2014, we are still seeing more and more of these giants fall each year.

My former pastor, Keith Tucci, when he was the director of Operation Rescue National, used to say, “God has one plan for ending abortion, the Church. And their ain’t no plan B!”

The strategy for ending abortion is simple. The Church must run to the battle. We must show up at the gates of hell. Logistically, we can begin by equipping the church to be the modern day “giant slayer” that God has called her to be. In short, as we transform the culture around us from death to life, giants will be slain. Abortion mills will continue to close, then court rulings and laws will follow.

Operation Save America’s goal is to encourage, equip and train the local church in the battle against abortion. The following contains reports by Rusty Thomas from each day, along with my video logs and some photos with captions.

The OSA National Event kicked off with a rally at a church on Saturday evening. Local pastor Bill Shanks presented Flip Benham and Rusty Thomas (left to right) with the mayor’s key to the city. Although this is a routine ceremonial observance given to any non-profit group visiting the city that requests one, it was humorous to see the ensuing hysteria of the pro-abortion media. There was even a segment on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show, which characterized the peaceful week of evangelistic activity as “terroristic” and falsely accused Flip of being a “convicted felon.”

The Macedonian Call, Sunday, July 20

By Rusty Thomas

Now when they had gone throughout Phrygia and the region of Galatia, and were forbidden of the Holy Ghost to preach the word in Asia, After they were come to Mysia, they assayed to go into Bithynia: but the Spirit suffered them not. And they passing by Mysia came down to Troas. And a vision appeared to Paul in the night; There stood a man of Macedonia, and prayed him, saying, Come over into Macedonia, and help us. And after he had seen the vision, immediately we endeavoured to go into Macedonia, assuredly gathering that the Lord had called us for to preach the gospel unto them (Acts 16:6-10).

Sunday marked Operation Save America’s second official day in New Orleans, Louisiana. Local churches invited OSA to minister in New Orleans and the surrounding areas. To have their invitation, covering and blessing, is a great boost to the Lord’s work against the gates of hell.

Once in a host city, OSA extends a “Macedonian Call” to other area churches. Representatives from OSA attended close to 40 church services throughout the city. They worshiped with the churches, greeted the pastors and church leadership, invited them to lunch, passed out materials that articulated the vision, and invited these congregations to our Solemn Assembly Sunday evening. Later, they gather the church contact information and give it to the local pastoral leaders to follow up after OSA has completed their mission in their city.

At the Unitarian Universalist “church” in New Orleans, other team members took a different tack in presenting the truth of the Gospel in this synagogue of Satan. As God would have it, the “church” was filled with students from a “social justice” training school. The team presented a dynamic witness.

During an open “meditation” time, one woman in our group shared the Word of the Lord. When the Reverend Deanna Vandiver took issue, she reminded her that, “It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones” (Luke 17:2). In violation of their “sacred tenants” of peace and tolerance, several were summarily escorted out of the service.

Other saints stayed and dialoged until the conclusion of the service. It created no small stir. The “social justice” candidates ran to the Christians and asked them many questions. Our brethren gave them the reason for the hope that lies within them and defended the faith. Seeds of truth were sown. May the Lord water them in Jesus’ name.

Abortion Abolitionists T. Russell Hunter and Matt Ferro talked to group of students attending a Unitarian Universalist service. Earlier in the year, this “synagogue of Satan” hosted a ground breaking ceremony in the sanctuary of their building for the abortion mega-center Planned Parenthood. Although we remained after the service for peaceful dialog, one of the men attending the service got physical with Russell and tried to push him away from his discussion with these students.

There had been an unplanned verbal disruption earlier in the service by several of our team members. Although this “disruption” incident was exaggerated by the liberal press, Abolish Human Abortion founder, T. Russell Hunter, made this video (above) of the actual church service with commentary on what really happened. For a time, the video was posted on YouTube, but some who did not want the unvarnished truth to be seen, complained and had the video removed.

Closed Abortion Mill Tour, Monday, July 21

You’ve heard of “Ghost Tours” and “Voodoo Tours” in the New Orleans French Quarter? Pastor Bill Shanks gave a tour of the closed abortion mills in downtown New Orleans. There used to be ten abortion centers in New Orleans. Now there is one near downtown New Orleans and one in Metarie. Pastor Bill explained why so many close when the church simply shows up at the gates of hell.

Bill Shanks taught on the history of New Orleans closed abortion centers. This is the outside of a former church building on Saint Charles Street, which was turned into a baby killing center and is now closed!

In the evening service, the Johnston family ministered to us in song.

Memorial to Baby Amos, Tuesday, July 22

Memorial for the Preborn Child Amos at St Louis Cathedral near Jackson Square.

The flag was lowered to half mast for the preborn as Flip Benham preached the Gospel of Life!

Tuesday marked OSA’s funeral procession and memorial service in honor of Amos, a victim of abortion. Amos means “to carry” and “borne by God,” a fitting name for a precious unborn child carried in his mother’s womb. Sadly, Amos’ mother chose to end his life. He was then borne by God to eternity. Today, Amos was carried somewhere he probably wouldn’t have chosen- his own memorial service.

As bagpipes played a dirge and young people marched with flags reading “Justice for the Unborn,” pallbearers carried Amos through the French Quarter. A hundred or more mourners followed in silence. The funeral procession began in Jackson Square, a historic park in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana, and ended in front of the St. Louis Cathedral, the “Jewel of the French Quarter.”

Mourners gathered on the steps across from the cathedral, one of the oldest in the United States. A simple white casket lay on a table, surrounded by flags and mourners. In the background, a tall American flag waved from the grounds of the cathedral.

When the memorial service blasted over the sound system, bystanders stopped to take in the scene. Rev. Flip Benham, National Director of OSA, addressed the gathering. He was followed by Beck Puckett who shared from Amos 1:13, “Thus saith the LORD; For three transgressions of the children of Ammon, and for four, I will not turn away the punishment thereof; because they have ripped up the women with child of Gilead, that they might enlarge the their border.”

Becky compared America’s sin of abortion to Ammon’s sin of abortion/population control. Shelly Clegg shared her moving post-abortion testimony. And spoke on the need to protect and cherish all human life – preborn and those born with special needs. Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life gave the eulogy. His message was, “Blessed are those who mourn, they shall be comforted.” He explained the importance of honoring the memory of the victims of abortion and reminded the city that God made life in His image. For this reason, human life is sacred. Even in death, victims of abortion must be remembered. Their care, even in death, must not be forgotten.

At the conclusion of the service, mourners were invited to come forward and view the body. As the crowd approached, a song cut through the bustling noise of the city. The refrain was, “God have mercy.” Over and over, the city heard, “God have mercy. God have mercy.” The spirit of God fell. His presence came in power. The young people in OSA were particularly touched. It was as if God lifted the veil of deception and ushered the youth into a private viewing of abortion. Tears streamed down their faces. A spirit of brokenness and repentance overwhelmed them. The face of each young person registered the horror and grief that is abortion.

One of the nicknames for New Orleans is “the City that Care Forgot.” That nickname proved untrue today. Care came wrapped in the body of Christ. Care was heard in the message of the Gospel. Care was seen in the love of the person who gave out Gospel tracts. And as person after person approached the casket, person after person cared for Amos and the little lives of unborn babies.

As “the City that Care Forgot” felt the care of the Lord, an unseen, unnamed person slowly lowered the flag at St. Louis Cathedral’s to half-staff. In a public display of mourning, New Orleans grieved her sin. For just a moment, “the City that Care Forgot,” remembered.

Here is the full Memorial Service to Baby Amos.

In the evening service, Rusty Thomas shared on the history of Operation Save America. This short clip is about what happened during the “Tragic Kingdom” outreach in Orlando, Florida in 1997.

Taking Territory, Wednesday, July 23

Women’s Healthcare Center in New Orleans pretended to remain open. Clinic escorts ushered in abortion supporters as though they were “patients” scheduled for appointments. OSA’s sharp-eyed children pointed out that after a few moments of being inside the clinic, the “patients” would leave the building dressed in pink clinic escort vests, holding blue signs. The “patients” then lined the sidewalk. The pro-abortion mantra should have been, “This revolving door stays open.” Although Women’s Healthcare Center’s door stayed open, no pregnant women walked through it. As far as we know, baby murder was arrested and stopped the week Christians ministered the Gospel of the Kingdom at the gates of hell.

This is the last abortion clinic left in the city of New Orleans. Just a few years ago there were ten death mills in the metro area. Further, a state law Gov. Bobby Jindal signed last month, requiring abortionists to have active admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles, could eliminate several clinics that provide abortions in the state. The requirement could lead to the closure of abortion clinics in New Orleans, Metairie and Baton Rouge. Only two others, in Shreveport and Bossier City, likely would not be impacted.

In the afternoon, we went on to City Hall. This was one of the numerous Awareness Campaigns to expose the abortion holocaust held around the city of New Orleans during OSA’s National Event. Tom Raddell of Cleveland Ohio set up his powerful, professional display of graphic panels. The 20-foot tall by 8-foot wide displays consisted of pictures of human atrocities and genocide, presented along side of pictures of aborted babies. Each panel connected abortion, America’s modern Holocaust, to historical evils.

Passing the Mantle, Thursday, July 24th

Christians also visited the Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge on Thursday. The clinic kills on two days a week, Tuesday and Thursdays. When clinic staff heard OSA was considering a Tuesday ministry outreach, the clinic shut down. When OSA members showed up on Thursday instead, they found the clinic shut down that day too. For the whole week, Christians witnessed the Gospel and stood for life. Baton Rouge was a safer place for preborn children.

Evangelism at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge

At Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, OSA members from California, Texas, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Virginia, and Florida joined with evangelist Jason Storm and T. Russell Hunter of Abolish Human Abortion. The outreach consisted mostly of young adults, teenagers, and children. The young people of OSA were blessed to observe Jason and Russell evangelize.

The young people were engaged and passionate about leading the lost to Christ. The Holy Spirit was with the children as they shared the Good News and held signs revealing the ugliness and sin of abortion. They were not ashamed of the Gospel (Romans 1:16).

Pastor Keith Tucci gave a brief message prior to installing Rusty Thomas as the new director of OSA.

Finally, Thursday night’s rally brought a transition to OSA. Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas, assistant to the director, was set in as National Director of Operation Rescue/ Operation Save America. Rev. Flip Benham (National Director since 1994) and Pastor Keith Tucci (National Director before Flip and right after founder, Randall Terry) laid hands on Rusty and passed the mantle of leadership to him.

After the mantle was passed, faithful Christian men surrounded Rusty and prayed over him, as Curtis blew the ram’s horn. At the conclusion of the setting in, Rusty’s challenge to the brethren was, “You have bled with Keith. You have bled with Flip. Now bleed with me.” Jesus gave His life for us. Are we willing to suffer for Him?

Honoring Flip Benham, Friday, July 25th

OSA went to the proposed construction site of Planned Parenthood. The team practiced “Word in Warfare,” the concentrated focused reading of the Bible as a form of prophetic prayer and confession. As Christians surrounded the site in prayer and worship, others grouped together in small numbers to read the Word aloud. Others held posters of aborted babies and waved at passing cars.

During the “Word in Warfare,” senior citizens sat on lawn chairs under umbrellas, their precious Bibles in their laps. Little children sat on the grass and toddlers reclined in strollers as mothers and fathers read the Bible out loud as a family. Young people gathered quietly in groups and took turns reading the designated chapters.

OSA Connecticut team member, Marilyn Carroll, reads from the book of Revelation on the last day of Word and Warfare. The entire Bible was read on the site as a witness against the proposed Planned Parenthood abortion mega-center.

The abortion mega-center in New Orleans has millions in funds – including federal funds from taxpayers – but it might never open!

The following is from Pastor Bill Shanks:

I informed workers at the abortion mill construction site that Planned Parenthood had to kill babies in order to pay them and that they were accessories to the murder of the children that would be killed in that place. They heard the Word! These workers said they did not want to work here any longer. I had the privilege of praying with them and for them that God would give them the courage to do His will.

The electrical engineer for the Planned Parenthood project had already been prompted by God to quit after Brother Dale and I visited his home. He said he knew it was wrong. We prayed for him and his family. The three cement companies in New Orleans also won’t sell Planned Parenthood any cement for the project. Glory!

Simple little Christians living out their faith in the streets of New Orleans who are saying, “No!” to the devil, and “Yes!” to Almighty God!” These are small victories that are leading to an ever greater triumph that will bring these gates of hell crashing to the ground.

The last evening rally was a tribute to Reverend Flip Benham, outgoing National Director of Operation Rescue/Operation Save America. Rev. Flip had served as National Director since 1994, having received his commission from Pastor Keith Tucci (National Director before Flip and after founder, Randall Terry).

Flip is known for his uncompromising stand on the issues and his leading Norma McCorvey to the Lord. After worship, a plaque was presented to Rev. Flip commending him for his tireless efforts on behalf of the Lord’s preborn children. A slide show and video tribute by Flip’s family was played on a large overhead screen. OSA children and young people then invited Flip and his wife, Faye to the stage. The young people took turns praying over the couple. Allysa compiled a scrap book of gratitude and the children presented it to Rev. Flip while on stage. At the end of the night, a large cake with the OSA logo was devoured by hungry and grateful members.

OSA will be forever indebted to Rev. Flip for his uncompromising and unwavering commitment to end child killing. We love you Rev. Flip. Thank you for making the theology of the churches, biography on the streets.

Kissimmee Abortion Wars Part II: The Empire Strikes Back

KISSIMMEE, Florida (www.forerunner.com) – Sanctity of human life advocates were joyful to hear the news last week that a circuit judge had granted a temporary injunction to prohibit all surgical abortions and diagnostic testing at 610 Oak Commons, the site of a brand new $2 million Planned Parenthood center.

This week, Jenna Tosh and Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando (PPGO) filed for a counter-injunction to keep their abortion mega center in business.

In a supplemental affidavit, PPGO CEO Jenna Tosh has cited “irreparable harm” to their business reputation “as well as to the reputation of other Planned Parenthood affiliates generally.”

June 14, 2014 – Retired police officer, Chet Gallagher with Dr. Helen, a plastic surgeon who works at the hospital across the street, joined in opposing and exposing Planned Parenthood’s murderous plot to infest Kissimmee, Florida with their culture of death.

The Kissimmee Abortion Mega-Center Timeline

As early as 2012 and 2013, two Florida State House Democrats, Senator Darren Soto and Representative Ricardo Rangel, invited Planned Parenthood to come to Osceola County.

Senator Darren Soto and Representative Ricardo Rangel betray Osceola County to the abortion giant, Planned Parenthood.

On December 20, 2012, Senator Soto praised PPGO for their school programs.

On November 1, 2013, Senator Soto again praised PPGO for their sex education in his wife’s classroom in Orange County and sad he would like to see it in Osceola County. Soto said he hopes to get Osceola County teen pregnancy rate down too. (Both Orange County and Osceola County’s teen birth rates are equivalently down the same percentage since 2006 despite PPGO’s absence in Osceola.)

Planned Parenthood external affairs director, Anna Eskamani, stated that although the state law requires abstinence education, states students are instructed that they can text their sexual questions and get real time responses from one of Planned Parenthood’s sexperts.

Rep. Rangel said he toured Planned Parenthood, saying, “It was a great tour,” and knew that Planned Parenthood was planning on “doing something like that here in Osceola County.”

The shocking part is how warm and friendly these two Roman Catholic representatives are to having an abortion center representative at their meeting. They even commended Planned Parenthood’s sex education programs in Orange County schools and spoke of their entry in Osceola schools as though it were a done deal.

I first got wind of a proposed Planned Parenthood mega-center by hearing Florida Right to Life’s executive director, Rachel Burgin talk about PPGO’s plans to expand into Osceola and Brevard counties.

“Planned Parenthood is recruiting young girls into their abortion business with money — your money,” Burgin said.

She mentioned that federal grant money would also enable PPGO to expand into Osceola and Brevard counties.

In August, I was given the address of a proposed center near a future SunRail station at 231 Ruby Avenue in downtown Kissimmee.

In September, I was told by a realtor that the building was off the market and in the closing process. They would not give me the name of the buyer. Several months later, there was still no movement and as of this date, the building has not closed.

In November of 2013, Florida Hospital and the Orthopaedic Associates of Osceola, led by Michael Karr and Marcus Kornberg conspired to remove a deed restriction on “pregnancy terminations” at a former OB-GYN clinic at 610 Oak Commons. This was done to pave the way to open the building for use for an abortion center run by Planned Parenthood.

City zoning also wrote a letter to Planned Parenthood saying that the building was zoned for a medical office, but did not specifically reference a surgical center. We later discovered that no surgical center exists in Kissimmee under this specific zoning code. It is important to not here that Tosh specifically inquired whether an “outpatient surgical center” would be permitted in this zoning district.

In December 2013, $310,000 was paid as a down payment for the Kissimmee mega-center in the Oak Commons medical park. The rest of the $1,090,000 million is mortgaged. Additional improvements were made to the $1.4 million building to bring the grand total to $2 million according to PPGO.

According to Tosh’s affidavit, PPGO spent ten months in 2013 finding the current site for the abortion mega center. In doing so, they were also aware of two Declarations of Covenants with Osceola Regional Medical Center (ORMC) directly across the street that prohibit surgical centers and all diagnostic testing in Oak Commons.

The Tallahassee Connection

In January, 2014, I worked with Noles for Life (the FSU Students for Life “Seminoles” group) and Tallahassee Abortion Abolitionist, Matt Ferro, in exposing Jacksonville abortionist, Todd Rasner. This OB-GYN practitioner had been traveling to Tallahassee twice a month to perform abortions. Evidently, he did not perform abortions at any of the Jacksonville abortion centers or in his office on a regular basis. We used this knowledge as an opportunity to expose his practice of child killing to his pro-life patients during an Awareness Campaign at several sites in Jacksonville.

Matt Ferro then had the opportunity to dialog with Rasner for over an hour in his office in Jacksonville. Rasner explained he would be quitting doing abortions in Tallahassee center. He assured us it had nothing to do with our presence there, but had been a long time coming. He claimed that he was in Tallahassee only to help the abortion center through a transition because they had had some “problems.”

The owner-to-be of the North Florida Women’s Services Center was Stephen Wiley Duncan, an abortionist who was indicted on nine felony counts of drug prescription fraud in 2009. Duncan ran an illegal chain of pill mills throughout the Florida panhandle. According to legal documents, Duncan prescribed weight loss drugs to patients over the phone without consultation. After he was enjoined by law to close these mills, he decided to take over the North Florida Women’s Health Center and change the name to North Florida Women’s Services Center. While Duncan is on active probation status, Rasner is serving as the medical director of the new abortion center on paper, although he lives in Jacksonville and the abortion center is not required to have a medical director by Florida law since it is a first trimester only abortion clinic.

The Kissimmee Timeline Continued …

In March, the abortion center in Tallahassee announced it was closing, but we found out a few days later it was simply changing hands. I wrote to the Agency of Health Care Administration to obtain a copy of the new license. While doing so I asked for any abortion clinic applications in process for Osceola. I was sent an application from PPGO listing 610 Oak Commons in Kissimmee as the location. The application was received by the Agency for Health Care Administration on February 7th, 2014.

I then found that PPGO had bought an 8,800 square foot building. This was confirmed by a property deed and mortgage filed in the Osceola clerk’s office under the name of Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando.

This made no sense on a number of levels.

First, the center is directly across the street from a major hospital, ORMC. The presence of abortion opponents and pro-life evangelists who often preach, chant, sing and hold signs along Oak Street would certainly not enhance the reputation of Planned parenthood in the medical park where it had setup its “chop shop.”

Second, the business that sold the property to Planned Parenthood was the Orthopedic Association of Osceola (OAO), under the corporation called K&K Land Holdings-Kissimmee Inc. It simply makes no sense that OAO would want their patients to be subject to the daily spectacle of pro-life activism. Nor does it make sense that they run the risk of losing the business of their pro-life patients when they discover that they helped to bring the largest abortion provider in America into Kissimmee.

I immediately seized on this second non-sequitur my first volley against PPGO. We created a Facebook page called Stop Planned Parenthood of Kissimmee, which exposed OAO’s complicity in creating a blight on our largely conservative Roman Catholic and evangelical Christian community. I thought it ironic that an organization with the initials “KKK” would sell an abortion center to Planned Parenthood, the greatest oppressors of minorities in America. The Tampa Avenue Planned Parenthood center in Orlando is located in the heart of the African American community. This new center is in an area that is at least 80 percent Hispanic and black minorities of various nationalities.

Third, PPGO ran into a vociferous and organized group of pro-life activists who have been well-organized through a group of Catholic medical doctors – some of whom have businesses in Oak Commons. None of these medical offices are allowed to perform surgery or diagnostic procedures due to a covenant with ORMC.

Within two weeks an organized resistance of hundreds of prominent Osceola and Orange County pro-life leaders emerged to stop Planned Parenthood. A group of 70 physicians signed An Open Letter to the Citizens of Osceola County which appeared as a full-page ad on page two of the Osceola News Gazette to encourage Kissimmee, Florida, citizens to join them in attempting to stop Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando from opening an abortion mill in their community.

In April and May, hundreds of pro-lifers filled the Kissimmee City Commission meetings. On one occasion the public comments went on for over two hours. On the second occasion, Dr. John Littell gave an impassioned one-hour presentation on the numerous organizations in Osceola that offer alternatives to abortion and implored the city to enforce zoning laws or the deed restrictions.

“There is no service offered by Planned Parenthood, other than abortion, that is not offered at a lower price or for free elsewhere in Kissimmee,” Dr. Littell frequently stated.

Drs. Littell, Jose Fernandez and John Hartman filed a petition with the city to enforce the zoning code. The only city commissioner who tried to investigate the zoning and deed restrictions was Wanda Rentas, who met with Jenna Tosh and later moved to look into the zoning issue. No other City Commissioner seconded her motion.

During the public comments Mayor Jim Swan and City Attorney Don Smallwood made frequent reference to the fact that they could not risk a lawsuit from Planned Parenthood.

During this time, Robert Krieger, the CEO of ORMC, met personally with Jenna Tosh. She claimed during the meeting that they would not be doing any surgery in violation of the covenant. Despite the fact that abortion is Level II surgery, Krieger did nothing to preclude PPGO from doing abortions at its center.

The Kissimmee abortion center did a ceremonial opening with leftist congressman Alan Grayson doing a “ribbon cutting” in May. Over 200 pro-life activists showed up in opposition and the media day was overshadowed by the overwhelming opposition to abortion by the community.

At the Stop Planned Parenthood of Kissimmee Facebook page, we began promoting various events, including a large regional event held by Operation Save America (OSA) in early June. We had about 40 out-of-town missionaries to the preborn spend four days in Kissimmee with an equal number of local activists joining us at Planned Parenthood site. We also held Awareness Campaigns in the neighborhood streets of the OAO group members who sold the property to Planned Parenthood.

I personally invited OSA to Kissimmee, because over the past 21 years I have observed that OSA’s national and regional events often serve as a “spiritual catalyst” to set the providence of God in motion to end abortion in cities where these events are held.

“We don’t take credit for it, but we have found that when we mobilize the local church to simply show up at the gates of hell, God answers our prayers,” said OSA director Flip Benham.

During the week the OSA was in town, a partnership of doctors, MMB Properties, represented by Dr. Johnston Massey, filed a lawsuit against PPGO seeking a temporary and permanent injection.

On June 30, 2014, PPGO’s license for a first trimester abortion clinic was approved.

The Kissimmee abortion mega center then opened on Thursday, July 10, 2014.

Two weeks later a temporary injunction was granted.

In furtherance of these intentions, PLANNED inquired of the local zoning authority whether zoning was proper for both a medical clinic and outpatient surgical services. In fact, the application specifically states that PLANNED intends to operate an “Out Patient Surgical Center,” which is the identical language used prohibitively in the Declarations.

It appears that Jenna Tosh has sunk herself. Although the national news media has not covered this important story, many pro-life websites, such as Live Action, took notice that the injunction itself along with Jenna Tosh’s affidavit expose many of Planned Parenthood’s lies.

In what appears to be an erroneous report, media have stated that the [covenant] restrictions in place block Planned Parenthood from performing mammograms. Planned Parenthood does not perform mammograms. The procedure is not in their financial interest. Abortion is. But that has not stopped their president from lying, saying that they do, in fact, perform them.

On July 28th, 2014, a counter injunction was filed along with affidavits from PPGO officers, employees and contractors.

How Fungible Federal Grants Benefit Planned Parenthood

Since all money raised by a non-profit organization is fungible. It is possible with creative accounting to leverage funds toward other purposes. Although Planned Parenthood cannot pay for abortions directly with tax money, it has been argued that they subsidize abortion by funneling this money into the broad category of “education.”

In 2011, for instance, PPGO spent exactly $1 million on “education” according to their 990 forms. These funds then enable PPGO to offer surgical abortion, which provided 37 percent of their income ($1.4 million of $3.8 million) in 2011. Tosh even explains how this is done in her affidavit by explaining what will happen if PPGO is not able to operate as an abortion center in Kissimmee:

If PLANNED PARENTHOOD’s Kissimmee health center is unable to offer surgical abortion or do ultrasounds (which will necessarily preclude us from providing other services as well), then PLANNED PARENTHOOD will lose quite a significant amount of revenue. Although the particular services at issue may comprise a small percentage of the total services typically provided by our health centers, PLANNED PARENTHOOD’s inability to provide these services will result in the Kissimmee health center losing many patients who will not come to us in the first place if we no longer can provide these services. Revenue from all of the other associated or subsequent services we would likely provide for those patients will thus also be lost.

For example, Planned Parenthood health centers discuss contraception with their patients and often prescribe it to women who have come to the health center for abortions. Many of these women will then continue coming to the health center afterwards for contraception as well as a variety of other health services. Thus, although surgical abortion services may constitute a small portion of the total services to be provided at the Kissimmee health center, our physicians’ inability to provide surgical abortions will result in the loss of future patients who would then return to us multiple times for other services the health center can provide.

Rather than admit that abortion is their cash cow, Tosh makes the argument that patients won’t come through their doors for condoms or birth control pills unless they receive abortion services first. Of course, this business model also works in reverse. The more teenagers and young adults that PPGO can lure in through their education and contraception programs, the more abortion services they can provide. Then those who receive abortion will return “multiple times” for birth control pills.

So while PPGO claims that federal grant money does not pay for abortion, the $1 million they spent on education in 2011, most of which was provided through federal funds, isn’t nearly enough to keep their doors open.

This is tantamount to making the argument that PPGO needs to serve the community and the federal grant money designated for this purpose isn’t enough to keep them going. In order to serve the community, they need money that is provided through abortion. These abortion services are needed to provide more abortion related services, which in turn enables them to provide more contraception and education, for which they receive funding.

It’s a clever ruse, I’ll give them that.

The rest of Tosh’s affidavit reads like the testimony of a child caught with her hand in a cookie jar. Tosh goes on to claim that they will be forced to relocate if the temporary injunction remains in effect for even three months.

… if the Kissimmee health center is unable to provide surgical abortion and cannot make use of diagnostic imaging services for more than three months, then PLANNED PARENTHOOD will be constrained to seek another site for its Kissimmee health center. To be viable, PLANNED PARENTHOOD’s Kissimmee center must be able to provide all the basic services necessary to attract and keep enough patients.

Despite the fact that it is important for Defendant PLANNED PARENTHOOD to be able to offer surgical abortions to those women who need and request them, the provision of abortions is not “a central component of PLANNED PARENTHOOD’s corporate activity.”

She is content to “double down” on the impossible lie that although Planned Parenthood’s $1.3 million annual income from surgical services is central to their survival, that abortion is not central to PPGO’s services. If this makes no sense to you whatsoever, don’t worry. Little else of PPGO’s argument makes sense either.

To prove that PPGO does not provide abortions, Tosh invokes the legacy of Margaret Sanger, which seems also irrelevant to her argument.

In fact it was in Brooklyn, New York back in 1916 that Margaret Sanger established a birth control clinic that was the predecessor to Planned Parenthood. That was over a half century before the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade effectively legalized abortion throughout the United States. The national organization adopted its present name of Planned Parenthood Federation of America in 1942, which was over thirty years before the Roe decision. At that time it sponsored over 200 centers across the country. None performed abortions.

In addition to the unfortunate mention of the avowed racist and eugenicist, Margaret Sanger, Tosh also lays the blame on pro-life activists who have unfairly focused on the fact that PPGO, by their own account, take the lives of over 2,400 preborn children each year.

The $1.3 million they received for in surgical services in 2011 can easily be aligned with an average abortion cost of $542, which is fairly lose to the national average. My own estimates derived from conversations and “surgical services” listed on their tax forms with sidewalk counselors ranged between 2,800 to 3,000 little ones killed each year. But for the sake of argument, I will use their own numbers. Why would they lie after all?

The fact that PLANNED PARENTHOOD does offer abortions has brought considerable attention to the organization as a result of abortion opponents. Those opponents consistently fail however to focus upon the vast number of other services which PLANNED PARENTHOOD provides and the many activities in which it is involved that are unrelated to abortion.

Those vast number of “other services,” outnumber abortion by about 100 to 1, according to Jenna Tosh. Let’s analyze for a minute how that could work. If the 2,400 abortions provided by PPGO each year are “one percent” of their services, then are we to believe that they provide 240,000 non-abortion related service? That would be 657 “services” per day at all three of their locations. What are counted as services? Is each birth control pill and each condom distributed counted as a separate “service”? Only that would seem to make sense. Why not just take her word for it?

Sink, sank, sunk

But wait, it gets worse. In her affidavit, Jenna Tosh laments about all the time and money that PPGO has “sunk” into an abortion mega center that may never kill a single unborn person by high priced surgical means.

If the injunction is allowed to remain effect, unstayed, then PLANNED PARENTHOOD will be significantly harmed. PLANNED PARENTHOOD stands to lose all the time and the over one million dollars it has already sunk into acquiring and opening the Kissimmee health center. It took us approximately ten months to find the current site for the Kissimmee health center. Another eight months were necessary to improve the facility and open the site. PLANNED PARENTHOOD had to expend costly resources to ensure that the walls, ceiling, and floors in the building were all replaced. A full rewiring and computer server installation was necessary, and an adequate security system had to be properly installed.

I believe that it will take us at least ten months to find another suitable property for this health center and another eight months to fully prepare that site. The result will be no small loss of revenue. PLANNED PARENTHOOD will not be providing health care services in the Kissimmee area throughout this time. The move will require us to divert significant resources away from all of our other services and programs.

I have to applaud the use of the word, “sunk.” Hopefully, it describes their situation. It’s more than likely that Tosh is over her head at this point. She was hired in 2011 as a young and competent replacement to PPGO’s long-standing CEO Susan Idtensohn. Tosh, a PhD candidate with the University of Central Florida in Public Affairs-Governance and Policy Research, seemed to be a bright, young alternative to the “old guard.” Idtensohn was an outspoken baby boomer born in 1946. She often shot from the hip and was more than forthcoming in her comments about Planned Parenthood’s negative public image. Idtensohn even agreed to engage in debates with local pro-life activists, on topics such as, “Is Abortion Black Genocide?”

Jenna Tosh instead is content to read from canned propaganda talking points and seems out of her league when confronted with PPGO’s contradictions. I hope and pray for the sake of her eternal soul that such a career change is accompanied by sincere repentance. However, given her incompetence as an abortion giant’s CEO, it would be good for the preborn babies of Central Florida if she drags down PPGO on her way out.

Court rules Kissimmee Planned Parenthood cannot provide abortion

“Abortion is not surgery” claims Planned Parenthood CEO in contradictory statements

KISSIMMEE, Florida (www.forerunner.com) – Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando (PPGO) has for over a year conspired with Florida Hospital and several city officials to open an 8,800 square foot abortion mega center in the heart of the Hispanic and minority community of Kissimmee.

Planned Parenthood’s Kissimmee abortion mega-center has been the target of public outcry since their plans to open across the street from Osceola Regional Medical Center were uncovered in March 2014. (Photo credit: Amber Carroll.)

On Wednesday, July 23, 2014, a circuit judge granted a temporary injunction forbidding surgical abortion and all diagnostic testing at the newly opened center.

A lawsuit filed by a partnership of neighboring doctors held that there is a restrictive covenant with Osceola Regional Medical Center that prohibits outpatient surgical centers in the medical park known as Oak Commons.

The judge ruled that PPGO “purchased the property with the knowledge of the restrictions and proceeded at its own peril.”

Planned Parenthood did a ceremonial ribbon cutting in May with incendiary leftist congressman Alan Grayson in tow. Although PPGO CEO Jenna Tosh announced they were open for business, they planned to begin doing abortions with a full-time medical director and abortionist sometime in August.

Tosh has said at various times to the press that abortion is “less than ten percent” of what they do.

When Jenna Tosh appeared in court this month, she appeared even more evasive and deceptive in her comments. She claimed on one hand in a signed affidavit that abortion was about “one percent” of their services. Tosh also claimed that the organization would not be able to survive financially if they lost this projected income.

Tosh argued that the covenant restricting surgery in Oak Commons did not apply to PPGO because abortions are “not surgery” because they do not involve “incisions.” The Court responded in an ironic tone:

The Court notes that Ms. Tosh’s education does not involve and formal medical training and cannot escape the fact that Ms. Tosh’s own words repeatedly employ the phrase “surgical abortions.”

If Tosh seems outrageous and arrogant in her claims, consider the following lead-in to a local Channel 13 News report.

The new Planned Parenthood facility in Kissimmee has been barred from performing its most controversial of services – medical procedures [emphasis added].

The obvious word “abortion” is changed here in favor of the misleading and impossible notion that all “medical procedures” are controversial. Why hide the fact that the only controversial medical procedure PPGO performs is abortion?

“Abortion” has been replaced by generic code phrase “reproductive health services.” In the recent Hobby Lobby, Supreme Court case, the press promoted the false idea the family-oriented business wanted to bar its employees from “access to contraception,” rather than choose not to pay for two specific forms of drugs widely considered to act as abortifacients.

The pro-abortion propaganda machine must deceive their audience with rhetorical smokescreens and euphemisms. The “A” word is rarely mentioned in the mainstream media. This belies the fact that plain speaking on the issue of abortion is a losing proposition for their side.

Whenever biblical truth is obscured in a culture, people will resort to suppressing plain facts that expose human depravity. The effort to deny truth results in self-deception and blindness to obvious reality. All alternative worldviews are contrived to deny the truth of God.

C.S. Lewis, once wrote about liberal critics of the Bible, “They claim to see fern-seed and can’t see an elephant ten yards away in broad daylight.”

Likewise, modern journalists have lost the ability to communicate sensibly on the topic of abortion. They have descended into a vague Orwellian “Newspeak.” Consider the following quote from a Planned Parenthood press release touting its proposed New Orleans abortion mega-center:

The overwhelming majority of Planned Parenthood services focus on prevention including contraception, breast and cervical cancer screenings and testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections. If these protesters were truly committed to reducing unintended pregnancies, the need for abortion and the alarming rates of sexually transmitted infections and HIV in this community, they would stop the harassment and work with Planned Parenthood and other health care providers to address these dangerous health disparities.

- Jewel Bush, Communications Director, Louisiana Planned Parenthood

Compare this to the press release describing the Kissimmee abortion mega-center:

… the new center will be a full-service reproductive health center, offering everything from AIDS/HIV counseling to breast-cancer screenings to vasectomies and well-woman screenings…. if the opponents of the new center were truly committed to reducing the number of unintended pregnancies, they’d be working with Planned Parenthood to increase access to affordable birth control and comprehensive sex education.

- Jenna Tosh, CEO, Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando

Planned Parenthood, the nation’s leading abortion provider, receives over half a billion dollars per year from taxpayer funds. Their local public relations directors are either not capable of speaking for themselves – or else they are glibly unaware that the talking points fed to them are nothing more than bald faced lies. The liberal press perpetuates the charade by acting as the propaganda arm for the abortion giant.

Three Questions on the Postmillennial Viewpoint

The Rise of Christianity, c. 200 A.D. Click to enlarge.

Mr. Rogers,

For several years I have had questions about the timing of prophetic events. I have the general understanding that many evangelical Christians share, which is that the Great Tribulation spoken of by Christ, as well as John in his Revelation, is yet to come. I am not dogmatic about prophecy for several reasons, the most significant reason being that I don’t pretend to understand it all.

There are some stances that are held by many evangelicals concerning prophecy that I do not see much evidence for, but again I don’t have all the answers myself. When it comes to prophecy, I don’t believe anyone has all the answers nor were we intended by God to have all the answers. I do believe, however, that God does not leave us without ample information concerning prophecy nor does he want us to be completely mystified by prophecy.

I assume that you are routinely sent questions about your viewpoint. I’ll admit that while reading scripture I have often wondered if some of the events that are generally held by Christians to be futuristic, have not already come to pass. At the same time, I consider differing views on prophecy with guarded reservation.

Frankly, I see a pattern in some realms of the church that tend to worship intellectualism above the simplicity of the Gospel of Christ. I believe God gave us a brain in order to use it, but it seems that man, saved or lost, cannot resist worshiping his own intellect. The study of prophecy seems to avail itself too often to this pattern. This, again, is why I am not dogmatic in my particular view of prophecy.

I am genuinely interested in understanding as much as possible concerning prophecy and how it relates to world events. I hope you won’t mind responding to some questions I have. Thanks in advance.

Thanks again.

Pastor Chad Kibodeaux
Mauriceville Assembly of God
Mauriceville, Texas

Three Questions and Three Answers

1. Based on your postmillennial viewpoint, how do you contend that the Great Commission is still applicable? I realize that the church seems to be making advances in nations such as China and Africa, but overall the world is becoming darker and much more sinful. I understand the concept of ebb and flow, but the ebbing seems to be far outweighing the flowing. How do you reconcile that with a gradual advance of God’s Kingdom?

According to this source, the number of Christians in the world today is growing by 25.2 million per year. “The total growth of Christianity (25,210,195) adds the equivalent of more than the population of Australia (21,555,500) or the state of Texas (23,904,380) of new Christians to Christianity every year.”

How did that all begin?

Let’s use the “business report analogy.” What would you say about a business corporation that began with $120 dollars (the number of disciples in the upper room in Acts 2:15-26) and then ten days later, it turned a profit of $3000 and the profit continued to grow each day for several years? 2000 years later, this business corporation had grown to encompass over one-third of the world’s wealth. Certainly, the man who started that business would be heralded as a great genius, if not worshiped as God.

According to Acts 2:41, we know about how many disciples of Jesus there were on the day of Pentecost, April 20th, 30 AD — “about 3,000 souls.” In modern times, we consider this a great revival. But how did Christianity grow to what it has become today?

How many disciples were there in 100 AD? How many were there in 500, 1000, 1500, 2000 AD? We can make some rough estimates, but there is no way of knowing for sure. First of all, there are false believers in every age. We have to number professing believers who hold to orthodox doctrine and claim membership in a church.

We know that the growth of Christianity in the Roman Empire was dramatic in the first 500 years. From modern demographic studies, we see that the population of the Roman Empire was 70 to 100 million at its peak in the early second century. By 500 AD, the Empire had shrunk to about 55 million. About half of the population of the Roman Empire was Christian by this point.

See: The Rise of Christianity and The Roman Empire Map.

But surprisingly, the growth of the church was slow in the Apostolic era of the first century. If you count the large urban centers of the Roman Empire there were no more than 150 large cities. Churches in the first century were mainly city-based. Let’s say that by 100 AD, Rome had 100 thriving city churches of about 1000 members on average. I think that estimate is generous. If so, there would have been no more than 100,000 believers after 70 years of growth.

Is that a success or failure?

To put this in perspective, the whole world had a population of about 180 million people in 100 AD. This means that 100,000 Christians were 0.055 percent of the world population. Christianity, apart from the miraculous revivals we read about in the book of Acts, had a slow start.

Some historians are far more generous than this and suppose that by the second century Christianity had become a larger group of up to 500,000. Still this is only .27 percent of the world population.

That makes it all the more amazing that by 500 AD, Christianity had become the dominant religion in the Roman Empire and missionaries were being sent to northern Europe. By this time, there were less than 20 million people in Europe, apart from the Asian and African cities of the Roman Empire, which had more than twice as many. In all there were about 55 million people in the Roman Empire. Professing Christians made up about half of that number by 500 AD. This was about 10 percent of the total world population.

From there, we see slow but steady growth until the time of the Reformation in the 1500s when both Roman Catholics and Protestants began sending missionaries to the New World. This rapid growth was fueled of course, by the Age of Exploration and the new inventions that came from the Renaissance, especially the printing press.

By the 1800s, Christianity was advancing so rapidly that even most secular history textbooks of that era stressed the idea of Christian progress, that the world was improving due to advances in every area of learning. Most Christians believed this advance in progress was due to the Gospel. As more and more people would converted to Christ, individual lives would reform and the world would become a better place.

By early the 1900s, most of the Christians were in the western hemisphere and Europe, while there were almost no Christians in Africa, Asia and other areas of the world. But in the 20th century there was a huge thrust of the Gospel in the so-called Third World.

Now fast forward to 2014. Today, the number of professing Christians make up 35 percent of the world population — about 2.3 billion Christians. “About 1.5 billion are estimated to attend church regularly at over 5 million congregations, up from 400,000 believers 100 years ago.”

It is now true that more people are converted worldwide every day than in the entire era of the New Testament. Many of these new converts are the products of huge spiritual awakenings in Africa, Asia and the Pacific islands in the latter half of the 20th century.

I published this article 23 years ago in 1991. Understand that the criteria for “Christian” is different here. The U.S. Center for World Mission study focuses mainly on who they would consider to be highly committed Christians, not merely professing Christians. So they suppose the percentages of committed Christians are lower in modern times, but were higher in the early centuries of persecution. Here is an excerpt from that study:

According to the U.S. Center for World Mission, Christian evangelism in the last 100 years has reached a growth curve that is now increasing exponentially. Comparing the ratio of Christians per unconverted people in the world, the following statistics have been noted:

In the year 100 A.D. (about 70 years after Jesus Christ’s ministry began), there was a total of one believer for every 360 unbelievers on the planet Earth (or .27% of the world’s population).

In the year 1000, the ratio became 1 to 220 (or .45% of the population).

In 1900, the ratio became 1 to 27 (or 3.7%).

In 1980, the ratio became 1 to 11 (or 9.1%).

In 1990, the ratio was 1 to 7 (or 14.3%).

Given information from subsequent studies that 1.5 billion of 7.2 billion people are committed Christians

In 2014, the ratio is 1 to 5 (or 20.8%).

Here is a paradox. Evangelical Christians have become generally more pessimistic in the last 100 years. There used to be more postmillennialists who thought the world was becoming a better place due to the great evangelical world missions thrust that began in the 1800s. Ironically, now that Christianity is the largest religion in the world, most evangelicals are premillennialists who think the world is predestined to get worse and worse until the end.

2. What would you say to a challenge of your belief if it were likened to a doctrine that would lend itself to an apostate church mindset? Specifically, that it would seem to play very well into the “seeker-friendly” mindset of many pastors who focus energy on entertainment and a “feel good” message to add numbers to their local congregations. It seems that so many of these congregations name the name of Christ, but it is a Christ of their own making, a Christ that fits conveniently into lives that are saturated by our sinful culture. The church growth in America, for instance, seems to be concentrated among these types of congregations that preach a pseudo-gospel very different from that of Christ and the apostles, yet the growth of these congregations is seen by many as the advancement of the church. Wouldn’t that mindset go hand in hand with your understanding of the millennium?

We have to distinguish between the growth of the church and the growth of the kingdom of God. Certainly, there is an overlap between the two. When men represent the church, especially as ordained ministers, too many fall into the trap of representing themselves and their own agenda. When we represent Christ’s victorious kingdom, we act as ambassadors representing the King of the universe. We stand for something greater than ourselves.

So while church growth is certainly a sign of the growth of the kingdom, the kingdom of God does not depend on large numbers in the visible church. In fact, the postmillennial view is that the elect are to rule and reign with Christ presently in history even when they are not the majority. I certainly agree that doctrinal purity and membership in a doctrinally orthodox church is necessary in order to represent Christ. We see during times of revival and reformation a re-emphasis on the primary doctrines of the Christian faith.

The foundation of the United States of America as a free republic was based in large part by the participation of Christians in developing the political philosophy of civil liberty. Christians were not the only people involved in the process, but the Christian idea of liberty won the day because those who did participate had the most forceful and persuasive worldview.

In every area of life in which Christians participate, we ought to be the leaders and apply the biblical laws and principles to our field of endeavor. That is the kingdom of God invading the earth. Of course, that includes the church in its own sphere of influence, but the kingdom is much greater than that. We need not be the majority or even large in numbers, but we must be confident that the children of God are destined to reign and rule with Christ and advance His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

3. As much as there maybe some gain in the church, and I thank God for the gain, how do the contemporary martyrs that are being imprisoned, tortured and even killed on a regular basis, fit into your understanding of the millennium?

What I understand from the New Testament and the writings of the early church fathers, the Apostolic Church of the first century was organized along the lines of urban areas. In other words there was the Church at Rome, the Church at Corinth, the Church at Alexandria, Lyons, Ephesus, Antioch, etc. If you count the large urban centers of the Roman Empire there were no more than 150 large cities.

There were approximately 3120 Christians in 30 AD. The 120 in the upper room and the 3000 souls added to the church on the day of Pentecost. This number may not have included women and children.

Now fast-forward to 64 AD. We know at this time there was a “falling away” of sorts due to the first persecution under Nero. Then later around 96 AD there was a second persecution under Domitian.

Throughout the first 300 years of Christianity, there were ten persecutions under ten different Roman Emperors. There was apparently an explosion of growth after each of the ten Roman persecutions. As Tertullian said, “The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church.”

We should expect the same to happen today. As martyrdom is on the increase in the world, we may be seeing a short term falling away in those cultures, but soon there will be an explosion of faith in those same areas.

4. How does the rise of Islam, its quest for global dominance and some of it’s terrorist tactics, specifically the beheading of “infidels” (Rev. 20:4), their hatred for Jews and Christians and their belief in the imminent appearance of the twelfth Imam or Mahdi, which seems to fit very nicely with the idea of a coming Antichrist that will rise to world power, fit into your viewpoint?

Islam is a Dynamic Monarchian heresy. It was a heresy prevalent in the early church that was defeated along with Modalistic Monarchianism and Arianism as an anti-Trinitarian error. Islam emerged in the eight century after Mohammed had conversations with both Jews and heretical Christian monks on the Arabian Peninsula who taught him monotheism.

Islam spread mainly among illiterates who could not read the Bible in their own language. In nations that were conquered by the Saracens (Arabs) in the Middle Ages, Christians were forced to convert on pain of death or were forced to pay a tribute tax. Although Islam considers both the Old and New Testament to be inspired writings of God, they hold the Koran to be of higher inspiration. Islam can only be maintained as the dominant religion in countries where the Bible is suppressed and civil penalties are enforced on converts to Christianity.

Since Islam appeared, it has looked at times to be unstoppable. In the Middle Ages, many Christians saw Islam as a fulfillment of prophecies found in Revelation. The religion has advanced by the sword. No Christian nation once overcome by Islam has yet been able to reclaim the culture. But we may be seeing the beginning of a reversal of that trend in our day. In Muslim countries where the Bible is available, we see numerous converts to Christ. Since much of this activity is underground, we have no idea as to the extent of these conversions.

It is reported that great revivals are occurring in the Muslim nations such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Libya and Sudan. Mission researchers estimate more Muslims have converted to Christianity in the last 10 years than in the last 15 centuries of Islam. The superiority of the Bible as God’s Word over the Koran is sufficient to see this work of transformation of the Muslim world take place.

It is true that the Muslims look to the coming of the “12th Imam” and even see Jesus as a prophet who will come again to judge the world. This may not herald the end-times antichrist as much as it opens them to the true revelation of Jesus found in the Word of God – the Bible. Ultimately, it is the truth of the Gospel that converts people. Eventually Islam will be overcome by Christianity.

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This powerful presentation traces the biblical roots of child sacrifice and then delves into the social, political and cultural fall-out that this sin against God and crime against humanity has produced in our beleaguered society.

Conceived as a sequel and update to the 1988 classic, The Massacre of Innocence, the new title, The Abortion Matrix, is entirely fitting. It not only references abortion’s specific target – the sacred matrix where human beings are formed in the womb in the very image of God, but it also implies the existence of a conspiracy, a matrix of seemingly disparate forces that are driving this holocaust.

The occult activity surrounding the abortion industry is exposed with numerous examples. But are these just aberrations, bizarre yet anomalous examples of abortionists who just happen to have ties to modern day witchcraft? Or is this representative of something deeper, more sinister and even endemic to the entire abortion movement?

As the allusion to the film of over a decade ago suggests, the viewer may learn that things are not always as they appear to be. The Abortion Matrix reveals the reality of child-killing and strikes the proper moral chord to move hearts to fulfill the biblical responsibility to rescue those unjustly sentenced to death and to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves (Proverbs 24:11,12; 31:8,9).

Speakers include: George Grant, Peter Hammond, RC Sproul Jr., Paul Jehle, Lou Engle, Rusty Thomas, Flip Benham, Janet Porter and many more.

Ten parts, over three hours of instruction!

Running Time: 195 minutes

$19.95 — ORDER NOW!

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God's Law and SocietyGod's Law and Society (DVD)

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God’s Law and Society powerfully presents a comprehensive worldview based upon the ethical system found in the Law of God.

Speakers include: R.J. Rushdoony, George Grant, Howard Phillips, R.C. Sproul Jr., Ken Gentry, Gary DeMar, Jay Grimstead, Steven Schlissel, Andrew Sandlin, Eric Holmberg, and more!

Sixteen Christian leaders and scholars answer some of the most common questions and misconceptions related to this volatile issue:

1. Are we under Law or under Grace?
2. Does the Old Testament Law apply today?
3. Can we legislate morality?
4. What are the biblical foundations of government?
5. Was America founded as a Christian nation?
6. What about the separation of Church and State?
7. Is neutrality a myth?
8. What about non-Christians and the Law of God?
9. Would there be “freedom” in a Christian republic?
10. What would a “Christian America” look like?

Perfect for group instruction as well as personal Bible study.

Ten parts, over four hours of instruction!

Running Time: 240 minutes

Watch over 60 on-line video interviews from God’s Law and Society.

$19.95 — ORDER NOW!

(We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.)

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The Abortion Matrix DVD: Update

The Abortion Matrix:
Defeating Child Sacrifice and the Culture of Death

is a 195-minute presentation that traces the biblical roots of child sacrifice and then delves into the social, political and cultural fall-out that this sin against God has produced. You can order this series on DVD, read the complete script and view clips on-line...
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