How to read Russian on this Web-site

  • If you have Russian CP1251 fonts installed on your system just make sure Cyrillic (CP1251) language is currently assigned.

  • Follow further instructions if you don't have CP1251 fonts.

    Click here to go to a site where you can download Cyrillic fonts for MacIntosh or IBM. (The necessary Mac fonts have "Macintosh.hqx" at the end of their font name.)

    To download a zipped file of DOS compatible fonts directly from our server, click here.

    1. You need to install Russian fonts in your system folder.

    2. Launch Netscape and open "Options" -> "General Preferences" dialog box. Click on "Fonts" tab.

    3. In the area "Fonts/Encodings" select "User-Defined" in "For the Encoding" pop-up menu. Remember those new Cyrillic fonts you just installed? You should use them.

    4. Set "Use the Proportional Font" pop-up menu to any one of these fonts you like. Also set "Use the Fixed Font" pop-up menu to another one.

    5. Click "OK" to close the dialog box. Choose "Save Options" under Options menu.

    6. Now, when you are looking at a page where Russian text is supposed to be, go under Options -> Document Encoding and select "User-Defined." The text will be redisplayed with Cyrillic fonts. I prefer to use Latin fonts like Times and Courier when I am reading English text simply because they are more readable on the screen. Therefore, when you're going back to your English pages, switch the Document Encoding under Options menu back to "Western (Latin1)".

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