Offering assistance and positive alternatives to abortion by way of FACE protected pro-life reproductive health service referral counselors

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Chris Sapp, Esq.
Chris Sapp
General Counsel

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"Wise warriors are mightier than strong ones, and those who have knowledge than those who have strength; for by wise guidance you can wage your war, and in abundance of counselors there is victory." -- Proverbs 24:5,6 NRSV


The goal of the Counselor Corps is to provide loving wisdom, guidance, and help to people experiencing a crisis pregnancy and considering abortion as a solution to this perceived crisis.

Specifically, the goal is to send trained, certified, FACE-protected referral counselors to abortion clinics to lovingly offer printed referral information and help to people who find themselves in circumstances perceived to be bad enough to pay someone to kill their own children. These referrals are to organizations and agencies offering assistance, problem solving skills, and alternatives to abortion.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers

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Most people are familiar with Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs). These centers were started by sincere pro-lifers who desire to prevent abortion by offering free pregnancy tests and sometimes free ultrasound along with information and counseling regarding assistance and alternatives to abortion.

These CPCs do a wonderful job of helping people who seek their services. However, despite the hundreds of existing CPCs across America, and the dozens of new CPCs which open each year, the number of abortions is still high.

The problem appears to be that CPCs are not reaching their target market. Most CPCs report that only a small percentage of the people who seek their services are even considering abortion. One recent survey revealed that only 7.5 per cent of the people who came to CPCs were even considering abortion.

This statistic does not invalidate the ministry of CPCs. They are reaching lots of people who have lots of needs. CPCs are doing a good job and are providing valid services, they just aren't making the maximum possible impact in preventing abortion because they aren't reaching very many people who are actually abortion minded.

Through no fault of their own, CPCs have been unable to reach the majority of people who seek abortions. Because CPCs are based in offices or churches they depend on advertising to bring abortion minded women to them.

The Counselor Corps

The Great Commission begins with the word GO! Churches know that they must go out into their communities to reach those in need. Missionaries know that they must go into all the world to reach those in need. To stop abortion we also must go to those in need -- people considering abortion. Where can these people be found? At abortion clinics.

Pro-lifers have been going to abortion clinics since their inception. Some go to protest abortion by picketing or other First Amendment activities. Some have participated in rescue missions by peacefully sitting in front of the abortion clinic's doors to prevent abortions from occurring. Others have gone to lovingly counsel abortion minded people on the alternatives to abortion. Unfortunately these volunteer counselors have, for the most part, not had any formal training, financial support, legal protection, or spiritual oversight or accountability.

Twenty-eight years after the legalization of abortion in America, we still do not have any standardized system to train, equip, support, and protect pro-life counselors so that they can be sent as missionaries to the people who are involved in over a million abortions a year in America.

This is what the Counselor Corps is all about. The Counselor Corps is not a replacement for CPCs. The Counselor Corps acts as a funnel to provide more abortion minded clients to CPCs. The Counselor Corps is a safety net to catch those who have not otherwise been reached.

The Counselor Corps provides:

  • Training for counselors in crisis counseling, fetal development, abortion surgery procedures as well as clinic operational procedures.

  • Continuing education, literature, and ongoing resources to equip counselors.

  • Financial support for counselors as resources allow.

  • Legal protection for counselors. Recent court decisions have given legal protection to pro-life counselors outside of abortion clinics. The federal law known as the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) has recently been applied to protect the rights of pro-life counselors.

Each year over a million babies are murdered by abortion in America in abortion clinics. These abortion clinics are listed in the yellow pages. They are easy to find. Many people headed to these killing centers just need a little help and encouragement to let their babies live. The Counselor Corps exists to help counselors take this help, encouragement, and alternatives to abortion to these desperate people entering and leaving abortion clinics.