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Video Tapes

Dear Friends,
Thanks to Jay Rogers - USTP-FL, we now have available video tapes of the National Committee Meeting workshops. For those of us who were unable to attend the meeting, these tapes are GREAT! Just print out this form and mail to the address below.

Note: These are not "official" USTP video tapes, and they are offered here as a public service only.

EVERY state should have at least one copy of the Video version!

USTP National Committee Meeting
Miami, Florida - January 24-26, 1997

Video Tapes available through JC ROGERS PRODUCTIONS

These video tapes are excellent quality reproductions copied directly from the original 8 mm recording. These are not mass produced in a professional facility, but are done in small quantities at a home video recording center.

Check off the videos that you want to order. We will fill the orders on a first received, first served basis. Depending on the number of orders we receive, there may be to three to four weeks delivery time.

Prices for each 90 minute session are $10. All six sessions: $50

As of yet we do not have a credit card account. We will be filling orders after we receive your check by mail.

Checks payable to: JC ROGERS PRODUCTIONS.

JC Rogers Productions
P.O. Box 362173
Melbourne, FL 32936-2172

Phone: (407) 242-8491
Jay Rogers

Morning Sessions:

Workshop A:
_____Building the State Party Organization Organizing on the District and County Level (Peg Luksik)
Planning Events that Build Membership (Debbie Hopper)

Workshop B:
_____Mechanics of the State Party Organization Constitution and Bylaws, Compliance with State and FEC Law (Mark Weaver)

Afternoon Sessions:

Workshop A:
_____Tools for Communicating the Message Using the Internet (Ricardo Davis, Bill Lizosoan)

Workshop B:
_____Using Issues to Organize (Peg Luksik)

Workshop A:
_____Fundraising (Joseph Lutz)

Workshop B:
_____USTP Vision (Howard Phillips, Herb Titus) Ballot Access for 1998 and 2000 (Nick Sumbles)

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ADDRESS _____________________________________________
CITY, STATE, ZIP _______________________________________

Jay Rogers
Media House International
P.O. Box 362173
Melbourne, FL 32936-2173

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