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Brown, David Steven (verified) – Hialeah, Miramar

By Jay Rogers
Published July 9, 2011

Killing Places:

A Women’s Choice
6406 NW 186th St
Hialeah, FL 33015

A Gyn Diagnostic Ctr
267 E 49th St
Hialeah, FL 33013

Hialeah Women’s Center
952 East 25 St
Hialeah, FL 33013

Miramar Woman Center
6161 Miramar Pkwy
Miramar, FL 33023


David Brown MD & Associates
2627 NE 203rd Street
Suite #109
Aventura,  FL 33180

DOB: 03/24/1959

This practitioner currently holds staff privileges at the following hospital/medical/health institutions:

Parkway Regional Medical Center, North Miami Beach

This killer is a possible trainer of killers. This practitioner currently holds faculty appointments at the following medical/health related institutions of higher learning:

Associate Clinical Professor, Nova Southeastern, Davie

Associate Clinical Professor, University of Miami School of Medicine, Miami

Active member of 500 Role Models Academy – a high school in Dade County.

Speaks: Spanish, Italian, Hebrew, Creole, French.

Religion: Jewish.

Criminal record

David Steven Brown appears to be that special category of full-time circuit rider abortionist even while attempting to maintain the façade of a respected community member. He advertises for his Miramar Killing Center, “Same Day Abortion Services, Terminations Up to 22 Weeks, All Procedures Provided Sonograms & Anesthesia With Termination.” This killer is a possible trainer of killers as an associate professor at two schools of medicine.

David Steven Brown participated in a crime in which Keiron Nisbet, posing as a medical doctor, worked under the guise of “David Brown.” Two Miami clinics lost their license and its owners were arrested in a second case involving the same unlicensed doctor allegedly performing abortions. Police said that Best Care killing place owners Jose Rodriguez and Magaly Gil brought an unlicensed abortionist Kieron Nisbet to a Hialeah clinic “for the purpose of showing her a licensed doctor by the name of David Brown.” Nisbet was instructed by Rodriguez and Gil to say that Brown performed the abortions at their clinic, police said. Although Nisbet fled the country, Brown was not charged with any crime.

After Abortionist Flees the Country Clinic Owners Arrested

Covenant News, July 20, 2005

A Miami clinic lost its license and its owners were arrested in the second case involving the same unlicensed doctor allegedly performing abortions. Police said that Best Care abortion clinic owners Jose Rodriguez and Magaly Gil brought an unlicensed abortionist, Kieron Nisbet, to a Hialeah clinic “for the purpose of showing her a licensed doctor by the name of “David Brown.” Nisbet was instructed by Rodriguez and Gil to say David Brown performed the abortions at their clinic, police said.

TALLAHASSEE – Police have arrested the owners of a Miami abortion clinic on charges of allowing an unlicensed doctor and unlicensed nurse to perform abortions.

Jose Rodriguez, 52, and Magaly Gil, 56, both of Miami, were arrested and released on $5,000 bond after detectives concluded that they knew Kieron Nisbet was not licensed to practice medicine in Florida. Nisbet is alleged to have performed abortions in November at their clinic, Best Care Women’s Center, 8380 SW Eighth St.

Police said they believe Nisbet also illegally performed abortions at a Hialeah clinic, A Women’s Care II, during the same time and has fled to Trinidad to escape an arrest warrant they obtained for him in April.

State officials are trying to revoke the license of A Women’s Care II, but the clinic is fighting the charges before an administrative judge. Rodriguez and Gil voluntarily relinquished the abortion clinic license on Monday, state officials said, after the joint investigation between the Miami-Dade Police Department and the Florida Department of Health.

A former employee of Best Care Women’s Center told police in a sworn statement that Rodriguez and Gil ordered her to deny Nisbet’s involvement in the clinic if questioned by police, the police report said. The pair went so far as to bring the employee to a Hialeah clinic “for the purpose of showing her a licensed doctor by the name of David Brown,” and she was instructed to say Brown performed the abortions at their clinic, police said.

In March, a Best Care employee was arrested and charged with allowing the unlicensed practice of nursing, after investigators identified two patients who were administered sonograms, received medicine and were sedated by Nisbet and an unlicensed nurse. The Agency for Health Care Administration, which regulates abortion clinics, also lists Gil as the administrator for another clinic, the Millennium Women Center in Miami.

Reached at the Millennium clinic, Gil would not confirm the arrest but she said that the Best Care clinic closed two months ago. Gil also said that she no longer has a business relationship with Rodriguez.

Original source: http://www.miami.com/mld/miamiherald/living/health/12165203.htm

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