Frank Schaeffer Will You Please Shut Up!


Frank Schaeffer Will You Please Shut Up!

Jay Rogers

200 pages
High-quality paperback

A Reasonable Response to Christian Postmodernism

The title of this book is a misnomer. In reality, I am not trying to get anyone to shut up, but rather to provoke a discussion. This book is a warning about the philosophy of “Christian postmodernism” and the threat that it poses not only to Christian orthodoxy, but to the peace and prosperity our culture as well. The purpose is to equip the reader with some basic principles that can be used to refute their arguments.

Part 1 is a response to some of the recent writings by Frank Schaeffer, the son of the late Francis Schaeffer. This was originally written as a defense against Frank’s attacks on pro-life street activism – a movement that his father helped bring into being through his books, A Christian Manifesto, How Should We Then Live? and Whatever Happened to the Human Race? These works have impacted literally hundreds of thousands of Christian activists. It is therefore sad that the only son of Francis Schaeffer has lived to repudiate what is a great work of God.

Part 2 is a response to Colonel Doner and his book, Christian Jihad: Neo-Fundamentalists and the Polarization of America. Unlike Frank Schaeffer, Doner was one of the key architects of the Christian Right that emerged in the 1980s. While Doner is arguably more influential than Frank Schaeffer, he is ironically not as well known. Doner represents the disillusionment and defection many Christian activists experienced in the 1990s and 2000s.

I hold out hope that many of these people will come full circle in time. The book concludes with several appendices that give resources and materials that will help the reader to deal with one of the most pernicious pseudo-philosophies of our time.

There are thousands who have had their lives impacted in a powerful way by the elder Francis Schaeffer. You might be one of those people. Regaining a biblical ethic and worldview is the only hope and guiding source of truth for our broken society. There is still great hope for America to be reformed according to biblical principles. As a new generation is emerging, it is important to recognize the mistakes that Christian activists have made in the past even while holding to a vision for the future.

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