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Notes on Daniel

By Jay Rogers
Published April 27, 2008

The following set of notes is the result of a debate on the Reformed Christian Culture discussion group. As I posted my chapter analyses of Daniel from a preterist perspective, several preterists and a few historicists would debate the fine points. All responses were posted to that discussion board in the summer of 2004.

Most had already formed a definite position and had read my commentary on Daniel. Therefore, these “Notes on Daniel” are not intended as a primer on the preterist approach to Daniel, but as a follow-up discussion to the commentary.

Although I am here taking my responses out of the context of the discussion, reading the commentary will put these notes in perspective. I have edited parts that I thought would be too esoteric.

Still I am writing as one who has been immersed in the discussion, so if you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email. Since I have posted some articles on eschatology on my web site, I get frequent challenges, questions and opinions emailed to me. Most of these are from a dispensationalist viewpoint. But sometimes there are those who have taken the time to explore the preterist position.

If you have a question about the preterist view of Daniel, most likely I cover it in my commentaries. But feel free to ask. I will answer all questions. This is why I am doing this in the first place.

The following are some of my notes in response to questions and challenges to In The Days of These Kings … The Prophecy of Daniel in Preterist Perspective:

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