Report from China's Church China Reforms in religious legislation China's Spiritual Awakening - True Testimonies Evangelist Graham Talks with Chinese Leaders During Recent Visit Jesus Fever in China Billy Graham in China Billy Graham's Visit to China: A Retrospec…

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Pro-Life Victory in China

The U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service is considering changes which would make a clear statement to the world that abortion kills babies and violates human rights. The Chinese government currently forces women to have an abortion after the birth of…

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Spiritual Hunger Sparks Revival

Among Chinese Intellectuals “It’s all because those soldiers on June 4th used real bullets to shoot the people. If they had used rubber bullets there would be no revival among the students today.” - Beida University Student Behind these emotional…

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The Silent Scream

Ronald Reagan changed his view as a result of watching The Silent Scream – a movie he considered so powerful and convicting that he screened it at the White House.

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