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Planned Parenthood of Collier County, 1425 Creech Road, Naples, FL 34103 *Killers:* "McCree, Douglas Gene (verified) – Naples":/fyi/mccree-douglas-gene "Waterman II, Philip F. (verified) – Naples, Fort Myers":/fyi/waterman-philip-f "View map": "Florida Health Finder": Facility/Provider Type: Abortion Clinic Administrator: JODI BISOGNO Owner: PLANNED PARENTHOOD OF COLLIER COUNTY INC Owner Since: 7/14/2009 Profit Status: Not-For-Profit Licensed Beds: Not Available AHCA Number (File Number): 13960120 AHCA Region: 08 License Number: 914 Current License Effective: 7/14/2011 License Expires: 7/13/2013 License Status: ACTIVE Authorized Procedures : First Trimester *Florida Non Profit Corporation* PLANNED PARENTHOOD OF COLLIER COUNTY, INC. Registered Agent Name & Address WENDEL, CHARLENE A 1425 CREECH ROAD NAPLES FL 34103 US Officer/Director Detail Name & Address Title C HENRY, KATE 1425 CREECH ROAD NAPLES FL 34103 US Title PCEO WENDEL, CHARLENE A 1425 CREECH ROAD NAPLES FL 34103 US h2. History In September 19, 2009, Planned Parenthood’s Naples Center in Collier County began doing abortions and is partially funded with federal tax dollars. The sole abortionist at this facility is "Philip F. Waterman":/fyi/waterman-philip-f. Despite the "warnings by hundreds of pro-life activists and citizens": of Collier County, Planned Parenthood refused to retract their decision, choosing profits over and above the safety of women in southwest Florida, not the least of which was the young baby girls in the womb who would one day become women. It didn’t take long for Planned Parenthood of Naples to try and cover up its first botched abortion. Just eight months after beginning abortions, the clinic was forced to call for an ambulance on May 24, 2010. It’s unlikely this was his first mistake; most abortionists and their staff are sloppy, view customers dimly (for being “stupid” enough to get pregnant), and are in a hurry to make as much money in as short of a time as possible (known as “assembly line abortions”). Often times, abortion clinics shuttle injured customers quietly into a car (if they are able to walk still) and whisk them to a nearby hospital. Hospitals, except in cases of death, are not required by law to publicly report on the frequency of who refer patients to them. It’s also quite common for customers to be told to go home and wait for the bleeding to stop (so they won’t die on premises) or to seek health care on their own if symptoms continue. Needless to say, an abortion clinic is the last place one could expect to find a well-trained staff who values life. Despite the photo of the attractive building that Planned Parenthood puts on its own website, this is the image they hoped no one would see. Women going into the clinic could go out the back as a nameless face. For clinic workers bent on profiting from the death of unborn babies and who will not speak the truth about the life inside a pregnant mother’s womb, you can be sure they will not stand up and speak the truth if that women is injured. They will protect their job (and income) at the victim’s expense, and that seems especially true at Naples’ Planned Parenthood. h2. "Botched abortion at Planned Parenthood, Naples, FL": _By Jill Stanek, May 25, 2010_ *UPDATE, 4:09p:* The abortionist responsible for the alleged botch yesterday is *Philip Waterman*, PP of Naples' sole butcher. Pro-lifers have protested in front of Waterman's *Ft. Myers* home twice, beginning March 21. Here is a _*WINK News*_ story on that first protest:
Video: South West – Naples – Planned Parenthood: Naples Center
South West – Naples – Planned Parenthood: Naples Center
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The next protest will be June 27. Go to "_**_": for more info. *UPDATE, 3:37p:* PP of Collier Co. president and CEO *Char Wendel*, mentioned in the 3:15p update, is the same Char Wendel who made this silly anti-*Tebow* video prior to the *Super Bowl*.... In it Char says the $3 million invested for the Tebow ad would have been better spent to "strengthen American families" by purchasing 600k "cycles" of hormonal contraceptives. I wonder how Char thinks *American* families are strengthened by botched abortions at her favorite mill? [video no longer available] *UPDATE, 3:15p:* Look for pro-aborts to try to blame pro-lifers for the botched abortion. From "_**_":, May 24: bq.. With respect to abortion rights advocates, a journalist and photographer for _*Marie Claire*_ magazine visited the PP clinic a few months ago to do an article about the clinic's work in a conservative community such as Naples. The article is expected to be published in July or August, [*Char*] *Wendel* [president and CEO of *PP of Collier Co.*] said.... The journalist and photographer were at the clinic on a Monday and the article's original angle may have switched to focus more on the staff working in an atmosphere with a constant presence of protesters on Mondays, Wendel said. p. [HT: Naples pro-life activist *Patricia B.*] *2:49p:* "_*Jivin J*_ posted earlier today": about a botched abortion at the *Naples Planned Parenthood*, committed yesterday. Now "_*Fox News*_ has picked up":,2933,593515,00.html the story from "_**_": In addition, _**_ "has posted 3 photos": taken by pro-lifer *Fred Goduti*. Here's one... And here's another photo Fred took from a wider angle that the newspaper chose not to publish... I expect the newspaper cropped to get a tighter close-up of the actual crime scene, if you will. But it's an interesting crop, just the same.

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