The Nature of the Apostolic Ministry The Characteristics of a Prophet The Characteristics of an Apostle Servant To All The Deeper Significance of Pentecost Early Church The Feast of Tabernacles The Golden Age Being Jewish and Knowing Jesus Make Way!…

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Early Church

By Gene Edwards His name is Nathaniel, but everyone calls him Nat. He has just finished high school and is planning to enter college in the Fall. Right after graduation, to his own surprise, Nat was converted to Christ. It…

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The Golden Age

THE OLD TESTAMENT SPANS SOME 4000 YEARS. Of its 39 books, ten cover a period of only 120 years.1 This time period is often referred to as the Golden Age of Israel. Divided into successive 40-year reigns by three kings,…

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The Silent Scream

Ronald Reagan changed his view as a result of watching The Silent Scream – a movie he considered so powerful and convicting that he screened it at the White House.

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