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John Christopher (“Jay”) Rogers is the editor of The Forerunner, a publication dealing with Christian worldview; the founder of the Russian language newspaper, Predvestnik, in Kiev, Ukraine; producer of several videos with Reel to Real Ministries; and president of Media House International of Melbourne, Florida.

Jay was born in Washington D.C. on June 24, 1962, the feast day of John the Baptist, the “Forerunner.” He grew up in Framingham, Massachusetts, a town in the Boston metropolitan area. Jay is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, B.A. in English and Psychology. He became a certified high school English teacher shortly after his conversion to Christianity in 1985. He taught high school English before becoming a full-time Christian newspaper editor in 1989.

In 1993, Jay Rogers founded Media House International, a Christian foundation which seeks to train university students world-wide to produce Christian media in their own nations. In 1995, Jay bought a house in Melbourne, Florida directly across the street from one of America’s most well-known and controversial abortion clinics. He has been involved with pro-life ministries since 1988.

Jay’s vision for ministry is primarily for Revival and Reformation — to restore the rich heritage of the New England Puritans to Christians in America, and to revive the teaching of a victorious eschatology in the Church worldwide.

He now lives in central Florida with his wife Kalia.


The Four Keys to the Millennium

Jay Rogers, Larry Waugh, Rodney Stortz, Joseph Meiring

Foundations in Biblical Eschatology

All Christians believe that their great God and Savior, Jesus Christ, will one day return. Although we cannot know the exact time of His return, what exactly did Jesus mean when he spoke of the signs of His coming (Mat. 24)? How are we to interpret the prophecies in Isaiah regarding the time when “the earth will be full of the knowledge of the LORD as the waters cover the sea” (Isa. 11:19)? Should we expect a time of great tribulation and apostasy or revival and reformation before the Lord returns? Is the devil bound now, and are the saints reigning with Christ? Did you know that there are four hermeneutical approaches to the book of Daniel and Revelation?

These and many more questions are dealt with by four authors as they present the four views on the millennium. Each view is then critiqued by the other three authors.

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I wrote this series for a book that was published in the Republic of South Africa. The book is a compilation by four Christians (two in Africa and two in the USA) who have put the four major eschatological viewpoints into laymen’s terms.

Each author stated his view in response to a series of questions about eschatology (the end-times). Then each author responded to the three other views in a rebuttal. While I do not have permission to publish on the web the three other authors’ articles, I am able to offer here my own viewpoint and my rebuttals to the three other views. The positions held forth by the amillennial, historic premillennial and dispensational premillennial authors are implicit in my rebuttals. If you want to read the whole book, you can order it here.


Your efforts to refute Dispensationalism and premillennialism are a total failure, and a graphic illustration of very illogical thinking and undisciplined research. Straw man after Straw man is advanced, and, like Tom, the Piper’s son, you think you have done something important.

Hi Jay,
I’m proud of you for your staunch stand against abortion!
I appreciate your desire to know the truth, like a good archaeologist who digs for it. I was born a day before you, as well as 4 years earlier. Like you, I, too, have been a longtime student of eschatology—almost overly so. Unfortunately, many are not inquisitive enough about the subject, and are, quite literally, led around by the nose. Consequently, many men have taken advantage of their naïveté and have made themselves rich by sales of their two or three books that they publish every year. If only they knew the truth, they could utilize their money much more efficiently for the kingdom of God instead of wasting it on their latest and greatest (and worthless) book. Yeah, I’m not a fan of the cure-all elixir peddlers, the so-called “experts” who promise a new revelation, or the “truth” about eschatology, when all they’re peddling is the same old same old that everybody else is peddling. Oh, to be sure, they tell us, “keep your eye on that one,” as if they KNOW that he is Antichrist, like they have done lately with Emmanuel Macron. It pains me to see them do that on tv where so many unbelievers, and believers-to-be, as well as impressionable Christians can be drawn in to a seductive misunderstanding. But, who in the Body of Christ is PERFECT in everything they say, teach and do? NOBODY!!!
All of us are guilty of doing the same things that most others do, although most of us won’t admit it. But love covers a multitude of sins.
To be up front, I am not a preterist. I am a Christian who has done his best to let the Bible speak for itself, so much so, that for thirty years, I read nothing but pre-trib books to try to find anything that would convince me of it. All of my churches that I have been a member of over the years have been pre-trib. But I just couldn’t see it in the Bible, although I waffled back and forth for the first, probably, five or more years after the Lord saved me at age 18. I didn’t grow up in church, and having witnessed the denominational blindness in the church, which produces schism, I’m glad the Lord saved me when He did. Rarely, very, very rarely, have I found anyone who believes the way I do, only maybe two or three. Pre-tribs, once they find out what I believe, quickly mock me and just as quickly walk away. Why do they walk away? Because they’re scared. They’re scared because they’re not established enough on their position. That’s the real reason. But I am established on my position, and I know their position extremely well (better than them), as well as yours.
I read through your article about dispensationalism. I have not read any of your books, but I know the preterist side very well. I listened to a big-name preterist from Michigan give an overview of what he believes at a garage where a pastor’s son was trying to start his own church. I sat and listened to him to see what he would touch on. Unfortunately, he basically told everybody there (about 12 or so) that they “should question everything” that they have learned. I didn’t like that. He even went so far as to say that his “buddies” were tinkering with the idea that the devil was the “law.” Amazing. He also said that “hell” is not what we’ve been taught it to be, that “his” Jesus wouldn’t send anybody to a place of torment! How utterly, utterly foolish!!! I could go on and on about how he told fabrication after fabrication, but I’m sure you already know these things.
I could use this opportunity to critique your article, but there are so many problems with it that I just don’t have the time. You have failed in your observation as to whom it was written and why. Consider for a moment, why in the world would Jesus have John write about a “coming” war of Rome against the JEWS in 67 – 70 AD, only to have him send it to saints in ASIA, who weren’t the “direct objects” of that war? As you said in your article, does that really make “sense”? C’mon, Jay, you’re better than that. I could go on and on, even with the ante nicene fathers and their writings, but what real worth would it be to you, if you are so solidified by preterism? I expect more from you, Jay.
Continue to trumpet salvation of the unborn, for they must have a voice in this wicked and perverse generation.

I bought your book In the Days of These Kings… love it, really would do so well as an epic series, it’s a shame a preterist view of Daniel isn’t widely known about. Very interesting and well researched! I grew up in Titusville, Florida and I’m proud to hear about your work in Melbourne and on abortion. I live in Daytona now and ended up at a deeply dispensational church while having no idea what that meant I’ve been on a deep dive into all of this. Do you know of any good churches? Seriously.
Best wishes

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