Mission to Ukraine 7/22/2007 – Last Day in Kiev

I slept very late and then we ate blini (Ukrainian pancakes) with black currant jam from berries grown in the garden. I walked out into the garden and admired the job I did last week in the vineyard rows. The grapes looked nice without the weeds. In the afternoon, we swam in a side channel of the Dnieper, which is near the house. We packed up about 100 more Creeds books and had a supper at Maxim’s house with Nadia and Oksanna.

Later I slept again or tried to while the rest went swimming again for about an hour. We ended up making it back to the flat by 11 pm. On the way we saw a lot of drunk people walking along the sides of the road. Many Ukrainians just drink all weekend long. There is really nothing else to do in the villages, I guess.

As I write the last chapter it is 1:40 am. I have to get up at 7 am to get to the airport by 9 am.

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