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The Forerunner newspaper was founded by Bob and Rose Weiner and J. Lee Grady of Maranatha Campus Ministries in 1981. Despite a small beginning with a staff of a few individuals would eventually reach millions of young people with the message of Truth, this publication would eventually reach millions of young people with the message of Truth. The vision was to boldly penetrate the minds and hearts of students with biblical truth by invading the most strategic strongholds of atheistic humanism – the university campuses of America.

The Forerunner was a lonely voice in a vast wilderness of student apathy and pessimism during those first few months, but the news of a growing conservative movement began to flourish by late 1982. By 1983, thirty-five conservative newspapers had been started on major secular campuses. The number more than doubled by 1985. Even at the U.C. Berkeley campus, which has long carried the reputation of being the most liberal of academic institutions in the U.S., students were following that trend. One survey proved that twice as many Berkeley students considered themselves conservative as did those in 1971.

Today there are hundreds of conservative and Christian newspapers on otherwise liberal university campuses!

All during this time, The Forerunner was addressing issues that were at the center of campus debate. We presented biblical alternatives to Marxism, feminism and pro-abortion propaganda. We challenged the student audience to re-evaluate the liberal bias that they are continuously subjected to in the classroom. We were determined to bring American students face to face with the realities of the Word of God as it applies to modern life and controversial social issues.

In 1991, The Forerunner International was founded by Jay Rogers and versions of The Forerunner were published to nations such as South Africa, Russia, Ukraine, China and Latin America. Throughout the 1990s, over half a million copies of the foreign language editions were printed and distributed. In 1995, the on-line version debuted. The traffic to the website has steadily increased and we currently have more than one million unique visitors each year.

This publication went out like seed on what was originally dry and rocky soil. But over the past 27 years, God has obviously been watering and plowing the ground to make it fertile for a spiritual harvest. The spiritual climate of America’s youth is obviously changing: the stolid pessimism of the past is gradually being replaced by a spiritual reawakening to biblical principles and more students than ever before are openly professing a commitment to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

The vision for the present includes video production. We are currently working to increase the number of articles available in Russian and Spanish; and we have begun on-line editions in Portuguese and Urdu. Far from being a static record of the articles published in the past, we continually updating the site.

If you are a student or Christian with a vision to get these articles into the languages of the world, we are always looking for volunteers to be staff editors for the on-line foreign language versions of The Forerunner.

The battle for the hearts and minds of young people in the nations of the world is far from being over. Therefore, we encourage you to make free use of these articles from The Forerunner.

NOTE: Most of the articles on this page appeared in The Forerunner during the time when I was the managing editor (1989-1994).

Jay Rogers
Director, The Forerunner

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