Pro-life Activism

A History of Operation Rescue

“Rescue those who are unjustly sentenced to death;
don’t stand back and watch them die” (Proverbs 24:11, TLB).

Operation Rescue articles are listed in the order they appeared in The Forerunner.

Pro-Life News and Features

  • Maryland Governor Becomes Pro-Life Convert?
  • Hospital bans elective abortions
  • Canadian Pro-Life Movement
  • Norm Stone - Abortion Walk
  • Jerry Brown - Is he pro-life now?
  • Marxism and Abortion
  • Abortion major issue in 1988 election
  • Attorney General's pro-life case will be heard by Supreme Court
  • Pro-life Leader Appointed to Federal Post
  • Parental Consent Laws Now Required
  • George Will calls Roe v.Wade "bad"
  • Justice Department Urges Overturn of Roe vs. Wade
  • Roe "Arbitrary" says Blackmun
  • Women Injured by Abortion Bring Action Suits Against Clinics
  • Removing the Media's Smokescreens
  • Former abortionists become pro-life
  • Test Your Abortion I.Q.
  • Webster Case Reaction Varied
  • European Pro-life Forces Fueled by Webster Decision
  • Abortion Debate Promises to Divide America
  • Victory for Pro-life in Pennsylvania
  • Supreme Court On A Collision Course with Roe vs. Wade
  • Safe, Legal Abortion?
  • Abortion or Infanticide?
  • Pro-life Victories!
  • Freedom of Choice?
  • Abortion and the News Media - Part I
  • Abortion and the News Media - Part II
  • Learning Before Birth
  • Poll reveals most Americans don't know facts on Roe vs. Wade
  • Life's Edge: A Special Report on Baby David
  • Third Trimester Abortion Exposed by NY Press
  • Selling Lies: Deception & the Abortion Industry
  • Most Americans Oppose Most Abortions, Wirthlin Poll Finds
  • Debater Admits: Abortion is Murder
  • Life Without Roe: Making Predictions About Illegal Abortions
  • Who Really Speaks for Women?
  • The Forerunners of the Women's Movement Were Pro-life
  • Confessions of a Convert
  • Kevorkian Let Victim Die Amidst Protests
  • Clearing the Media Smokescreens
  • What Would You Choose?
  • Supreme Court Upholds Webster Case
  • MIT study discounts safety of French abortion pill
  • Stop the AFL-CIO from supporting abortion
  • Second Thoughts
  • Norma McCorvey: "Jane Roe" of Roe v. Wade
  • "Public Views" on abortion depend on questions asked
  • Reader Questions Pro-Life Argument
  • Pro-Choice Rationale & Pro-Slavery Rationale
  • Researchers: Post-Abortion Syndrome a Growing Health Problem
  • Point - Counterpoint on Abortion
  • Medical Ethics
  • Hollywood film carries strong pro-life message.
  • A Higher Moral Code
  • The Elections of 1856 and 1992
  • Defending the Right to Life
  • Sick of Death: Testimony of Bernard Nathanson
  • America Unites for Life!
  • American Medical Association's Statement Condemns Abortion
  • The TRUE History of Operation Rescue
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