Cities of Refuge: VICTORY!

By Margaret Farrar

MELBOURNE, Florida (FR) – Despite the predictions of the liberal media, Cities of Refuge – ten days of pro-life activities in seven strategic cities across America by Operation Rescue National – was a huge success. National media gave Cities of Refuge either negative or no coverage, possibly because they were disappointed by the low number of arrests. However, Cities of Refuge ranked among one of the largest and most effective pro-life events in American history.

On the average, 1856 people participated daily, with three out of four people participating for the first time. In a ten day period, 40 children were saved. From around the country the reported number of people affected by this event continues to grow.

  • JACKSON, Mississippi – Hundreds of people interceded on behalf of women contemplating killing their children. Three successful, effective rescues occurred.
  • CENTRAL FLORIDA – A travel camper was transformed into a mobile crisis pregnancy center and parked outside the Aware Woman mill in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Forty women were counselled during Cities of Refuge. Seven women were tested positive for pregnancy and all seven chose life for their children.
  • SAN JOSE, California – Christians read the entire Bible in front of City Hall. The New Testament was read in front of Planned Parenthood’s facility. A pro-abort was moved to tears at one of the rallies while listening to pastor Johnny Hunter.
  • PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania – Operation Rescue National leader, Keith Tucci was arrested in Philadelphia while he was in town scheduled to speak to area pro-lifers. Keith was held on a $200,000 bond before being released on his own recognizance.
  • CLEVELAND, Ohio – Almost 300 pro-lifers were involved in street activities each day. Thirteen children were saved with no arrests. A large number of new activists were involved including many Cleveland area pastors who had previously been wary of Operation Rescue events. This was partially due to the fact that no arrests were scheduled to take place.
  • DALLAS/FORT WORTH, Texas – Remains of murdered children were given a proper burial. Several successful rescues took place. One abortionist promised to quit. Three abortionists left town during the event. Two third-trimester children were saved through the efforts of sidewalk counselors.

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