Norma McCorvey: “Jane Roe” of Roe v. Wade

She was a pregnant 21-year-old woman with a 10th grade education … too poor to get an illegal abortion in Texas, or a legal one in California. He was a physician whose practice was suffering because he could not perform legal abortions. Norma McCorvey, Dr. James Hallford, and John and Mary Doe, a married couple who could not bear children or take contraceptives due to health risks, were all ripe candidates for what was escalating into a nationwide cause celebre in 1970 – the right of a woman to have an abortion.

Considered one of the centers of the nation’s Bible belt, Texas law forbid abortion except in the case where the life of the mother was threatened. McCorvey’s plight, as well as that of the Doe’s and Dr. Hallford, provided a stage for pro-abortionists to challenge the Texas courts. The testimonies of a physician, a poor young woman, and a childless couple were models for Planned Parenthood’s case. What American would not be moved with sympathy by McCorvey’s testimony of being raped by three men and a woman? Or a physician who wished to perform safe, legal abortions?

In March, 1970, McCorvey filed a lawsuit on behalf of herself and “all other women similarly situated,” along with the Does and Dr. Hallford. Their case set the wheels in motion towards overruling the 100-year-old abortion law. Later the Doe’s and Dr. Hallford’s cases were dismissed for lack of standing. The court also threw out McCorvey’s case and reaffirmed the Texas state law.

In the meantime, McCorvey had given birth to her child and put the baby up for adoption. She was forced to give birth, according to court records, because of the length of the court case and the decision-making process. Ironically, today a 16-year-old child who was a candidate for the first legal abortion in Texas is now living, while millions of others have died because of the consequences of that decision.

Although she gave birth, McCorvey filed an appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court, and was represented by Sarah Weddington, a prominent Dallas attorney. Her case was heard the same day as that of a 20-year-old Georgia woman named Sandra Bensing. Her case, Doe vs. Bolton, also reached the Supreme Court level. Bensing was represented by feminist lawyer Marjorie Pitts Hames.

The two Southern women and their attorneys argued that the Texas and Georgia abortion laws were unconstitutional because of the infringement on a woman’s right to privacy, as well as their supposed violation of the 1st, 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th and 14th amendments to the U.S. Constitution. The subsequent victory for pro-abortionists overturned every state law banning abortions and opened the door to legalizing a massive underground industry.

It had only been a matter of time. Stories about back alley abortionists maiming poor young girls, the changing perception of the value of human life, and an activist Supreme Court were factors that encouraged the decision. Prior to Roe vs. Wade, performing abortions had been an anathema for physicians and ran counter to the convictions of the Hippocratic oath. “We didn’t like doing them … because it had been considered taboo for so long …” said Dr. Joseph Randall, who began performing abortions before Roe vs. Wade in Albany, New York. Dr. Randall said that with the passage of time he became “desensitized. Eventually, we became numb to the process as the taboos fell to the wayside.”

Roe vs. Wade signalled not only a broader interpretation of the “right to privacy” – to include a woman’s right to terminate her pregnancy – but swept in an era of judicial activism. The Court held that the fetus has no right of its own to claim protection, and redefined “life” for children and adults.

Roe vs. Wade’s Cracked Foundation

Today, 16 years later, after 25 million abortions, the foundations of Roe vs. Wade are beginning to crumble. President Bush’s reappointment of Attorney General Richard Thornburgh, and some recent and shocking disclosures by the original plaintiffs, as well as a surge of pro-life activism, are revealing that legalized abortion is in trouble.

Since the landmark Supreme Court decision, Norma McCorvey gave birth to her child, and Sandra Bensing never had an abortion. Both of these women have also come forward to admit that their testimony was false. In 1987, McCorvey told Washington Times columnist Carl Rowan that the Roe decision was based on false testimony. She admitted that her account of being raped in 1969 was a fabrication designed to invalidate the law. Instead, she confessed that she had become pregnant by her boyfriend.

Sandra Bensing also filed a request in early January of this year asking the Georgia Supreme Court to review her case. She told the Atlanta-Journal Constitution that she approached an attorney seeking assistance to secure legal custody of her children. The attorney told her that she would like her to be the plaintiff in a case challenging the Georgia state law banning abortion, and she agreed.

She stated that she never needed an abortion, and has never received one since the decision. “This could destroy the legal foundation for Roe vs. Wade,” said Joan Moseley, a spokesperson for the plaintiff. “We believe we have discovered fraud, but we are protecting the plaintiff because she has been getting harassed by pro-abortion groups.”

Bensing said during the abortion case that much of her life was in a “daze” and that she was examined twice at psychiatric hospitals. “I just had a really tremendous emotional stress on me. It was a hell I was living through.” She described herself “like a little puppy on a leash. Wherever I thought anybody was going to help me, I would follow along.”

She said she opposes abortion and hopes the Supreme Court ruling will be reversed. “I decided from the very beginning I would never consent to an abortion,” she said. “I’m not a religious person but I believe in God. I know He’s real. I know we don’t take lives.”

Although she knew was using the case to overturn Georgia’s anti-abortion law, she said, “I decided from the very beginning I was not going to have an abortion. They told me if I agreed to go through the courts they would not force me to have an abortion.” She said she is now determined to work against abortion.

McCorvey’s attorney, Sarah Weddington, claims that her rape testimony wasn’t a factor in the Roe decision: “I never touched the issue of rape and only emphasized the question of whether the Constitution gives to the state or leaves to a woman the questions of what she can or must do with her body.” Since the Georgia plaintiff filed her request, Hames has actually hired an attorney to protect herself.

All of these developments have come on the heels of a recent Supreme Court decision to review a Missouri case, Webster vs. Reproductive Health Services. The issue before the court now is a state law which bans abortions and public funding, except in the case when a mother’s life is endangered. Attorney General Thornburgh has asked the high court to review the case and to rule against the precedent established by Roe vs. Wade.

Meanwhile: The Effects of Abortion on the Nation

What have 16 years of abortion done to our nation? Planned Parenthood’s sex education services have proliferated considerably onto junior-high and high school campuses. Consequently, studies indicate that the rate of teen pregnancies has skyrocketed, along with the use of contraceptives. Each year, over one million teenage girls become pregnant … resulting in 400,000 abortions.

The abortion industry and contraceptive manufacturing has proven to be a very lucrative trade. According to a study published in Family Planning Perspectives, the 400 percent increase in the numbers of teens reached by contraceptive information has resulted in a 45 percent increase in teen pregnancies. Also, even among those teen-agers who were reported as always using contraceptives, 13.9 percent still got pregnant.

Besides the increase of teen pregnancies, experts have also documented the painful side-effects of abortion. Recently Surgeon General C. Everett Koop wrote a letter to President Reagan saying that there is inconclusive evidence to demonstrate the harmful side-effects of abortion on women. However, Koop’s remarks have been strongly challenged by other experts in reproductive health and psychology. They maintain that there is a large body of scientific evidence which indicates long-term physical effects for most women who undergo abortion. Pro-life leaders affirm that stress can cause major emotional problems for women even five to ten years after the abortion.

Last year, a California abortion clinic was closed down temporarily by the city due to the high death rate and health hazards. Approximately 40 to 50 women had died from abortions at the clinic, said Kathy Walker, vice president of Women Exploited by Abortion (WEBA). The group, along with the Inglewood City Council, was instrumental in closing down the clinic.

“There was one case where a woman had a D & C abortion at the clinic,” said Walker, “and she started having a complication. Instead of taking her to the hospital down the street, they took her across town to another facility that was associated with the clinic. She was hospitalized for three days and died on the last day.” WEBA also represented a teenager who was physically harmed by a saline abortion, but the case was thrown out, said Walker.

When asked how many women have died from abortions, Walker explained that it was hard to calculate because doctors usually place information about abortion-related deaths under a different category. “It’s a cover up. The doctor has the authority to write what he wants. And doctors will cover up for other doctors.”

WEBA began in the early 1980s and is growing rapidly in every state in the union, with chapters in Japan and the United Kingdom.

Besides the post-abortion psychological trauma for the mother, researchers have found that the fetus experiences pain. “Whatever the method used, the unborn are experiencing the greatest of bodily evils, the ending of their lives. They are undergoing the death agony,” said John Noonan, a law professor at the University of California in Berkeley.

Dr. Michael Harrison, associate professor of surgery at the University of California in San Francisco and co-director of the university’s Fetal Treatment Program, said, “Yes, fetuses do feel pain. They have the same response as a newborn baby.”

Who has benefited from Roe vs. Wade?

The only beneficiaries of the Roe decision have been the abortion industry and Planned Parenthood, since the actual plaintiffs have never taken advantage of the ruling in their favor. Possibly the other beneficiaries are the attorneys, Weddington and Pitts Hames, who have gained considerable notoriety among feminists and liberal politicians for their devotion to the cause of abortion.

The victims of the decision are the mothers, children, and doctors who have been physically and psychologically harmed by abortion. McCorvey and the Doe plaintiff have also been marked for the rest of their lives by the dark shadow cast by the Supreme Court ruling. The Georgia plaintiff says she often receives harassing phone calls.

1989 is a prime opportunity for the reversal of a case which has wreaked havoc upon the lives of teenagers, mothers, doctors and unborn children across the nation. With the Missouri case before the Supreme Court, recent disclosures from former plaintiffs, and the growing body of evidence which demonstrates the harmful effects of abortion on the mother and the child, the reversal of Roe vs. Wade is indeed a very concrete possibility.


Refreshing to see some honest writing behind what will become known as America’s greatest error—abortion on demand. Even if you support abortion, one has to wonder why the two greatest figures in abortion history have become pro-life, Norma “Roe” McCorvey and Bernard Nathanson, the Dr. who helped found NARAL and admits to have lied to the press and the public about “statistics” that helped shape public opinion. To think that Congress gives well over $300 million annually to the eugenicist organization Planned Parenthood who gladly receives donations to specifically eliminate black babies ( Please keep writing so Americans can at least know the truth.

I dont think abortion is right or wrong. I got pregnant when I was 20. I wasnt married but I kept my son. Im 45 and married with two boys now One 18 and one 23. I had my tubes tied after my second son was born. What if somthing changed and I got pregnant again? It would be very bad timing, I have to work to pay for my boys college. Its not just community college tuition either.Its Four years at $35,000 a year. I would want to be able to have the choice of what to do,or is somone else going to pay my wages while Im out on maternity leave?

Abortion is killing an innocent life. Whether you can see this or not due to blindness, a life begins at conception and in the womb. God sees these as precious lives. NO ONE AT ALL IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCE has a right to end a life! Get it right and do not try to jusity evil. You never will be able to. Abortion is wrong every way you look at…

I just want to say that abortions kill innocent children that God had a plan for but they will never get the chance the live their lives because they will never get a cahnce to breathe that first breathe of air.

No amount of money can justify murder-( not accidental death)- but the murder of any one human being. I have to be honest, as a 22 year old survivor of the abortion holocaust, it’s easy to feel very angry at my elders- those of you who could be my parents… the elders that keep pushing for abortion. Whenever they say it-it hurts deep down inside, because I know that they do not welcome my humanity. They were welcomed into this world free of danger- and yet we are but an “inconvenience” to be terminated. It’s this belief that would have rather let me suffer a horrible death rather than the adult “suck it up” and get over their material selfishness! May God help you to see the blessing of each humanbeing he blesses us with in this world. But please know, every one of you pro-abortion people- know that you are (to us survivors) like a Nazi grumbling about Jews that you believe should be killed and disregarded of humanity. HOW DARE YOU!

GOD LOVES US ALL!!! Please lets protect our little ones!!! If we don’t stand up for them (babies) who will (they want because they can’t speak). DON’T THINK OH it was an accident or the baby will slow me down or cause so much discomfort. Also, I can’t afford the baby. PLEASE Put the baby up for adoption. THESE ARE OUR FUTURE GODLY LEADERS IN THE U.S. GOVERNMENT, BUSINESS OWNERS, TEACHERS, NURSES, DOCTORS, PREACHERS, PROFESSORS, AND THE LIST GOES ON AND ON. PLEASE LETS NOT CONTIUNE TO SHEED INNOCENT BLOOD. I CLOSE WITH JEREMIAH 1:5!!! LETS CONTINUE TO LOVE GOD AND OTHERS AND CARRY THIS MESSAGE TO THE NATIONS!!!

Last week, saturday January 24, 2009 I turned 19. I am currently a student studying to be a Medical Coder. My daughter will be 1 June 2, 2009. Before I got pregnant I thought abortion was wrong. When I got pregnant I did’nt no what to do; however, I felt my child should not have to DIE for my mistakes. Abortion is wrong and women are taking full advantage of it. Women are being irresponsible and a child has to DIE for it and that’s not the way things are suppose to be. Thats not what God intended. I think that all involved will have their day at judegment and I wonder if they still will think that they should have a choice in whether a child LIVES or DIES.

Bernadette – This is for you… The person that gave birth to you was turned from abortion. There was love there. God loves you. You are a Wonderfully, Unique and Loved person of importance. You are Sooo Loved and Cherished ~

The abortion issue is more than a women’s or child issue. In addition to it devastating effects on women’s lives emotionally and phyically, and the untold suffering to our unborn children, it has negatively impacted our familes and has blinded our men from their God-given identity and responsibility of protector. Unlike MS or cancer, and I am not minimizing the suffering these diseases have inflicted on the victims and their families, abortion impacts all of our lives whether we have been directly effected or not, because it strikes at the heart of our definition of humanity.

my mother got pregant at the age of 16. she decided to have an abortion. she went to a clinic and they were getting ready to perform the abortion a.k.a murder. she says that all of the sudden she had a feeling like none other. she got up and ran out of the buliding. she beleives that god told her that i was special and sent from him and that she shouldn’t have the abortion. she decided to keep me. i have a mother and the father my dad. they deciede to keep me. today i am 16 a sohomore in high school in all ap classes with 5.4 gpa. i team captain of my volleyball team and a full ride scholar ship to Notre Dame. abortion is wrong. when an abortion is perfromed you could be killing a future president of the u.s. or a person who will find the cure for cancer. if that abortion was performed i would not be here. i am very blessed human. at conception you begin life and at life you are a gift from god. apperciate life….its the most precious thing we have!

It breaks my heart when I see how distorted our view of the world has become. We have killed more unborn children than jews have died in the halocaust. 25 million babies in comparison to 6 million jews. And we Americans don’t give it a second thought? We’re over-analyzing the definition of ‘life’ and ‘equality’ to a degree that no should have to delve into so deep when the answer lies so clearly! If people think the baby’s only a simple jumble of cells, and that it doesn’t matter, then why do they make such a big deal about getting rid of the ‘burden’ that aparently means squat to them? How I wish we Americans would remember its history and the roots we set ourselves on upon first coming here. We first arrived for Religious Freedom. Of the CHRISTIAN faith. Do we see as much of that as we’d like? No! If anything, it’s faded. And when the Declaration of Independance was written: UNALIENABLE RIGHTS including LIFE, liberty and the pursuit…LIFE, people! Was abortion really ever a consideration for them at that time? NO, all life was valueable at that time, because they all knew it was of God’s creation.

One of the most frustrating things about this debate is the fact that it’s so easy to judge. Most of you will never know what a difficult decision is to have an abortion. I will agree that people on both sides of the debate are extremely polarized and that’s unfortunate because somewhere in the middle of all of the yelling and screaming, there is a very human side to the tragedy. People make mistakes. People get themselves in to really bad situations and a pregnancy can ruin a woman’s life socially and economically. People who are pro-life often focus on the emotional side of the argument and completely ignore the economics of the issue: the outrageous expense of healthcare in this country, particularly for the uninsured, where these types of pregnancies are commonplace. If you’re going to have a baby, you have to be able to afford a baby and that carries a heavy pricetag, unfortunately. For many women, adoption is simply not a practical option. To find yourself alone, economically unstable and pregnant is a shame I don’t wish on anyone. Then there are the anti-abortion groups that do nothing but make you feel sub-human with graphic billboards that have more to do with arousing emotion than with any kind of logical argument. I had an abortion and believe me, I’m not proud of it. However, at the time it was the only thing I could do and I thank God- who I do believe in, by the way- that it was even an option for me at the time because without it my life and the life of my child would have been a living hell. Everyday I think about my decision and the possible spiritual ramifications. In the end, the decision was mine to make. Regardless of anything any group or candidate can say, I know that did what was best. My decision is between God and I and no one else.

Abortion is a very personal and private decision but it does affect us all in regards to our humanity and how we treat each other. People don’t want to have abortions. Pro-choice people do not want to or encourage other people to have abortions, contrary to the belief of many. But until we stop demonizing each other and strike at the heart of the problem and change the emotional tone of the argument, we’re not going to get anywhere.

Let us pray for all mothers and the fathers of all the unborn children who never saw the light of life to pray for their parents who ultimately, forced the Holly Spirit to create a child in the women’s wombs and destroyed by legalized procedures. Lord Jesus you say that if we ask anything in your name to your Dad in heaven, you would do it; we ask you to intercede with those millions of mothers of all ages to STOP destroying their children and help them find the means to support these children together with their dads in America and all over the world.

i just can’t believe that two women faught the fight just to turn around and say oooopps. if your not sure about your stand on abortion then shut the hell up!!!! this is some serious stuff, and to just say ooops makes me sick

My opinion on this is this I dont disagree with the abortion issue however I don’t think young women should use it as a form of birth control we have too many children who are born into abusive households and from the comments above it sounds like you would rather have that then to have a pregnancy terminated by a person who makes their own decision and knows that they can not raise a child properly I can respect the decisions that all of you are making but to come out and say that people are murdering children is totally unfair. What was that saying walk a mile in my footsteps…….

President Obama says America doesn’t torture. What do you call abortion? That is torture to an unborn child.

I think America’s greatest error is not realizing that our right to choose was given to us. If you want to protest, own a gun, or stand up and speak your mind, those are the many choices that are given to us. Does America not embrace its freedom. All of these choices have certain restrictions for the ultimate saftey of the American’ people. I became pregnant when I was 18 years old, and I knew right awawy that I was going to keep my baby. That was my chioce that was given to me as a citizen of the U.S., and I do not judge anyone who chooses differently. We have the knowledge and capability to preform safe medical procedures for those who choose to go through those procedures.When something goes wrong, as described in the article, the necessary steps and messures are taken to try and prevent it from happening agian. If you look hard enough, you can find flaws in everything. I’m sure the doctors who will protect thier own also protect themsevles. I never go through a medical procedure without signing a consent form that explains the risks among other things. Weman should have the right to make there own choice when it pertains to having or not having an abortion. There are always going to be consequences after every decision that is made. That decision and the consequences that come with it belong to the idividual who decides to carry it. Personally, I am pro-choice and I will always be pro-choice. Unless ungodly circumstances occur, I will never have an abortion because that is my choice.

It’s a matter of choice for a woman, that is what is important. Reversing the abortion decision is a step backwards to every single woman in this country who deserve the absolute right to choose. It’s my choice as a woman to decide whether or not to have an abortion.

Suicide is a private decision between you and God…it involves the taking of your own life…but when you involve the taking of another human’s life…then its no longer a personal decision because you see, it involves a third-party, therefore you can’t just say its a personal decision between you and God. Yes, God does give us free-will and that includes free will to do wrong, just like our parents, Adam and Eve. The Lord will never force us to do right but will only encourage to do the right thing, even if it means becoming society’s next social pariah because of the bearing of a child. In the end, everyone will account for his sins and the judgment of your sins is between you and God on that day. Just know that when you decide to lay up with someone and the results of that act produces a child, that child is not yours but a gift from the Lord. Although you may kill that child, that child will resurrect on judgment day and you will have to face not only God, but that child also. The Lord will ask you, where is the child I gave you as a precious gift? Hypothetically speaking, if that child could speak, they probably would ask a series of questions such as, “why didn’t you protect me?” “were there no other options?” “why didn’t you want me?” And all you’d be able to stand there and do is remain speechless because there really would not be a good enough answer.

Abortion today is the greatest evil we face. So many babies are dying each day mostly for reasons that can be worked out if only the young women had more information or more support. The silent scream that most people don’t acknowledge is one that God does. We have blood on our hands in our Country and it is time we faced the fact that we need to repent and turn back to God. WE are a broken nation and I myself having had an abortion can tell you the pain never goes away, you never feel forgiven for such a vile act. But, if you turn to God with all your heart and ask for foregiveness he will restore you. NOw looking at my children, I could never imagine ever doing such a horrible thing again. If my daughter told me tommorow she was pregnant, I would raise her child with her. I am blessed because she would never abort under any circumstances. It is not our right to take life it is our right to help save it.

This is not a ‘judgemental issue’ except when one may feel the expected second thoughts or guilt that may come with having made the decision to take the life of another, defensiveless human being. Yes, ultimately the result of the decision is between our Lord and the woman who made the decision to allow the abortion to take place. But this is the same woman who made the decsion to have sex in the first place. Two bad decisions don’t make it right. A defensiveless fetus had nothing to do with the mother’s poor choices, why do people insist that the baby suffer the consequences? Adoption is ALWAYS a decision one can live with! Down the road many years, a mother who chose life for her baby may certainly long for that child at times, but how much better to know that that child is alive and that you, the mother gave that person the chance to BE?! How devestating to realize that instead you were responsible for killing someone who ‘could have been’. Inconvenience is just about the lousiest excuse that there is! Cost shouldn’t be the weighing factor, there are pregnancy centers that will assist mothers with their journey’s beginnings. And there is so much government money out there for mothers and babies. This money is abused daily, this would be putting it to valid use!
Ladies, just make a decision that you can live with! How about a decision that your baby can live with as well?! When we are old and gray and on our death bed and we think back over our lives, hopefully one can look back at their decision to choose life and be satisfied that it was the right choice. The alternative is to lay there on one’s death bed and remember that you chose to kill your baby, your flesh and blood! Please! Choose life!!

Your right to choose was exercised when you chose to have sex before you were ready to take on the responsibility of having a child……After that, you live the consequence of your right to choose! We have a lot of choices in our lives….America is about our freedom to choose right? That’s great, but that does not mean that if we make the wrong choice that the government is responsible for cleaning it up, does it? We have the right to bear arms, but do we have a right to kill an innocent human being? You people who say this is America and women should have a right to choose…..well, a right to choose what? To murder their own children? I think not!!

All life should be regaurded with respect. Abortion not only murders an innocent life but hurts the mother as well. Could you honestly look at your own child and tell them “I was going to abort you before you were born” ?

Like they say, you know how to get pregnant and you know how not to get pregnant. It is not just to the baby that has no say in living. It is a matter of life and death because if you chose to kill your child, there is a chance you won’t survive either. & you should remember that to everything you do there is a punishment. Think of it as Karma.

I am the product of rape, and I can’t honestly say I regret being born but I know that everytime my mother looks at me she thinks about the horrible thing that happened to her. She has never said she wished she had aborted me, and I never ask her about it. But I know if I had been in that situation I would atleast like to have that option.

Abortion may be painful for the woman or the fetus but to have to live every single day with a constant reminder of something so horrible as rape, or insest, or even just a one night stand gone wrong, that would also be painful to live through.

Abortion is a right, and we all deserve to have that right. There will always anothe option but with the right restrictions and correct use abortion is a right we must protect. Otherwise why protect any of our rights?

Many people say that abortion is murder, but murder is to kill a living person. Although a fetus is technically living it is dependent on it’s mother, and the fetus is not considered a living person until it takes it’s first breath. Abortion is not technically murder. The longer in a pregnancy an abortion is performed then the more the fetus resembles a person, but it’s not until it exit’s the womb and breaths. Infants that are still born or die from labor complications, are not considered murdered. It is a very similar concept.

As much as I am for abortion I do believe that laws and regulations should be placed on abortion. It shouldn’t be used as a form of birth control, I personally know a woman who has had 3 abortions, I consider that a form of birth control. An abortion should only be permitted in the first tri-mester of pregnancy, intensive counseling should be provided to those who have had an abortion or are considering.

People think that the reason the teen pregnancy rate has gone up is because of Planned Parenthood and the availability of contraceptives. This isn’t true, teen pregnancy goes up because teens have unprotected sex out of stupidity. They think they are invinicible. Instead of teaching only abstinence, school’s need to take a more realistic approach to keep teens from having unsafe sex.

We all have rights, and we should protect them, even if we don’t agree with them.

I read thru all of these and most of them make me happy that there are people who care about innocent lives, however one stood out to me. You said not many of us are put in the position of having to make that “choice” as you call it. Well I have. I became pregnant when I was 17. My roomate offered to pay for an abortion and I will be honest I thought about it, I mean I was barely starting life, this would ruin it right? But you know what? I saw other babies and children around and thought, they started out like this, a line on a pregnancy test that may or may not have scared the crap out of someone but they are here and beautiful and have so much potential! So I decided I would not kill my baby, because, now you be honest, that is what it is no matter how you want to say it. The other thing that struck me was you said that adotion is not always a choice….since when???? There are so many adoption agencies out there! I hve my baby up for adoption and it’s an open adoption so I still get to see my daughter who just turned 8! She is so smart! She reads way above her grade level she plays the piano beautifully an she is going to do great thins in this world! Not only that but he parents couldn’t have children so she was a dream one true to them!! And the money thing, we pay taxes on every
paycheck for things like Medicaid so when something like that happens you can use the services you have been
paying for all this time!
There are no good excuses for murdering an innocent child..NONE! you talk about a womans rights, what about a childs rights? And yes it is a child, by the time you have found out u are pregnant it already has a heart beat! A baby is a baby period! And you say this decision is between you and god? What about gods commands? What about him saying he has a plan fo you before you entered your mothers womb? That implies you have a soul before you ever r even conceived! And yea we have the right to have a gun but we don’t have the right to go up to someone we don’t like and shoot them! It’s called taking a LIFE! and you cannot say the baby is intruding and say it’s “self defense” because you invited the child by the act of sex! You know what the risks are and you took them! Why are you letting an innocent child DIE because you were stupid.

Taking away abortion is taking away a right that all women deserve. Women have the right over their own body, and their own right to choose. Whether or not they decide to have an abortion is their decision, and no one elses.
thank you.

Can’t you all think for yourself? Why do you all of you say GOD tells you that abortion is wrong? Think for yourself you morans! And keep your GOD out of our schools and government.

There is something called “Separation of Church and State” in our lovely nation. I’m a Christian, and a lot of politicians are also or practice another religion with similar concepts, but that should take no role in the lawmaking process. One should look at the economic issues, political and scientific definitions and the living woman’s health and rights. Should an athiest woman be denied the right to choose because we’re pushing Christian beliefs into legislation?

Everyone has different beliefs, but we all have the ability to make a decison. Weighing an abortion cannot be easy, but the decison to do it or not should be the woman’s to make, because she will have to live with the consequences of it either way, whether it’s a long pregnancy and unprepared for child or feelings of regret.

If you don’t want another baby, don’t have sex.

We must take responsibility of our actions. We choose to engage in sex….sex can produce a life…be responsible don’t have sex if you don’t want the responsibility of a child. Abstinence is a choice.

If your life began at conception, then why don’t you celebrate your birthday nine months earlier than you do? Your life begins when you’re born. As for being a viable fetus, that begins at the quickening, and I would listen to you IF you made a sound, logical argument about restricting harm to a viable fetus. But this “life begins at conception” nonsense really turns people off of your attempted message.

Who are you to judge someone else because of the decision they have made. You want to talk about Godliness; placing judgment is going against God. Until you have been put in the situation to have an Abortion, you have no right to make judgment on someone else. Abortions are legal, it is a woman’s right to choose whether she wants to have a baby. Do you think if it was the other way around and man had the right to choose that they would ultimately be “Pro-Life”?? I don’t think so. I was raped. I choose to have an Abortion. I was 24 years old and wasn’t financially ready or emotionally ready, to have a child. I wasn’t in a relationship, I was in college and working and for me it was the right decision. I didn’t want to be a single mother, uneducated, with a minimum wage job living on welfare with a constant reminder of being raped. So until you have been placed in that situation of having an abortion you should keep your judgment and opinions to yourself!

My sister got pregant when she was 16 and kept the baby. Sadie is now the greatest part of my life. For those who are pro-choice, think, would you want to be killed before you even had the chance to live? God sends babies as a miracle, not just a pregnancy to be terminated.

I had an abortion at the age of 17, two weeks before my high school graduation, and it was the smartest (though emotionally painful) decision I have ever made. My life (and the father’s) would have been turned completely upside down if I had kept the baby. I know I did the right thing for me, and while I have asked God to be forgiven for this sin, I believe all women should have this choice. If we don’t have the choice, then it’s just another situation of the Government telling us what to do; i.e., Big Brother. God will have his say when my time arrives, but it IS just between God and me – nobody else.

My Dear Courtney,
Abortion is the killing of one of God’s children. No amount of self-justification will change that fact. The positive aspect is that if you humble yourself and seek forgiveness – He will forgive you. There are people waiting to adopt infants – there is no reason to murder them.

I pray you are able to move on with your life without the guilt many young girls face after an abortion. May God have mercy on your soul and grant you His peace.

Abortion is wrong. Noone should kill a little baby for someone elses mistake. Theres a reason why god decided to make the baby in the first place. He wanted the baby to have a LIFE not DIE. Babys have a right to live and see what the world is about, it has the right to take its first breathe and see its mother OR foster parent! God makes little miracles in which the baby was made. If you do not want to become pregnant then dont have sex if your not ready! Think of the risks.

Linda, a birthday is the day of your BIRTH, that’s why you don’t celebrate your BIRTHday 9 months earlier.

It isn’t your conceptionday. Your life began at conception, the moment your father’s sperm and mother’s egg united, you had a heartbeat. I’m pro-choice- I believe you have the choice of abstinence, and the choice of adoption. Aren’t ready for the responsibility of parenting or don’t want to live with a constant reminder? Well, maybe you should consider adoption, or a condom… OR DON’T HAVE SEX IF YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE CONSEQUENCES.

I think it’s funny that now Roe is trying to illegalize abortion. But I support her 100%. I am pro life and I think it should be illegal.

So Courtney, you’re saying the fellow human being inside you is the only thing that would have been a reminder of your rape? Don’t you still remember??? I’m pretty sure if I were raped, I would remember 24/7 365 days a year – baby or no baby. Did you try to find help to have the baby and put it up for adoption? It wasn’t the baby’s fault!

And to the 16 yr. old’s and G.D.‘s post – if you PLAY you PAY. What if your mothers had had abortions??? Get a clue!

What amazes me is that the same people who are against abortion are the same people who complain about the many welfare cases we have in the U.S and they are also the same ones who say rude comments when they see a teenager who has a little baby. Are you going to suppoprt the child or care for it as though it’s your own??? Probably not so it’s best to keep quiet.

I got pregnant while I was still in college, and at the beginning I thought my life was over, that I wouldn’t be able to finish school or have a career. Abortion was not an option for me because I have always thought of it as murder. My daughter will be 2 years old soon and not only is she beautiful and healthy, she is my motivation to succeed and be a better person. I graduated from college last year with honors and I have a very good job now. Having a child is very difficult financially, emotionally, etc. but I sincerely believe that it is a great blessing and I have never once regretted having given birth to my baby girl.

For those who feel religion should be left out of this and we should look at this from the standpoint of legal definition, here are some points to consider:
• We count someone as alive when they are on life support machines and listen to the wishes of that person, not the life support, when determining when to pull the plug.
• We count that person as dead when the brain ceases to function; brain function starts about 6 weeks after conception. (How many abortions are done before this defining point of life?)
• Many cases have set precedence on the life of the fetus in the womb: pregnant women who are abuse, in a car accident, or other event that causes the death of the unborn child. The outcome has been someone being found GUILTY of murder, negligent homicide, wrongful death, etc. (Why then is the mother allowed to decide to have someone take that same life?)

I have more respect for the poor mother that smothers her starving child and then drops it in a dumpster than the woman who has an abortion. The first woman tried to raise a child and found out she couldn’t before she killed it; the second just thinks she might not be able to raise a child and kills it. Why do we call the first mother a murderer and the second a woman making a choice?

Yes, I agree women (and men) should be able to choose what they do with their bodies. but I dont think that their choices should hurt other humans and be justified. All people have rights to live how they want. And abortion destroys that right, because it takes away the rights of unborn children.

Abortion has always occurred throughout history and was legal in 4 states pre Roe v Wade. The only difference between now and then is that both the mother and baby died in many cases pre roe v wade. So, safe health care for pregnancy termination is the issue – not ending abortion. There has always been and will be abortion.

If you are hurting because of your abortion experience, please check out my website. Remember, “There is no sin so great that GOD cannot forgive nor wound so deep that His love cannot heal!”

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