The Beast of Revelation (teaser trailer)

Video: The Beast of Revelation (teaser trailer)
The Beast of Revelation (teaser trailer)
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This is the “extended version” of the opening to The Beast of Revelation: IDENTIFIED. The first 48 seconds I cut from the final release. I wrote, produced and edited this 145-minute presentation during the “last days” millennial bug furor of the fall of 1999 while working in cooperation with Reel to Real Ministries.

Special thanks to featured speaker Ken Gentry, host Eric Holmberg and associate producer Erik Hollander who worked on this even while braving the dreaded specter of Y2K! Remember that?

The video is not what most people think it will be. If you are curious, go to The Beast of Revelation: IDENTIFIED website and read some of the articles. The entire introduction to the video is posted there in written form along with articles that give the basic outline of the video.

Here’s an excerpt from the back cover —

Who is the dreaded beast of Revelation? Now at last, a plausible candidate for this personification of evil incarnate has been identified — or more properly, “re-identified.” Ken Gentry’s insightful analysis of scripture and history is likely to revolutionize your understanding of the book of Revelation — and even more importantly — amplify and energize your entire Christian worldview!

Historical footage and other graphics are used to illustrate the lecture Dr. Gentry presented at the 1999 Ligonier Conference in Orlando, Florida. It is followed by a one-hour question and answer session addressing the key concerns and objections typically raised in response to his position. This presentation also features an introduction that touches on not only the confusion and controversy surrounding this issue — but just why it may well be one of the most significant issues facing the Church today.

Ideal for group meetings, personal Bible study — for anyone who wants to understand the historical context of John’s famous letter “… to the seven churches which are in Asia.” (Revelation 1:4)

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