In perilous times, God has always raised up champions of faith who were not afraid to confront the powers of darkness in their generation.

“And the Philistines stood on a mountain on the one side, and Israel stood on a mountain on the other side: and there was a valley between them. And there went out a champion out of the camp of the Philistines, named Goliath of Gath, whose height was six cubits and a span” (1 Samuel 17:3,4).

The word “champion” in Hebrew, means literally “the battleground between two armies.” This word is epitomized in the personage of Goliath, the giant from hell, who stood in the “no man’s land” between the armies of the Philistines and the armies of the living God. Goliath was the Philistines’ “champion” because he hurled insults at the cowering armies of Israel.

But God had another champion waiting in the wings. Long ago he was anointed king, but was content to watch over a small flock of sheep in the hills and worship God as he stared up at the stars at night.

David was not a trained warrior when he confronted Goliath. He was just a shepherd boy, a young man, a part of the supply line. As he carried his older brothers’ meals to the front lines, he heard Goliath’s blasphemy and a holy anger rose up within him. “How dare this uncircumcised Philistine taunt the armies of the living God!” David’s zeal for the Lord overcame any fear he might have felt in confronting Goliath. He slew Goliath in one stroke and even used the giant’s own sword to cut off his head! David was able to prevail against Goliath because he had a vision of Jesus Christ – the Champion of champions.

Even as David was consumed with holy zeal for the Mighty One of Israel, so God is speaking a word today about the dread champions He is about to release to defeat our modern Goliaths. There is a generation of young warriors who are waiting in the wings for their chance to run to the battle.

Many Christians are fearful of the modern Goliaths that oppress their nation and mock God’s Church. But even as the enemy has his Goliath, God has His champions. David himself penned the words that describe those of whom he was a forerunner – the young warriors who will blanket the earth like dew in the last days:

The LORD says to my Lord:
“Sit at my right hand
until I make your enemies
a footstool for your feet.”

The LORD will extend your mighty
scepter from Zion;
you will rule in the midst of
your enemies.
Your troops will be willing
on your day of battle.

Arrayed in holy majesty,
from the womb of the dawn
your young men will come to
you like the dew.

- Psalm 110:1-3

Vision for Destiny

The following are three marks of God’s champions. This list not meant exclude those who may not match up exactly, nor are they the only marks of a champion. But it would be hard to find a person who bears these three marks who does not have a calling on his or her life to be a champion for Christ. That this prophetic word is in your hands indicates that you may be one who has been chosen by God to rescue your nation from its modern Goliaths.

1. You are part of the younger generation – If you were born in the 1960s or ’70s and especially if you are a teenager or a young adult who recently became radically committed to the Lord Jesus Christ – you are called to be a part of the prophetic generation.

2. You have a God-given zeal to accomplish great tasks even in the face of fearsome odds – Even as David faced a nine-foot giant while he was only a young boy, this generation will fearlessly face great obstacles despite their immaturity and they will overcome their enemies by the power of God.

3. You fear God rather than man – This means that you do not value the thoughts and opinions of others over God’s revealed will for your life. This means that you do not love your reputation, success or well-being more than God.

The Bible prefigures those in our generation who are destined by God to do exploits. As we study the heroes of the Bible – God’s champions – we see shadows of the things to come. Each company of champions is a type of the company that God has predestined to take the gospel to the ends of the earth and disciple the nations.

Joseph Company

The Joseph Company is being formed right now in the church. Just as Joseph was used in Egypt to deliver the world from a time of famine (Gen. 41-45), so these men and women will deliver the world from a time of famine, both in the natural and spiritual sense. At this moment, they are coming out of great trials and testings to enter a place of fruitfulness.

As a young boy, Joseph dreamed dreams and saw visions which led him to prophesy to his older brothers: “One day, I’ll be exalted to place of rulership in God’s kingdom, and the rest of you will bow down and serve me.” His brothers were angered by what they perceived as Joseph’s arrogance, so they cast him into a pit and sold him into slavery.

Although Joseph was wronged, he never held malice in his heart toward his brothers. One misfortune led to another and he eventually found himself in a dungeon in Egypt. He was seemingly far away from any hopes of vindication. It looked as though God’s word to him would never be fulfilled. But through all this, Joseph never compromised and he held fast to his faith in God. Through all his trials, Joseph maintained an excellent spirit.

Then one day, God exalted Joseph from his imprisonment to rulership over the whole world. Not only was Joseph vindicated, but he was reconciled with his brothers. Later he had the opportunity to testify to his brothers of the sovereignty of God. What Joseph’s brothers meant for evil, God sovereignly used to bring about a greater good.

Like Joseph, there is a generation in the Church marked out by God to take great authority and rulership in the earth. They are now hidden in obscurity and are being prepared by God through great testings and hardships. Some have been betrayed by their Christian brothers; some have lost everything they once owned; some have been the objects of wrongful accusations and have become outcasts from their church families; some are literally serving prison sentences for crimes they did not commit.

God will exalt His Joseph Company and give them great power and authority for rulership over the earth. These people are being prepared for a time of famine for the word of God. They will be entrusted great financial provision to distribute the bread of life throughout the world. This is why they are being tested now through financial hardships and betrayal; their King wants wise and faithful men who will not compromise the word of God.

Some of the Joseph Company will hold high political office; others will be provided with the means to finance great evangelistic thrusts to the unreached peoples of the world. But those whom God has marked out to be stewards of His word during a time of world harvest will be tried and broken vessels.

Joshua Generation

You may have heard about the Joshua Generation. The Church has sung choruses proclaiming itself to be the “Joshua Generation.” Ironically, most of the Church is laboring under an illusion. They are not the Joshua Generation, but they are the Moses generation who will not be allowed to enter the promised land. The stiff-necked, disobedient Church will never enter into the promises of God. This sabbath rest belongs to the younger generation and a few faithful older leaders who will be like Joshua and Caleb, who have an excellent spirit, fearing God rather than man.

The current generation has grown up in an age when abortion, drug trafficking, pornography, AIDS and violent crime have reached epidemic proportions. They are children without true role models and heroes. They have been given no values, beliefs or absolutes; they have a tendency to disbelieve and mistrust authority; they often feel as though they have been robbed of their heritage.

Yet it is this generation that God has chosen to be His holy prophets. God is giving them a prophetic voice. The Joshua Generation are those who will seek God with their whole hearts. This is the generation spoken of in Psalm 102:18: “A generation yet to be created who will praise the Lord.” The Joshua Generation will be more interested in serving the Lord Jesus Christ than in serving the spirit entertainment and materialism which characterizes this present generation.

This coming generation will lie on their faces and weep for a dying world. They will hear the heart cry of God. Then they will emerge with a prophetic message – “THUS SAITH THE LORD!” And the whole world will know that they have truly heard from God. They will fight battles in the heavenly realms. And they will reap the greatest harvest the world has ever seen!

At the same time that this Generation is coming of age, an apathetic, apostate Church is unable to turn the tide of evil. This generation, who did not stand and fight when they had the opportunity, will die in the wilderness. They were afraid to confront the giants and the wild animals in the land. An entire generation with a slavish mentality will perish in the wilderness because they were unwilling to go up and possess the land.

So God has chosen their children to enter into His rest – to fulfill their destiny. Even now God is birthing through them a prophetic voice that will go to the ends of the earth. But that birth will not come without great travail. There will be great warfare that this generation will have to face. But the God of Israel who defeated the Canaanites will fight through them and destroy the enemy in one generation.

Gideon’s Army

In Gideon’s day, the issue that burned like fire in the heart of God was the gross idolatry of His people and their toleration of the child sacrifice practiced by the Canaanite tribes. In our day, the issue that burns in God’s heart is idolatry and the toleration of child sacrifice promoted through abortion.

In our day, humanism rules the hearts of the people. And the sad fact is that much of the world system has already crept in and polluted the Church. A quick glance at some of the glitzy Christian magazines and television shows of our day tells us that we live in an entertainment cult. We are fed a steady stream of entertainment, compromise and cheap grace.

God already has begun to purge that which is polluting His Body. Yet many pseudo-Christians still cry out for more entertainment and more cheap grace. We don’t realize that God is grieved with some of our pagan festivals and conferences; that He is crying out for His Church to repent and turn to Him with their whole hearts.

There is coming a time when the Lord Jesus Christ will appear suddenly in the house of God with more power than we have ever before experienced. This time will not be pleasant for most of us. But there is hope. The Holy Spirit is even now here and we can purify ourselves as we repent of idolatry. We can purify our hearts through the Holy Spirit and prepare ourselves for revival.

Gideon faced the idolatry of the Midianites. His first action against them – cutting down the groves of Baal – brought the wrath of the Midianites and the Amalekites against the entire nation of Israel. Gideon raised up an army, but God had to cull down the numbers before He would release Gideon to fight. There was a mixture in the ranks and God could not go with them into battle until the army was purified.

As in the time of Gideon, there are a few valiant warriors who will provoke God’s enemies into a whole scale attack against the Church. Through this persecution, God will single out those who are worthy to be His men of valor. This will be Gideon’s army. This holy remnant will not sell out to idolatry, but they will be completely sold-out to the living God. They will reform their culture and put an end to child sacrifice and idolatry.

As Gideon was outnumbered by the Amalekites, so the true Church is outnumbered by the enemy. But it is not the size of God’s army that matters, but the purity of their devotion to God. When God is through with His time of sifting and purifying, the true Church will be prepared for battle. At that time, one will put a thousand to flight; two will put ten thousand to flight. God’s sold-out army will understand that it is not by their own might or power, but by the Spirit of the Lord that they will fight and conquer the enemy.

David’s Mighty Men

After David slew Goliath, he brought on the jealousy and wrath of Saul and he had to run and hide in the caves. There David drew the support of other men who had also fled the enemies of God. Everyone who had a debt, everyone who was oppressed and everyone who was bitter of spirit gathered together and David became their captain. These unlikely heroes later became “David’s Mighty Men.”

King Saul represents the ministries of the flesh which God has cast away because of their rebellion and witchcraft. David represents those ministries which are anointed to take the city of Jerusalem away from the Jebusites and advance the kingdom of God on earth.

The saddest testimony of this time was Saul’s legacy of disobedience to the commands of God. Saul refused to put Agag, king of the Amalekites, to death. This rebellion cost him his anointing and position of rulership. He rejected the counsel of the prophet Samuel who delivered the words of cursing on Saul’s disobedience: “To obey is better than sacrifice and to hearken better than the fat of rams.” Saul’s sin was the sin of witchcraft. The king’s rebellion against God led him to the witches of Endor, to divination and sorcery. Because he had rejected God’s will, he was lowered to seek guidance from witches.

Where did the witches of Endor come from? These were the women who prophesied to Saul of his demise. In seeking aid from the deceased prophet, Saul opened himself to demonic influence. Most Bible interpreters agree that it was not Samuel who appeared to Saul, but a demon spirit.

The root of this spirit of witchcraft which seduced Saul was planted during the time of Joshua. In Joshua chapter 17, the tribe of Mannasseh was given towns in Canaan and was commanded to drive out the inhabitants. But when the children of Mannasseh grew strong enough to drive them out they would not. Instead they made the Canaanites pay tribute. In doing so, they allowed witchcraft and child sacrifice to flourish. One of the towns they were given to possess was Endor. The witches who arose in Endor put an end to the reign of Saul. The spirit of rebellion had been sown in Israel and came to fruition in the life of Saul.

The difference between David and Saul is seen clearly in this illustration. David was jealous for the glory of God and would put an immediate end to any spirit which would mock and strive against God. The difference between David ministries and Saul ministries is delineated: David sought to please God; Saul craved recognition from men.

Saul lost his anointing and his kingship was eclipsed by the heroism of David. Growing more jealous over David every day, Saul first tried to bring David into his family line in order to preserve his kingship. When that tactic failed, he threw spears at David and spread malicious lies and slander against him. When David fled to the caves to seek refuge, Saul waged war against this fugitive captain.

The men who gathered around David during this time, when he was hiding from Saul, were men of no reputation. They were “has-beens” as far as society was concerned. But in those years when they selflessly served their anointed captain, God formed them into a fighting army. Later, they were used to drive out the Philistines from the city of Jerusalem. Some of their enemies saw the glory of God on the faces of these mighty men. Some among the Philistine armies broke ranks and switched sides. Once enemies of God, there were now added to God’s army.

We have entered a time when the Saul ministries have lost their anointing. The David ministries have already been anointed for rulership, but the Saul ministries are still ruling. We are in a time when David’s mighty men are hiding in the caves, seeking refuge from the enemy. During this time, God is forming an army of mighty men. These men are being tested through persecution. God is using hardships to foster a loyalty to their Lord and to each other even to their death. They will eventually be used of God to drive out the Philistine armies and claim to be the city of God – a city set on a hill for all the world to see. These men will fortify the city of Jerusalem. God will use these men to strengthen the Church to become the city of God – a beacon of hope for the world to see.

Elijah and the 7000 Young Men

Elijah was Israel’s most powerful prophet during the time of kings. He single-handedly defeated the prophets of Baal by challenging them to a display of spiritual power. There was no prophet during this time who had done such miracles. When Elijah prayed the heavens were shut and there was no rain. When he prayed again, rain fell in torrents. When he challenged the prophets of Baal by calling on the power of God, fire literally fell from the sky. Elijah put these 4000 false prophets to death by the sword in obedience to God’s law.

But when Elijah faced Queen Jezebel, he was frightened and fled for his life. What made Elijah grow faint after he had defeated the prophets of Baal? In his greatest moment of victory, he grew weary and frightened. He lacked the courage to confront Jezebel. After having defeated thousands of God’s enemies, he was intimidated by a single woman. When Elijah fled to a cave at Mount Sinai, he encountered the living God who countered: “What are you doing here in this cave, Elijah?”

God’s question was designed to provoke a response. God already knew Elijah’s heart – that he felt all alone and discouraged. The Lord God asked this question twice; both times Elijah answered: “I have been very zealous for the Lord God of hosts, for the children of Israel have forsaken Your covenant, thrown down Your altars and slain Your prophets with the sword. I alone am left and now they are trying to kill me!”

The Lord wanted Elijah to inquire of His will. God already had a plan – there was a new generation of prophets coming on the scene. But Elijah could not see that God’s plan did not begin and end with him. Instead of addressing Elijah’s distress, the Lord commanded Elijah to get up and go back the way he had come. The Lord said: “I still have left to me 7000 in Israel who have not bowed their knees to Baal and whose mouths have not kissed him.”

When Elijah returned to Israel, he found Elisha plowing with twelve yoke of oxen. The younger man received the older prophet’s mantle without hesitation and immediately followed the way of the Lord in his new commission. He only stopped to say good-bye to his parents and burn the plows and sacrifice the oxen. This sacrifice signified that he knew that this was a lifetime commission. From that moment, Elisha pursued God’s calling on his life with full abandonment.

Elijah may have been known as Israel’s most powerful prophet, but a double anointing rested on Elisha. When Elisha took Elijah’s mantle he was commissioned to perform twice the number of miracles that Elijah did. God gave Elisha a double portion of miraculous power and prophetic vision. Elijah may have had a great victory in defeating the prophets of Baal, but it was the Elisha generation that completely defeated Ahab and Jezebel and destroyed the worshippers of Baal. In every situation that Elisha encountered, he completely trusted the word of the Lord that he had received. Any difficult situation that he was in was only “a light thing for the Lord.”

In our day, we have seen some powerful moves of God in both the Church and the world. The evangelical, Pentecostal and charismatic movements have done more for world evangelization than the Church of any other century. It is estimated that in our century, more people come to know Christ worldwide on any single given day, than were saved in the entire New Testament period. Some missions experts claim that in the last ten years, more people were added to the Church worldwide than during all the prior history of Christianity.

As in Elijah’s day, there have been spectacular demonstrations of power in the communist bloc; great miracles have been performed in third world countries; and the word of God is growing mightily and is prevailing worldwide. But the Church itself seems to be in a critical state. There is a serious lack of moral and doctrinal integrity in our ranks. The evangelical, Pentecostal and charismatic movements are at a crossroads.

As in Elijah’s day, we have seen some great victories, but many in the Church are also facing great discouragement. If we would lift our eyes from our problems, we would see an army forming on the horizon. We need to look past our own problems and surrender to God. If there is one essential ingredient that the Christian Church is missing in our generation, it is complete abandonment to the will of God. The new generation of Christian leadership will be completely sold-out to the purposes of God. They will have quit claim to all of their personal rights, dreams and desires for happiness and success.

Right now God is preparing thousands of young ministers who will volunteer freely in the day when God’s power is revealed. They will quit their jobs at a moment’s notice and realize that God has opened a door for them which no man can shut. There will be a period when worthy fathers of the faith will minister side-by-side with the younger generation.

But then there will come a time, as when Elijah was taken up by a chariot of fire into heaven, when the older generation will be taken away by God himself. Then the Elisha generation will take the Church into a new millennium of power.

The Elisha generation will take up the mantle for world evangelism. They will walk in twice the power and twice the anointing of what we have experienced in the 20th century. They will defeat those tyrants who hold our nation in humanistic bondage. There will be a commission for them to do exploits in our own nation, but they will have a broader worldview. They will also do great exploits in the nations. They will break new ground and boldly go where no gospel has been preached before. They will fulfill the Great Commission.

They will face great testings and hardships, but unlike the older generation, they will not doubt God. The battles faced by the Elisha generation will be more perilous than of those that preceded them. Instead of being bound by humanism and looking to the inadequacy of their own selves, they will look to God. No task will seem too great, no crisis too severe. It will merely be an opportunity for God to display His power. Every battle will be but “a light thing for the Lord.”

Daniel and the Hebrew Youth

Daniel’s nation was taken captive by God’s enemies because they refused to live by God’s Law. They continually compromised their nation into a state of spiritual whoredom. The pagan Chaldeans were now using their holy instruments, stolen from the Temple at Jerusalem, in their blasphemous worship. King Nebuchadnezzar sought out the best and brightest of the Hebrew youth – Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego – to convert to humanistic paganism.

As in the days of ancient Israel, we are in the grip of God-haters who mock God and blaspheme the Lord Jesus Christ. They are seeking to gut God’s righteous commands by their pagan indoctrination of young people.

In Daniel’s day, there arose a generation of young people called out by God who resisted state-sanctioned evil. They were not seduced into the spiritual mediocrity and compromise which had led his nation captive. No matter the moral standard dictated by pagan society, Daniel intended to be true to God. The Daniel group refused to join the party. Instead of feasting at the king’s table and joining the social elite, they learned to fast and pray so that deliverance could come to the nation of Israel.

Like Daniel and the Hebrew children, it is time for this generation to fast and pray and leave the spirit of feasting and easy living. We need a people who will stand and tell the nation that unless they embrace Jesus Christ, they shall come to ruin. We must be a people who will embrace God’s kingdom first.

The Daniel group faced the fiery furnace and refused to compromise. They looked to God to be their deliverer. They would not bow down and worship the false gods of Nebuchadnezzar even if it cost them their lives. Jesus Christ himself appeared as the fourth man in the fire and supernaturally delivered them. In spite of the King’s attempts to kill Daniel’s friends, their testimony could not be destroyed. Instead the King’s own men were destroyed by that same fire. In spite of the King’s attempts to kill Daniel and his friends, they kept telling the truth no matter what the cost.

If compromise in the Church is going to stop, it will be due to men and women who will do what is right even when it will cost them favor and reputation. Reputation is what people think you are; character is what God knows you are. Man looks at the outward appearance; but God looks at the heart. God is looking for people of no reputation who will serve Him without compromise.

Historically, God’s intervention in the affairs of men has been marked out by situations where believers have paid a great price. Until the Church is willing to lay down its rights, we will not see God’s supernatural working in this nation. It’s time to tell the truth no matter what the cost.

In the next generation, Daniel continued to prophesy and speak the truth to the King’s son who later became king. He did not waver from his declaration or apologize for the judgment which had fallen on the king’s father. The king’s men, jealous of Daniel’s longevity and favor, set a trap for him. They knew that wherever God’s Law and man’s law conflicted, Daniel would choose God’s Law. So they issued an injunction that forced Daniel to either violate the king’s law or God’s primary Law. When Daniel obeyed God rather than man, he was cast into the lion’s den. Daniel escaped the penalty only because of God’s sovereign intervention.

We cannot expect to escape by any other route. Those who trust in chariots and gold will be sorely disappointed. The hope for national Revival is not a soft-sell gospel that expects and demands nothing, or one that cozies up to power-brokers in the world and the Church. Our only hope is a gospel that clearly and consistently trusts in God and will not turn its back on God’s statutes.

Daniel took on the role of intercessor although he was not guilty of Israel’s sins. He assumed the role of spiritual responsibility and birthed Revival for the nation of Israel. Daniel understood that Israel transgressed the Law and that God would not be mocked.

The Church must likewise assume its responsibility. Will we enter the fiery furnace rather than compromise. Will we trust God to deliver us from the lion’s den? Are we willing to lead our generation back to spiritual integrity? Or will we see the Church cower in submission, more afraid of earthly kingdoms than in God’s sovereign destiny for our lives? The choice is ours today.

The Remnant of the Seed of the Woman

In Revelation chapter 12, we see a picture of the great battle of the ages. The forces of darkness rebel against the Throne of God in heaven, but the Sons of God battle Satan and his cohorts prevailing against him. Portrayed as a dragon, the devil then persecutes the Church, portrayed as the woman. She is a symbol of God’s people of both the Old and New Covenants – natural Israel and the Church of the New Testament.

Israel gave birth to the Messiah, pictured here as a child, is taken up to heaven where He now rules the nations with a rod of iron. There are still the rebellious among the heathen, however, which are represented by the seed of the serpent. The remnant of the seed of the women are God’s saint’s throughout the ages who “keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus.” They are engaged in direct conflict with the forces of darkness – the seed of the serpent.

The direct interpretation of this chapter can be found in Matthew chapters 1 and 2. Mary gave birth to Jesus in Bethlehem in fulfillment of the prophecy of Micah. When Herod learned that the ruler of Israel had been born in Bethlehem, he sought to kill Jesus. Joseph then took the child Jesus and fled to Egypt until Herod was dead. Jesus spent the rest of his life raising up disciples. After He ascended into heaven, the disciples of Jesus carried on the work of advancing the rulership of Christ in the nations.

On another level, we can apply this passage to the coming prophetic generation. The young people born since abortion on demand became prevalent in the world – those who are 21 and younger – are part of the prophetic generation.

In 1973, the United States Supreme Court, in a national ruling, legalized abortion in the infamous Roe v. Wade decision. In 1966, communist China began its cultural revolution – a campaign of persecution and terror aimed at the younger generation. Part of Mao’s revolution was forced sterilization and abortion for women who had more than two children. In Europe and the Soviet Union, abortion also became more common in the 1960s and 1970s. In Russia today, one in two pregnancies ends in abortion. In Romania, 9 out of 10 babies are killed in the womb. Satan, moving through evil men in seats of power, intends to squelch God’s prophetic voice. This has always been the devil’s strategy throughout history.

In Moses’ day, Pharaoh tried to wipe out the nation of Israel by massacring the Hebrew children. Satan knew that Moses was going to be the rescuer of God’s people and so he tried to wipe out that prophetic voice.

In the day of Elijah, Satan again, through King Ahab and Queen Jezebel, tried to destroy the younger generation through infant sacrifice on the altars of Baal. The devil knew that God was raising up 7000 prophets so he tried to kill as many as possible.

When Jesus was born, Satan used King Herod to try to wipe out the generation that would produce the Messiah.

And today, in our gross ignorance and willful disobedience, we have seen hundreds of millions of little ones destroyed throughout the whole world. The enemy is willing to do this because he knows that this is the generation that will do exploits for the kingdom of God.

It is a prophetic generation that is coming. It is the witness of Moses, Elijah and Jesus that Satan yearned to destroy, but could not. This is the hour and this is the generation. They shall be the first fruits of the greatest harvest in history; they shall herald a move of the Spirit never before experienced.

National Repentance

The preparation for this Revival is deep and heart wrenching repentance by the Church. We must first repent of our own sins and then on behalf of the sins of our nation. There are many sins which characterize our national character today. In the Old Testament, the most common lament of God in the writings of the Prophets is threefold: idolatry, sexual immorality, and the shedding of innocent blood. So we can expect that we will find God’s champions in our generation centered around these same three issues.

In each example of champions, God used a company of sold-out saints to turn the tide of wickedness. Each time, the devil’s death sentence against the younger generation was overturned. Repentance is a rending of the heart which produces a change attitude toward sin in our own lives and in society. As Jesus has commanded in the Great Commission, preaching the gospel means simply preaching the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ; repentance from sin, Christ’s Lordship over all the earth; and salvation through faith in His atoning blood. Preaching the gospel means simply preaching repentance, faith and holiness and nothing else.

If even a remnant in the Church became zealous in preaching the gospel on a day-to-day basis, then we could see the fulfillment of the Great Commission. Some Christians have been willing to risk arrest, violent abuse, lengthy jail sentences and even death in order to preach the gospel. If we were all this committed to evangelizing, then we could see the fulfillment of the Great Commission in a few years time.

God is raising up a generation who will be obedient to His commandments. Throughout history, whenever a remnant in the Church has become this radically abandoned to preaching the gospel, Revival and Spiritual Awakening have followed in their path. God’s people, abandoned to His purposes, will always turn the world upside down. God’s purpose in this generation is to organize this army that will walk in unity, obey His commandments and fulfill the Great Commission.

Will you be a part God’s purpose in this generation?

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