Witchcraft and Abortion

A letter to witches and pagans by Jay Rogers

I welcome all comments to these articles on witchcraft and abortion. By far, the most common objection to these articles is: “Wicca does not promote the sacrifice of human beings.”

In a certain sense, I agree with this statement. Unlike Christianity, Wicca has no Bible, no system of orthodoxy, no rule of faith. Since there are no laws which bind Wiccans, the “Wiccan Rede” is subject to private interpretation. Therefore, it is impossible to speak of Wicca as a whole as promoting abortion as a form of child sacrifice. Most Wiccans do not believe this.

I am concerned in these articles mainly with Wiccans who do believe this. The Wiccan religion needs no further condemnation than the fact that it denies the God of the Bible. I cannot add anything further to what the Bible teaches in condemnation of magic arts. Nor is my goal to promote a persecution of witches.

This web page serves as a warning to Christians who stand for the sanctity of life. There are a small segment of Wiccans who practice abortion as a form of child sacrifice to their false gods. To those who doubt this, I highly encourage you to read the words of Wiccans and pagans themselves who promote this demonic practice before responding to me.

— Jay Rogers

The following links contain excerpts from Wiccan writings promoting abortion as a form of child sacrifice:

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