Holy Spirit Moves throughout the World

Most people in the world today are unaware of what the Holy Spirit is doing throughout the world in terms of global evangelization. But when one looks at the facts and statistics listed below, it is apparent that we are about to see an unprecedented, worldwide expansion of Christianity:

  • There are 16,000 new Christians in Africa every day. Africa was 4% Christian in 1900; today, over 40% is Christian.
  • In Latin America, the evangelical movement is growing 3 times as fast as the population.
  • In the Soviet Union, after 70 years of oppression, the Christian movement is 36% of the population; this is more than 100 million – over 5 times the size of the Communist Party.
  • Many are aware of the miracle of the growth of the church in China – 23,000 new Christians per day!
  • In Indonesia, the percentage of Christians is so high that the government will not print the figure.
  • In India, 25% of the people say they would like to be Christians if they could stay in their families.
  • In the United States, 350 new missions agencies have been established since 1950. Even more significant is the fact that the same number in the same period have come into being in the so-called Third World.
  • Young people in the U.S., Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Asia are more interested in missions today than at any time since the days of the Student Volunteer Movement. The largest meetings of young people interested in missions ever in history are appearing in Europe, Latin America, and in local regions of the United States (1500 at a Midwest meeting).

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