Nauert, Jodell Lynne (owner) Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Tampa

Killing Places:

St Petersburg Woman’s Health Center
3401 66th St N
St Petersburg, FL 33710

Bread & Roses Woman’s Health Center
1560 S Highland Ave
Clearwater, FL 33756

Tampa Woman’s Health Center
2010 E Fletcher Ave
Tampa, FL 33612


795 Baldwin Rd
Palm Harbor, FL 34683

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Another property listed in the name of Jodell Nauert is a 5262 square foot home on a sprawling million dollar estate with two barns and a stable. It was recently listed for rent.


2925 Keystone Road
Tarpon Springs, FL 34688

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DOB: 11/09/1963

Video: Nauert, Jodell Lynne (owner) Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Tampa
Nauert, Jodell Lynne (owner) Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Tampa
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Video: Nauert, Jodell Lynne (owner) Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Tampa
Nauert, Jodell Lynne (owner) Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Tampa
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Jodell Lynne Nauert – Country Music Singer, School Board Member, Child Killer

I have to admit, when I first saw this, I thought there must be two Jodell Nauerts – the wife of the late abortionist George Michael Nauert – and the country music singer of JoDell and the Mountain Road Band. Then I found that the home of the country singer is in town of Tarpon Springs, Florida. To my amazement, it turns out they are the same person.

I still find it hard to believe, but it is true.

Here’s the story. Abortion clinic chain owner George Michael Nauert died on April 27, 2007. The last time he appears on the Woman’s Health Center corporation papers is November 2007. His former wife, Marsha Nauert, also appeared on his corporation papers from 1977 until the time of their divorce on November 14th, 1984. Jodell Lyne (Youker) Nauert, a subsequent wife about 28 years younger, was listed as the only other officer at the time of George Nauert’s death.

An Operation Save America story described a picket at George Michael Nauert’s home a few years back.

… the team and supporters took a thirty minute trip to the Tarpon Springs home of abortionist, George Nauert. Traffic on the busy country road slowed as the graphic ministry of ‘Malachi’ reached out to soften hearts. A large yellow arrow with the word ABORTIONIST pointed to the immense estate purchased with the blood of thousands of innocent pre-born children. Nauert owns four abortion mills, including the Sarasota Women’s Health Center where Matthew ‘headbanger’ Kachinas continues in Nauert’s stead. (see article Violence Erupts).”

Jodell Nauert’s Corporations

1. Corporation wiki map

Jodell Nauert is now the president of three abortion mill corporations (the Sarasota mill closed a few years back.) She’s not a medical doctor like her late husband, but simply the owner of abortuaries in North Tampa, St Pete and Clearwater.

2. Corporation wiki map

She’s on the board of a charter school in Palm Harbor.

3. Corporation wiki map

She is also the president of a consulting corporation.

Her Tampa mill does late term abortions.

… at the Tampa Woman’s Health Center, where abortions are performed up to 24 weeks of pregnancy, the decision was hailed as “a victory for women.”

“I think it’s great that it was shot down,” JoDell Nauert, the center’s executive director, said of Nebraska’s abortion ban. “It’s the patient and the doctor who should decide what’s best, not the Legislature, not your next-door neighbor. They don’t walk in your shoes.”

Country Singer

She is the singer with JoDell and the Mountain Road Band that performs around the Tampa Bay area.

She offers her CDs for sale or download and you can listen to another one of her songs here.

See Jodell’s MySpace page and her Facebook fan page.

Just a country girl singin’ country songs about “Livin’ in a cowboy town … Goin’ to church on Sunday … Ya’ll!”

There are lots and lots of photos of her on the Internet. Her band plays at family oriented festivals. There are photos of her singing to crowds filled with young children and signing autographs.

The Two Faces of Jodell – Country Singer by Night, Child Killing Vampire by Day! It sounds a little like the premise for a horror film!

Here she is jamming with Charlie Daniels, who is an outspoken conservative Christian. Did he know she owns three abortion mills? I doubt it.

She has also recorded a “Christmas album dedicated to Angelus House a local home and school for the handicapped.

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