Behind the Scenes (Part 2) Internet Searches


Note: These tutorials are directed at pro-life activists in central Florida, but the model is valid throughout the United States and much of the world.

There are pro-life street evangelists scattered among the cities in Florida who, as a whole, know all or most of the names of those who kill children for a living. If we could contact everyone who is doing this in the whole state and get everyone together on the same page, we’d be able to start sharing information more efficiently. More abortionists would be forced to quit and more babies would be saved as a result of our exposing their “unfruitful deeds of darkness.”

All abortionists are required by law to be licensed medical physicians. Therefore, the first place to look for names is is on the Florida Department of Health website. Then it’s a simple matter of matching this information to the abortion clinic where the abortionist works. Sometimes that is listed right on the site. For instance, in Vera Stefanac’s case, she is matched to James Pendergraft’s clinic in Tampa. If they have hospital privileges or work for another OB-GYN office, it will not be as apparent because they are likely to list that address as the primary place of business.

Our purpose is to identify all the abortion doctors and owners in Florida and match them to one or more of the abortion clinics they work at. What we are finding is that many work at two or more. So far we have verified about 70 doctors or owners who are currently active killers. Then they will have hundreds of accomplices – abortion clinic owners, abortion rights promoters and OB-GYNs who occasionally kill babies for money. Then we need to force them to quit (and hopefully repent) one by one by any legal means necessary.

In Melbourne, Florida from 1993 to 2000, we almost always had at least two people at the Aware Woman child killing center as part of an organized schedule under the umbrella of “Christians for Life.” As a group of individual church members, we were also led by Protestant pastors and a Roman Catholic bishop who organized prayer vigils once a month. There was one sidewalk counselor and at least one prayer partner avery time the killing place was open for business. Others acted as a “scribes” or took photos and video of everything that happened. We ultimately collected hundreds of hours of video and boxes of data on each of the abortionists, owners, workers and accomplices.

Then there was a series of lawsuits based in part on the fact that we were actively gathering information. While it is not illegal or tortious to gather information, the lawsuits were intended to intimidate pro-life activists and to discourage others from joining in direct action. The lawsuits ended with James Pendergraft going to federal prison for extortion, Ted and Pat Windle losing a fortune in legal fees, and their lawyer Roy Lucas dying of a heart attack while on vacation in Europe.

The point here is that street activists ought to move away from a model of simply taking turns preaching and trying to save individual babies one at a time. This is vital of course, but it would be much more effective to reach the goal of actually closing Murder Incorporated. To move toward that day, it is helpful to record in as much detail as possible what happens on a daily basis at the clinic. While one person is ministering, others need to record information. While one person is the mouth, the others are the eyes, ears, hands, etc. We need to cooperate together – Catholics, Protestants and all sidewalk ministries throughout our cities, regions and state – who will share this info.

We need to do this for all of Florida. However, for right now, Orlando activists should concentrate on central Florida – or the I-4 corridor. We should view Orlando as the hub of the death industry in central Florida. St Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa, Lakeland, Winter Haven, Ocala and Daytona (even as far south as Fort Lauderdale and Miami) are related to what happens here.

Order of Priorities

Here is what we are currently working on.

1. Complete a spreadsheet list of all abortion clinics in Florida. We know of over 70 and this job is probably 98 percent done. We also include the “feeder” clinics, those that don’t do abortions, but advertise abortion services that are performed at another facility.

2. Continually update a spreadsheet of all abortionists in Florida. (We are including “retired,” “suspected,” and “watchlist,” as well as “owners,” and some “workers.”) This list will be in a constant state of flux, but the goal is to make the confirmed murderers and accessories list shrink all the time as more and more abortionists and clinic workers quit or retire.

3. Compile information on each abortionist. This would include filling out all the columns included on the spreadsheet. I am also compiling longer documents that include information on all individual abortionists. I include links to new stories and the files of related disciplinary action taken by the Florida Department of Health (these should also be copied in their entirety and saved off-line). Eventually, we will have bio sheets on-line of each abortionist exposing the horror stories, criminal activity and lawsuits. These will be published at several websites.

It is not that no one is doing this. We have just lost track of who is who throughout the state.

How to do Internet searches

Pro-life activists should know how to perform some simple on-line searches that can identify information on abortionists. Spreadsheet lists of abortionists should be compiled with the following information:

Place of killling business(es)
Personal residence(s)
Color, make, model and tags of vehicle(s)
Photos and personal descriptions
News articles
Medical license records including suspensions and hearings
Traffic violations, criminal charges, civil lawsuits, medical malpractice lawsuits.

The following are descriptions of Internet searches that are useful in compiling this data.

Step one – The Corporation Search

I’ve written another article about the importance of the corporation search.

For the state of Florida we use the

For the whole country, we use

Abortionists must protect their personal assets from lawsuits, so many will form a corporation (Inc.) or a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Corporations are more useful for our purposes because they must have at least three officers. This then links abortionists (as a legal corporate entity) to family members, friends and accomplices. These names can then be searched and more connections can be found. For more rationale and information see: Behind the Scenes (part 1) The Corporation Search.

Step two – Florida Department of Health

If you do a Google search for “Florida Department of Health,” You will find this website:

The site has over a hundred index pages, but if you look at the site map link at the top of the page you will see the links to the various indexes. Under Professional Licenses you will see Health Professionals Licensure, and then a page with some buttons.

Choose: Look up a license.

This will give the abortionists medical license, at least one address, schools of medicine where the killer was trained, hospital privileges (if any), disciplinary action and whether the abortionist has elected to carry insurance. In the case of “suspected” abortionists, the malpractice insurance record is of vital importance. Few can afford the malpractice insurance premiums due to the high number of lawsuits against abortionists.

If a doctor has been the subject of discipline, a final order is public record. Sometimes an older order will need to be ordered by mail. There are directions on how to order a copy of the final order on the FL DOH site. For instance, James Pendergraft has had four disciplinary suspensions of his license.

Sometimes doctors come from other states. The board of medicine for those states have license records and discipline information available on-line too. You will have to be persistent in searching for the names of these boards For example, the board in Georgia is called the “Georgia Medical Board.” The best way to find medical license information is to go to the “site map” and then look for a link to “licensures” or “licenses.” Each state is different so some patience is required.

Step three – County Court Clerk Office Records Searches

These fall into three broad categories: traffic, criminal and civil. Once an abortionist is identified with a clinic and a place of residence, there are a number of records on file at the local county clerk’s office that are useful in beginning to pull together a narrative that will expose the “deeds of darkness” that surround such people.
The first task is to find the county clerk’s office on-line.

Simply do a web search for “[Name of County] county clerk.”

For instance, a Google search for Orange County Clerk (Orlando, Florida) yields as the first entry:

On the main page you will see a “Records Seach” button. You will usually have to agree to a “terms of use” policy and then you are in. You will then see links to search for civil, criminal and traffic case records. This will lead you to a search form. Knowing as little as a last name will give you results.

Nearly all court houses keep searchable data bases on-line. It’s important too if you discover a pattern of lawless behavior to search all surrounding counties as well. It’s a little time consuming, but the “smoking gun” that exposes a secret might be in the records of the next county. You have to navigate through each site, but at every county clerk website, you will find records for the following.

Traffic tickets – Most people get a few traffic tickets over a ten year period. A speeding ticket is not criminal behavior, but it can give a lot of information on abortionists. Most often, you will have to go to the county clerk’s office (usually located in the downtown court house) and pull each individual traffic ticket. These are public record and everyone is free to see tickets. Usually a small fee of $1 will be charged to make a copy of each ticket. Traffic tickets are useful in researching the following information.

Full name; home address; driver’s license number; color, make and model of vehicle; time and date of ticket; location of ticket (time and location are useful in determining place of residence and commute patterns); name of traffic violation and description.

Why this is important – This all depends on what your aim for activism is. Do you want to organize a letter writing or leaflet campaign to the abortionist and his neighbors and corporate associates? Do you want to begin to do residential pickets? Do you want to confront the abortionist with the Gospel as he enters the killing place each week? Do you want to do further searches and gather more information? Then you need to know everything you can about your subject. Traffic case records are a good place to start.

Criminal records – Do a similar search under criminal records. The results of this search will give you any criminal charges that have been filed against the abortionist. You will also see the docket, which is a record of dates and proceedings concerning the case. You won’t get any details from the docket, but you will find a case number. You will need to go to the court house and ask to see the file. Again, these are public records. You can spend as much time as you want with the file, but if you want copies, you will have to pay a small fee (usually $1) per page. In most cases, they will require cash payments, not check or charge.

Be sure also to follow the clerk’s instructions exactly on how to treat the file. If pages are attached and in order, don’t remove anything from the file. Use paper clips to mark the pages you want copied. The clerk will sometimes ask why you want to see the file. But this is usually just a person trying to help you find the right information. I usually say that I don’t know exactly, but I am writing an article (or doing research) on a medical facility that has a history of criminal cases. The clerk may be either pro-life or pro-abortion. I find it better to not tip off that I am trying to expose baby killers just in case it might draw the personal ire of a pro-abort clerk who I might need help from in the future. I need to treat such a person, not as an enemy, but as a useful idiot. For this reason, I find it best to pay cash, not check or charge, for these pages.

Why this is important – There is often much more personal information in criminal case files than in traffic tickets. Everything from assets and property to remarks that the abortionist or associates may have made on the witness stand are public record. From the standpoint of simply publicizing the facts already on public record, it can be an effective tool. Criminal cases are often not covered by the press and media, but these convictions can be the cause for the suspension of a medical license.

One killer, Theodore Lehrer of Fort Lauderdale, successfully avoided discipline from the Florida Department of health after he was charged with sexual battery, stemming from an incident of rape and forced abortion on his ex-wife.

Late term abortionist and owner James Pendergraft went to federal prison in 2000 for exortion. Another killer employed by Pendergraft, Walker Whaley, was imprisoned for manufacturing synthetic cocaine in his place of residence. Yet another abortionist, Randall Whitney, is on trial for aggravated battery, a second degree felony. Other workers at the clinic have had past felony convictions – including Tersie Honor for “culpable negligence exposure to harm” – and possibly another (we are still verifying) for “obtaining public assitance by fraud and theft.” That’s at least five felons all working in one killing place! This ought to be shouted from the rooftops. But few people know because few bother to do the research.

These ought to be publicized as much as possible. The liberal pro-abortion press is not likely to expose the fact that a local abortionist has a pattern of lawless behavior. It simply does not fit the narrative of a “woman’s right to choose” if the local abortion provider is a sociopath.

Civil cases and malpractice lawsuits – Almost every abortionist gets sued for malpractice at some point in their career. This is possibly the best information of all. You can do a search at the same county clerk of court website for civil lawsuits. In such malpractice lawsuits, the cases are either “sealed,” meaning they are not public record or “unsealed,” meaning that are public record. Again, in most cases, you will need to go to the county clerk of court and ask to pull the file.

Why this is important – Would you want to be operated on by a doctor who has injured a number of patients during surgery? Most women undergoing abortion have no idea that abortion is not safe. Abortion doctors are literally butchers. In some cases, the courts agree. These cases ought to be publicized as much as possible.

Step four – News and Internet article searches

Abortionists who have been in trouble with the law or who have stirred controversy in the community will have frequent news articles written about them. It’s vital to search these out and save your own copies of these articles since it is possible these could disappear from the Internet before long. Most recent articles can be found on the Internet, but in stories going back 10 or 20 years, a library search may be necessary. I’ve often been surprised to see how much positive press coverage is given to local abortionists. Although the liberal press tries to portray the abortionist in a positive manner, there are often details in the stories that may be useful to pro-life activists.

To be continued in a future article – Photography, Videography, Time Lapse HD, Raccoon Patrol, Sock Puppets (Facebook aliases), etc. as well as specific objects of research and reconnaissance for street activism and residential pickets.

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