What is Theonomy?

Theonomy means literally, “God’s law,” or the belief that the moral laws of the Old Testament are still binding today. This idea states that only Old Testament laws specifically fulfilled in the New Testament are non-binding (such as sacrificial laws,…

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Justifiable Homicide?

Ever since the shooting deaths of two abortionists, many pro-lifers are asking questions about the use of violence. A recent CBS-TV program, Eye-to-Eye, featured convicted murderer Paul Hill being interviewed by network anchorwoman Connie Chung. Throughout the interview, Pau…

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From Under The Rubble

Christianity’s Impact in Russia EVANGELICAL PROTESTANTS HAVE IMPACTED THE SOCIETY of the former USSR in the 20th century on a spiritual and moral level, and more recently, on a social and political level. This impact is acknowledged more and more…

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Notes on Daniel: Exegesis

We need to be careful when interpreting Revelation in such as way that we use all scriptural language to interpret the symbolism of this book. The original readers of Revelation (the seven churches of Asia Minor) probably did not have…

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The Silent Scream

Ronald Reagan changed his view as a result of watching The Silent Scream – a movie he considered so powerful and convicting that he screened it at the White House.

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