The Large Christian Family is the Future of Humanity

The Dobbs decision that overturned Roe v. Wade on June 24, 2022 is consistent with the tectonic shift away from a unipolar world of modernist nation-states based on an international political and economic system, to a multipolar world of civilization states based on deeply shared cultural values that have sustained the social order over many centuries.

Consider for a moment the Dobbs decision and the furor surrounding the “leak” and subsequent release of Samuel Alito’s majority opinion. Consider the abortion advocates anger over the end of the sole authority for their “abortion rights” — the state as God walking on earth.

Think about it.

If abortion is a “right” guaranteed by Roe as “the law of the land” then what happens now that the decision is overturned?

By what authority is that right claimed?

If it is by authority of the Court, then what happens when the majority rules no such Constitutional right exists?

What then?

By what authority do they insist on this?

There is only a postmodernist anger and rage. To argue with pro-abortion advocates is a waste of time. By their own standards, they are wrong, but they don’t know they are wrong. Their faith in an enshrined “right” to kill a preborn child in the name of “choice” only needs to be consigned as a byword of a darker past. The only thing they have left is their faith in that dark world order. Their faith has been broken and that is why they are hysterical.

The collectivist interpretation of truth (that is, cultural or group awareness understands reality as a social construct) is not only self-defeating, it is death itself. It is an oppressive, totalitarian, murderous ideology that explicitly states that anyone who does not convert to the mandates of the “ministry of truth” is either subjugated or killed. That is the end result of collectivism.

Western neo-liberals and neo-conservatives (the twin cousins of egalitarian humanism) are currently sending tens of billions of dollars to Ukraine each month to ensure that Eastern Europe stays in the clutches of the globalists who would enforce “liberal democracy” in the conservative deep cultures throughout the world. Their agenda includes imposing on all nations abortion, homosexual and transgender “rights.”

Meanwhile at home, Christians ought to be rallying around creating not just a vision for an “abortion-free” America, but a civil order that recognizes that we are a republic based on Christian liberty, not a world empire. We are to be a model of a Christian charity – “a city set on a hill, a shining light for all the world to see” as our founding fathers preached – not an “arsenal for democracy” to wage war on Russia and China as Joe Biden wrongly preaches.

This shift away from modernist political theories is much deeper than abortion. However, child sacrifice is a foundation for liberal democracy based on individual “rights”— for communism based on class warfare — for fascism based on racism. All three modernist systems needed abortion to achieve secularism — to defeat the family and religious and cultural values as the foundation of society — to replace our reliance on God with the worship of the state.

The above graph shows reported abortions (with some estimates for missing years) worldwide by year and region through 2014: USA; N Amer: North America; W Eur: Western Europe; S Eur: Southern Europe; Aus-Oc: Australia and Oceania; Japan; Asia: south and east Asia (apart from countries shown separately); Lt Amer: Latin America; Africa; M East: Middle East; E Eur: Eastern Europe; FSU: former Soviet Union (apart from Russia); Russia; USSR; PRC: People's Republic of China

Through the above chart is that we may infer the political history of the world in the 20th century through abortion. Legal access to abortion began in the Soviet Union in the 1920s. Nazi Germany then legalized abortion for the non-Aryans, the Untermensch in their society, but encouraged Germans to have lots of children. After World War Two, after the defeat of fascism and the rise of communism, we see huge spikes in reported abortion. However, there is a huge decline in abortion since the downfall of communism in 1991. That decline is in the face of worldwide population growth. Communism required the destruction of children to achieve its goals of a “worker’s paradise.” The family was broken down to favor the involvement of women in the work force. The goal of liberal democracy with it’s emphasis on individual “rights” also has spurred a movement to liberalize abortion laws in emerging societies. Thankfully, as modernism is increasingly being rejected in the Christian nations of the so-called “global south,” we are seeing a reversal of this trend.

The move back toward to a multipolar world is a natural outworking of God’s destiny for the nations. First and foremost in this world order is a moral foundation for the family.

The Declaration of the Large Family and Future of Humanity

Eight years ago, unnoticed by most, a document was signed in Moscow by representatives from pro-life and pro-family organizations all over the world. It is no less significant than the United States Declaration of Independence of 1776. These principles will rescue many nations from tyranny and injustice by mapping out an agenda to restore the biblical family.

Read the Declaration of the Large Family and Future of Humanity from 2014 for a better understanding of the multipolar world of civilization states based on the traditional family. These points describe well the difference between the power of a cultural civilization state built on faith and family — and the failed neo-liberal globalist system of nation states built on political, economic and military coercion.

The preservation of mankind is based on a system of family and kindred ties that are formed through the bonds of marriage between a male and a female and the children born to them. This and only this alone, is capable of ensuring the reproduction, stability and continuity of human civilization. All other kinds of sexual relationships or alliances intentionally that exclude the birth of children are meaningless for they are devoid of the notion set down in the very definition of the word “family.” And no political or economic interests can serve as a pretext for replacing the true and time-tested concept of “family” by any kind of surrogate.

We regretfully declare that the systemic policy pursued by the ruling elite in the developed countries of the world in order to implement the “theory of the post-modern society” – in essence, a “society of unrestrained consumerism,” a policy of creating a society of individuals who are absolutely unconcerned about the future and who are focused only on satisfying their selfish desires of the moment. Actually, such a society is ultimately aimed at destroying faith in God, as well as belief in good. These postmodern policies focused on material wealth are destroying what is human in the human being as created by God, at wrecking the spiritual dimension in Man – all of which are his distinguishing features in Living Nature.

We appeal to all people who acknowledge the significance and values of the Natural Family for preserving human civilization:

  1. To unite before the threat of total dehumanization of society, to set up a barrier on the road of ideology-lined, state-supported interference in the private lives of people, in an attempt to foist specific sexual lifestyles and preferences of the minority upon the majority;
  2. To strive to set forth legislative initiatives in the laws and constitutions of all countries that clearly define the naturally predetermined relationships in the Family as relationships between the male and female, their children and their relatives;
  3. To advocate and support the Natural Family as the sole source of preserving the civilization, the life of Mankind;
  4. To make use of all thematic international days (protection of children, the family, etc.) whose slogans and mottos refer to traditional values, for demonstrating their disagreement with and dissent for State-supported destructive tendencies in the sex and family life, especially of the young people, and consolidating the understanding of a Natural Family as the foundation of human life at the level of the individual, society, state and civilization;
  5. To oppose the cynical utilization of women as surrogate mothers in the interests of same-gender liaisons and alliances;
  6. To uphold the interests of children and to work for the adoption of legislative bans on all types propaganda concerning homosexual relationships in the environment of children and juveniles;
  7. To initiate and support scientific research to study the conditions and prospects of developing a Natural Family, as well as studying the negative social and psychological effects of raising children in same-gender couples;
  8. To support public efforts aimed at ensuring integrity of human life from the moment of conception to natural death, to protect children from influences taken against their individuality, and to uphold the child-rearing rights of parents – both father’s and mother’s;
  9. To demand initiatives and directives from the governments and heads of state to ensure protection of the natural family, childhood, and motherhood in both, domestic and foreign policies.

While I do not agree with the document’s reliance on the United Nations’ charter as a vehicle by which these goals might be implemented, the principles themselves are excellent. What is most interesting to me is the place and time of this declaration – Moscow, September 11th, 2014 – not only the anniversary of 9/11 terrorist attacks, but just a few months after the Euro-Maidan coup in Kiev that advocated anti-family, pro-prostitution, pro-abortion policies in an otherwise conservative Ukraine. The document serves as a declaration of independence from western liberal elitism.

Russia has gone from a peak of over 5 million abortions per year to .6 million. That’s a per capita drop of well over 90 percent. In Russia, not only is gay marriage illegal, but even homosexual propaganda is outlawed. The Russian economy in the past 30 years has been the fastest growing market economy in the world. This is still a poor country with many problems, but there has been a Christian revival in Russia, Ukraine and all of the former Soviet republics. Russia has more evangelicals than any country in Europe. The largest evangelical church (by far) in Europe is in Kiev — the Embassy of God. Ukraine has more evangelical Christians per capita than any other country in Europe.

The current military and economic war over Ukraine is a reflection of a deeper spiritual conflict between secularism and a traditional Christian social order. As Christians, we should not take sides in the war between Russia and Ukraine except to call for the end of the conflict as soon as possible. But we should also ask ourselves, do we want Ukraine to be governed by a corrupt, humanist western-style liberal “democracy”? Or would we rather see Ukraine maintain it’s heritage as the birthplace of the Christian eastern Slavic people — Kievan Rus — and the birthplace of the Russian Orthodox Church established in AD 988 by Vladimir I?

Our neo-liberal and neo-conservative politicians who supposedly stand for “liberty” and “democracy” denounce “autocrats” who are trying to push their nations back toward the “Dark Ages” — that is, a civilization based on the Christian family.

Brazil’s Bolsanaro, Hungary’s Orbán, France’s Le Pen, Italy’s Meloni are derided as “far-right” fascists by our liberal media, while Macron, Sholtz, Johnson, Trudeau and Biden are lionized as those who stand for liberal abortion laws and LBGTQ+ “rights.” But more and more Christian statesmen are emerging throughout the world. Most countries in sub-Saharan Africa are now ruled by conservative Christian leaders who value the role of the family as the building block of society. These economies are growing by leaps and bounds and will soon become prominent players on the world stage.

In essence, this is an example of Christian “nativism.” It is not true revival, but often can be a precursor to revival and awakening. The answer isn’t to simply elect a president or a prime minister who is a conservative Christian, but rather a revival of the testimony of Jesus in the culture. There is a movement toward the restoration of the Christian family in many nations and it is greatly encouraging.

In the battle over the emerging Christian civilization states, who will be counted on the Lord’s side?

A new multipolar world is emerging that challenges the west’s unipolar dominance his new order is led by China, Russia, India, Brazil and several other countries. The multipolar world order is based on the idea of the civilization state. We are witnessing before our eyes the decline of the idea of the nation state, on which the unipolar world is based. That is, the 30-year US-led neo-liberal globalist era of dominance has now ended. Americans ought to get busy rebuilding our Christian civilization. The more we allow our globalist politicians to hang on to their failed system, the more painful it will be to adapt to this tectonic shift.

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