What we learned from Ted Bundy

STARKE, FL (FR) – He was once an assistant director of the Seattle Crime Prevention advisory committee and even wrote a pamphlet instructing women on rape prevention. A one-time Boy Scout with a promising career in Washington state politics, Ted Bundy appeared to be an example of a good, upstanding citizen. But behind the congenial facade lurked a force which landed him in an electric chair in January of this year.

In the last few hours prior to his widely-publicized execution for the murder of as many as 50 young women and girls from Utah, Washington, Idaho, Colorado and Florida, the serial killer asked Christian psychologist James Dobson to visit him at the Florida State Prison. Bundy had corresponded with Dr. Dobson – a former member of President Reagan’s Commission on Pornography – for two years prior to their meeting. While anxious reporters waited outside, Bundy told Dobson about the influence of pornography on his behavior.

Bundy said he began casually reading soft-core pornography when he was 12 or 13 years old. His friends found pornographic books in the garbage cans in his neighborhood: “(F)rom time to time we would come across pornographic books of a harder nature … a more graphic, explicit nature than we would encounter at the local grocery store,” he told Dobson in the taped interview. “But slowly throughout the years reading pornography began to become a deadly habit.

“My experience with pornography … is once you become addicted to it, (and I look at this as a kind of addiction like other kinds of addiction), I would keep looking for more potent, more explicit, more graphic kinds of material. Like an addiction, you keep craving something that is harder, something which gives you a greater sense of excitement. Until you reach a point where the pornography only goes so far, you reach that jumping off point where you begin to wonder if maybe actually doing it would give you that which is beyond just reading or looking at it.”

Within a few years, those latent desires fueled by pornography were expressed through his first murder. Although Bundy said he did not blame pornography, he explained that pornographic materials shaped and molded his behavior. He also warned the nation that “the most damaging kinds of pornography … are those that involve violence and sexual violence. Because the wedding of those two forces, as I know only too well, brings out the hatred that is just, just too terrible to describe.”

Bundy said that pornography “snatched me out of my home 20, 30 years ago … and pornography can reach out and snatch a kid out of any house today.” His religious training and morality initially restrained him from acting out his fantasies, but he confessed that finally, “I couldn’t hold back anymore.”

Alcohol supposedly broke the restraints for him to commit his first murder. “What alcohol did in conjunction with exposure to pornography is (sic) alcohol reduced my inhibitions at the same time the fantasy life that was fueled by pornography eroded them further.”

While committing the murders, Bundy said he felt as if he was possessed by “something … awful and alien. There is just absolutely no way to describe first the brutal urge to do that kind of thing, and then what happens is once it has been more or less satisfied and recedes, you might say, or spent, that energy level recedes and basically I become myself again.”

“But basically I was a normal person. I wasn’t some guy hanging out at bars or a bum. I wasn’t a pervert in the sense that people look at somebody and say, ‘I know there is something wrong with him, you can just tell.’ I was essentially a normal person,” Bundy told Dobson. “The basic humanity and the basic spirit that God gave me was intact, but unfortunately became overwhelmed at times.”

Ted Bundy acknowledged that he deserved the death penalty, even though there were anti-death penalty demonstrators outside his prison cell up until the moment of his execution. “I deserve the most extreme punishment society has,” he said. “But I don’t want to die, I kid you not.”

Dobson said that Bundy wept several times during the interview: “He expressed great regret, remorse for what he had done, for the families that were hurting.” He spent his last night in prayer with a minister from Gainesville, Florida.

Bundy’s last words of confession and warning about pornography are an echo of statistics, research, and reports conducted within the last decade about the link between pornography and sexually violent crime. Unfortunately, many of the warnings in those reports still have not been heeded, and pornography has been taken for granted or considered a necessary evil.

According to a study conducted by a group of psychologists, Neil Malamuth of UCLA, Gene Abel of Columbia University, and William Marshall of Kingston Penitentiary, various forms of pornography can elicit fantasies which may lead to crime. Out of a test group of 18 rapists studied who used ‘consenting pornography’ to instigate a sexual offence, seven of them said that it provided a cue to elicit fantasies of forced sex.

A study released by the University of New Hampshire has proven that the states which have the highest readership of pornographic magazines such as Playboy and Penthouse also have the highest rape rates. The Michigan State Police department found that pornography is used or imitated in 41 percent of the sex crimes they have investigated.

The Free Congress Research and Education Foundation discovered that half of all rapists studied used soft core pornography to arouse themselves prior to seeking out a victim. Although researchers and media analysts may ballyhoo the impact of soft core pornography – claiming protection under the free speech provision of the Constitution – mounting evidence seems to be favoring a national crackdown on porn as a necessary means to stop crime.

In recent years, as more of this type of research has been published, significant gains have been made against pornographers as major retailers have removed porn from their shelves. Ted Bundy’s confessions to Dr. James Dobson – a leader of the largest segment of pro-family forces in the U.S. – promises to fuel the nationwide efforts being made on the state and local levels to eliminate the pornography problem.


I was married to a porn addict and have felt the devastation it causes. I want to know why our government isn’t taking more drastic measures at controlling this problem. There is no doubt in my mind that satan is the root of this, and he is destroying us all, one family at a time, the very fabric that holds our nation together. We are at war and it can not be faught with weapons, because it is all around us in the shadows, like a disease. And… it has bled through the small cracks without us noticing.

I’m kind of skeptical of what the author says. I had a pornography addiction for many years and never contemplated violence. I think Bundy’s turning to violence had to be based on more than looking at pornography.

The article says there’s a correlation between the amount of pornography available in an area and crime. I think there probably is a correlation, but I don’t think it shows causation. I think they’re both independently related to something else: urbanization. The bigger the city, normally the more pornography and the more crime there is. But those things don’t cause each other. Big cities have more availability of pornography because they have a great deal of diversity.

I remember when I lived in San Francisco, it seemed you could buy pornography on almost every block. Particularly, I remember a mom-and-pop store in my neighborhood run by some Asian immigrants who I assume were quite religious, because they had religious pictures behind the checkout stand. But right across from it was a rack full of pornography for sale. Though they were religious and probably wouldn’t have looked at the magazines themselves, they lived in an environment where there were all kinds of different lifestyles, and they figured, “what’s so bad about letting people buy these things?” I’m sure they also figured that if people didn’t buy them from them, they would from others. So why lose the potential sales?

As for crime, big cities have more because of the element of anonymity. In a big city you can’t know everybody, so it’s a lot easier to get away with crimes than it is in small towns or in the country. Big cities are also places of concentration of money, so criminals have more of a motive to operate there than they do in small towns.

So I think you can show that while there’s a correlation, there’s no causation between abundance of pornography and crime. Or at least not a very strong one. I don’t want to deny that pornography did play a role in Bundy’s crimes, but I don’t think it was enough to make him kill women.

The thing that really cured my pornography addiction was taking antidepressants. Addiction is a compulsive behavior, and they helped me get over that.

I agree with the post by arnold 11/19/2008.The real pornography is that of Bush & CO who cover up their perverted deeds all over the world. The lack of a proper Health system for the poor in the USA is perversion of the worst kind. The false modesty of Americans, while encouraging war is a perversion. The support for Talmudic Judaism in Israel is a perversion. www.theawarenesscenter.org is a Jewish site well worth studying. The Talmud is a perversion, but its laws are being implemented in your courts. Type in Jewish Talmud on your PC & be amazed at what you will find. This is the leaven which Jesus spoke in Matthew 15; Matthew 23 & John 8. The Quran is a comic book compared to the Talmud. Your courts, your media & your political parties are run by Talmudic Jews, the anti-Christs of the modernday world. Bush is a Marrano. Look up Jews who fought in your war of Independence & you will see the Jewish Bush’s. America is a daughter of the Whore of Babylon- Israel. The foolish evangelicals expose another daughter – Rome & think they know what their Bible teaches.

If satan can’t steal your life, he will steal your purpose in life. We do have to behave our way out of behaviors, it’s not an easy task. God is merciful and will help if we choose to fall on our knees with each impulse, read God’s Word instead of Satan’s word, and cry out for deliverance from that which has so methotically lulled our thoughts and behaviors into believing “a little bit won’t hurt,” “this isn’t so bad, what were thy talking about”
God has made provision and most people choose to pass it by.

well first off i dont believe that porn or drink can contribute to the killing of women.i know some one who is like kinda nuts. he talks about murder and watches sick images on the net when he has been drinkin. so iv any one has any coments on this could you pleas contact me at. chantellebundy@hotmail.com

This guy is nuts and was his own fault for doing the things he did.

Arnold’s comment about reading porn and never contemplating violence is not valid. He states there is no causation. This is not true. The author of the article already states the statistical evidence in several States.

Just because EVERY person doesn’t experience it doesn’t mean it isn’t a valid claim. Think about it:

- Smoking and lung cancer are still linked even though everyone who smokes doesn’t get lung cancer

- Wearing a seat belt is still the law even though everyone without a seat belt doesn’t dies in a car accident

- And high cholesteral and heart disease are still linked even though everyone with high cholesteral doesn’t die of a heart attack.

Ted Bundy deserved something worst than a death penalty. I believe it was just to easy on him. He should have kept alive and be tortured to death like how he did to those pitiful young girls.
I wish him nothing but the worst in hell and in his next life. I hope he will get his karma back from those he tortured and killed in his next life. God, please, let it happen coz otherwise life is just too unfair.

He’s talking about VIOLENT pornography, not all pornography.

the heart is desparately wicked and decietful above all things…who can know it? This is what the Lord says about the heart of man. (male & female) Therefore the so called good people along with the Ted Bundy’s of this world all end up in hell unless they repent and become born again, this is a new life from God, and a regenerated heart and mind.A gift from a merciful God who sent His own Son to die in our place. We are all wicked and deserve what Ted Bundy got, but I thank God for His mercy and the gift of His Son, he who has the Son has life he who has not the Son the wrath of God abides on him….therefore he shall die in his sins and be thrown into hell forever. Anyone who believes they are good will surely end up in hell since they deny what God has said about all men. All have sinned.

First, I think those posting here should consider that the article is not saying that all those who view pornography WILL commit sexual crimes. It does not state that. The author simply stated that there is a real correlation between sexual offenses and pornography use. This is a fact whether some here want to hear it or not. There was surely something going on in Bundy’s life beyond pornography that lead him to a life of crime. Most people face something in life that damage them in some way. These damages leave them susceptible to certain weaknesses they must constantly fight to resist. The point being made here is that pornography fuels the fantasies of those who are pre-disposed to committing sexual crimes. Essentially, pornography acts as the straw that broke the camels back. Slinkywoman’s post is right on. Just because you use something that has a relationship to some bad outcome doesn’t guarantee that the results of that use will be bad, but it surely increases the odds that it will be.

“The Michigan State Police department found that pornography is used or imitated in 41 percent of the sex crimes they have investigated.” Forty-one percent is not a majority of the population but it is someone’s daughter, sister, mother, aunt, friend, wife……

You can’t base a solid argument off the fact that you view pornography and never became a sexual predator. YOU are just one case. Like it or not, it is the collection of facts that we must as rational human beings base our conclusions on.

I don’t believe Ted’s “addiction” to pornography has or had anything to do with murdering young women. Ted was incapable of telling the unvarnished truth. The man was an extremely good manipulator and actor, and that most rare of individuals: a true psychopath. Ted’s putting the cart before the horse in making the claim that violent pornography is the cause. I say nonsense. Its the symptom. People who seek out violent pornography already have something unique in their makeup. As someone who’s watched quite a bit of porno and seen my share of bondage and dominance and done a little myself I’ve never felt compelled to hurt anyone. As for S&M its about the eroticism of submission and control. People who engage in such activities with no regard to the other participants feelings, ie torture people against their will are at best criminals. Most people who watch “rape” porn are engaging in fantasy. If they’re so inclined they’re going to do it in the real world anyway, porno or no porno. Rape and violence have occurred throughout human history without benefit or stimulus of porn.
I’ve also read that Ted later admitted that his last video interview was a show and that alcohol played a much greater role in his murders than pornography. Once again he was giving people what they wanted to hear and manipulating his audience like the psychopath he was.

Btw, most men I know and quite a few of the women enjoy looking at pornography and guess what? None of them are rapists or murderers.

Oh, please. Ted Bundy used porn as an excuse for his horrific deeds. He tried to blame everyone but himself. There are no causal relations between porn and violence.

We are all different. Some are addicted to food, others to beer, some to porn. There are other factors involved that enhance these addictions. You might not murder or rape, but you don’t have your freedome to choose- it drives you, you have to have a fix… but part of an addiction is denial and lying to yourself so even if your addicted to porn, you will justify it. Get help as you can’t kick it alone. www.celebraterecovery.com

I read somewhere that Ted Bundy desired the lifeless female form, hence the rapes when they are asleep and the necrophillia. Surely violent pornography doesnt show people having sex with an immoblie women. That would be much to boring

Ted Bundy is a created victim of his insane society. Pornography played a part, but religious indoctrination and societally-sponsored child-abuse were bigger factors.

Violence is alos an addictive behaviour. So presumably Ted had an addictive personality. And he said that he viewed violent pornographic material, which would cause havoc on his mental state after years. He was probably addicted to both: the sex and the violence. I wouldn’t be surprised if the combination is what drove him over the edge into murdering someone, then raping them because a lifeless victim can not report a crime.

I don’t think either that bundy was moved my the pornographic matrial he saw as a kid. But im truely fascanated by the way he did his crimes so smooth and smart.. with ofcoure all the remorse to the victims families. In my opinion Ted was just a guy who had a problem from the beginning of his live and the bad childhood and the rejection by stephenie brooks were just the crack in his problem.. i think he was just making excuses up because he was scared of the thruth.. but well they killed him and i dont think thats the solution to prevent further serial killers in the future..

What is all this nonsense about satan… I am not at all convinced that there is any ‘god’ whatsoever… which, yes, makes me an atheist.

The fact of the matter is Ted Bundy was a sick sociopath. I’v been researching him for 4 hours now and must say I am disgusted to the core. After learning about him it is not difficult to see through his ‘porn made me do it’ excuse.

Porn is no more a reason for his actions then it is a product of a fictitious satan… stop looking in the wrong direction… If you believe that satan made porn and that the porn made bundy, then you have been duped by both religion AND bundy

If I am not mistaken, I’ve read that he STATED, Ted Himself during the interview which I’ve watched, that HE’S NOT BLAMING PORN. He’s not saying “ I KILLED BCZ PORN EXISTS” so stop saying that. He said he was snatched by it as an addiction.. he just had “this” something in him, that was weak when it came to porn. As for most people GORE.. think of it : This guy looks at pictures with dead people he’s like : Ok. Then this one does the same and he’s disturbed and disgusted.

Same is with that addiction. You may not feel it as others may. If you’ve ever been addicted to something you’d understand. He also stated clear that the more you look at it, the more you need aka he’s gone and performed it for the full effect. I know for sure that that’s the way it works with an addiction and it makes sense.

He’s not freaking HIDING blaming porn once again. He was about to die, go watch the interview, you can see he’s weak and messed up and even tears at points so he was just warning up that violent porn can affect people, especially him which was weaker. He was not blaming it.

There sure are alot of dumb people here. But that’s why they fall for religion. There is no relationship between porn and murder. Only a fool would believe otherwise.

Go through all stories posted by Hattie I. Day. Compare ages and geographical areas
One more thing: I believe that when Mr. Ted Bundy was asked about the number of victioms and replied “add one more digit to that and you will have the number that he was talking about his middle finger. Translation=I will never divulge the number of victims.

All the pro-porn messages seem to be from men. Are men really that stupid? Porn nowadays is nothing but violence, incest, borderline pedophilia, bdsm, gang bangs, sodomy, and torture. Saying it wouldn’t cause anyone to murder is definitely stupid, just read up on serial rapists and repeat sex offenders. More often than not porn plays a role in their crimes, mainly because they can’t separate real life from pixels. Just because the media doesn’t broadcast it every time someone’s raped and murdered doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Look up the statistics of how many women and children are raped everyday. The first thing that’s said is they were acting out fantasies, or watching porn for hours before they decided to go out and act.

I agree with the person who made the statement about looking at the “statistics” of women and children being raped. The fact of the matter is that people who are addicted to porn act out that behavior in negative ways, whether it is through spousal abuse, rape, or by committing even worse offenses like Ted Bundy. What I don’t understand is how this industry is gravitating to “young teens.” They have no clue as to what porn does to the human-mind until years later. My hope is that this will be put to an end!

My name is Penni and I am 49 years old and in the 1980’s I was visiting my boyfriend who was on Florida’s death row with Ted Bundy. I knew Ted and I would talk with Ted in the visiting area on florida’s death row. And to describe myself, I am white and I am very beautiful and I have long hair to my shoulders which is parted in the middle and Ted Bundy would stare at me all those hours that I was in the visiting area on florida’s death row. Ted’s victims were attracted to his charm and because he was very good looking and they had no way of knowing that Ted was a serial killer. God is in control and God is the judge.

I remained a porn addict for sometime, but it never caused me to go out rape and kill girls. Yes, it does cause depression. But it doesn’t turn you into a serial killer

He was basically “a normal guy” after he was done killing.

If normal includes keeping severed heads in your apartment as mementos.

I am not religious in any way, God existed long before we put a name to him and is the reason why we are aware of our own existence and of love. Ted did not know God and he did not understand friendship or feel connected to other people in a normal way. For some reason, Ted had no morality and viewed himself as the center of his own universe. Life was a game to him and he played it very convincingly. Porn had nothing to do with his behavior. To him, sex and violence where the same thing and it was how he got off. Once these women where chosen, they became no more than objects in his mind to be used and then discarded as he saw fit. Because Ted felt no connection to other people, the only way he could feel alive was to feed on the life force of another as they died and it gave him a huge sexual rush as well. It made him feel like God, but was of course not God at all! I am fascinated by violence and I love horror movies, but I am in no way a violent person. Ted did not understand the horror or what he did, it was pleasure to him, I think the only pleasure he was capable of feeling in this life. He was a human animal, but he was not possessed by the devil or anything silly like that. If evil does exist, it comes from inside and is a choice. He chose the dark path, he chose to be driven by his ego, and because the ego is empty it keeps needed more and more extreme things to fill itself, yet is never satisfied. I do not believe he would have ever stopped killing, and although he was afraid to die at the end he did not blame the system for killing him. His life was a tragic waste and it is all very sad.

Some people here have the typical self righteous attitude. Do you think, him crying out or him pleading for forgiveness would have made a difference? At this point, Ted Bundy only had a few hours to live.

I have an important question. In times of emotional highs (during sex, being extremely angry, engrossed in porn, being drunk). Can you think clearly or logically? Under a certain circumstance, I dare say any of us can be murderers, adulterers, rapists etc. After all Ted Bundy is also a human like us. I wanted to point that out because some people here seem to put themselves on such high moral grounds as if they had different genes or they were more highly evolved being.

Remember, all of us are humans and all get emotionally “high”. People in such circumstances are not in full control. There are demonic entities that can take over (read more on Demons/Asmodeus/Satan/Lucifer). The things you can do under their influence is beyond your imagination.

Back to the interview, Ted Bundy made his final remorse by warning society about the evil of porn. For example: In the middle of doing chores, do you find yourself suddenly browsing porn because you glanced on something seductive? People would be doing things, they weren’t supposed to do because of porn. Many events have changed because of “porn”. Still, porn is only a part of an ultimate evil, called Addiction. Addiction could be anything (drugs, gambling, killing, sex, food etc.). This “addiction” is used by evil forces to imprison & it prevents us from realizing our ultimate potential(enlightenment).

But can we do something about this? First step is to acknowledge that we have a problem. Then we should seek advise form doctors/psychiatrists. Finally, we have to act on it. If we have to undergo therapy, rehab, medical treatment to remove these addictions then we have to exhaust all possible resources.

There’s no use in beating a dead horse (Ted Bundy). As a Christian, I think Ted Bundy was given time to repent. Imagine, one of the worst criminals in history still given this privilege. It shows God’s infinite mercy. The gestures that Ted Bundy had during the interview did not expose what was truly in his heart. May we not be blinded by hatred & instead, may we heed the warning & take it to heart. I will pray for all of our enlightenment.

To God be all the glory!

All the comments on here are so brainless. The government can’t do anything to control porn and “Satan” is not to blame in this situation. The reality of it is that Ted Bundy is completely responsible for waht he did. He may have had a mental illness, but he didn’t recieve any help and by the time he could have realized it was too late.

I psychologically, completely understand Ted Bundy’s mind and what he was trying to state while reading about that interview. I know majority will not, because based on certain life upbringings, happiness and sorrow that we have had; this can change the way we view things; not to forget the spiritual truth that yes does exist in this world. I am talking about the Good morality and moral teachings.

Ted Bundy isn’t talking about just porn, he is stating about hardcore pornography and I can tell you psychologically that yes; individuals can become addicted to it; some want better control in their lives, some have lost faith with themselves and want to completely turn ‘evil’.

This is the problem; evil and selfishness and those who want to completely deny and isolate themselves from God or Jesus. Hence isolating from righteous teachings.

I don’t want to sound like a hypocrite here. I’ve had my loss of faith, my bitterness of the holy unfortunately due to certain life circumstances.. but even then I know the truth and am sure we all do.. it is just our mind that can out of either selfishness especially through sexual nature; can twist us and change us.

Those that watch hardcore violent pornography are individuals that want more control over their lives or others, hence you can see how this goes together. Like Ted Bundy stated; a few may ‘seek’ out more and more. We all know that Porn is like a drug due to how addictive it can be (as males can describe).

Ted Bundy knew what he was doing was evil and wrong. But why couldn’t he stop completely? Because of the addiction that consumed him psychologically. It wasn’t like he was a monster. Those that call Ted Bundy a complete monster do not understand him at all: he stated in the interview that once he killed; a short while after he would feel remorse, but then when becoming sexually excited again, this is what again began the whole sexual/death excitement taken over like a possessed state. Hence why he referred to it as a ‘force’ that controlled him.

I do believe that if we were to minimize hardcore pornography that shows violent nature, I do agree lust crimes would be lessened. You just have to understand the psychological affect and grab it has on someone who may only once view a piece of hardcore material and suddenly become ‘attached’ maybe out of just curiosity. If you are to compare Ted Bundy’s words to others who have committed similar offences, I am sure you will find many similarities. Those too that suffer from certain violent sexual paraphillias due to either depression, boredom, chemical imbalance, upbringings etc would too understand the mind of someone like this. There is a lot to learn.

I watched my husband go through the changes that were fueled by his pornography addiction over a 30 yr period. Towards the end of his addiction, I would say the last 5 yrs, he was staring at young teens out in public, like a predator. He would spot a pretty teen, his eyes would glaze over, his breathing pattern would change, & I could tell he was highly aroused. It was the weirdest behavior I had ever seen from him. Luckily he got help & now realizes how predator-like his behavior had become. He was 50 yrs old when his porn addiction took control & he began lusting over children the same age as our grandchildren. He said he hated the man that he had become but at that point, he could not control it. He described himself as an evil, bad person when those thoughts would take over. But he again stated that he was powerless to control his behavior. He got help because of me. Not only did I threaten to leave him, I also threatened to call his place of employment because he was viewing porn at work, and I threatened to tell everyone he knew & make a fool out of him. He hated me for a bit, but now he loves me more than he ever did. I stayed with a man who gave me a terrible life for 30 yrs. But that’s all changed now. He is the man that he always should have been until pornography stole him away into a warped & perverted world that he couldn’t control. It scares him now to think where he could have ended up if it was allowed to continue. He was heading no where good I’ll tell you that. Pornography can control men & take them to who knows where. And when it happens, it can be too late to fix it. Meet Ted Bundy.

First of all, Satan has nothing to do with the making of pornography. It is people who do that out of the greed that they choose. When we quit blaming things on him and start placing the blame where it belongs on the people who create it, then steps can be made to help.
Second of all, with some people, fantasies become reality. This can be good and it can be bad. “normal” people can control that but there are people with issues in the frontal lobes of the brain (the conscious part) and those that are just bad people that do these things and blame other people and other things for their crimes.
That being said, if Ted Bundy said it helped cause it for him, then it probably did but was not the only reason. Outwardly normal and normal (lets use normal by medical standards) are two completely different things and all of this is because of people….not a satan or a god of any means.
Stand up and take responsibility and quit blaming some unseen force (believable or not) and things can change!

My friend from high school was killed by Ted Bundy down in Florida. A total and complete freakin’ monster is what he was. Porn or no porn, this guy was “born to kill.” His psychological makeup was, unfortunately, primed for violence a very long time ago, I’m sure. What a freakin’ creep. Would like to keep calling him the names I’d like to, but can’t use that language online. May Ted Bundy burn in hell for the pain he caused on earth. Don’t even give a rip “why” he did what he did! He wasn’t human, really, just a crazed animal on the loose.

Ted Bundy expressed sincere remorse near the end of his life. I don’t think it was just “fear of dying”, he had real tears in his eyes.

I hate execution. Putting people to death is murder also. I despise executions. Only God can say when someone should die.

I hate what he did but by the same token who am I to judge anyone. God forgave him and I do too.

He was a human being whom God loved. I wish he could have had the opportunity to live a Godly life on this earth.

He was extraordinarily intelligent as well as handsome. He could have accomplished so many great things!

Since he did give his life to Christ I very much believe he is in Heaven with God the Father and God the son, just as sure as Jesus forgave those two thieves who asked for it immediately and told them “I say to you this day you will be with me in Paradise.”

ONLY GOD can judge this man so people need to watch what rolls off their tongue about who “deserves to burn in hell” cause we were all lost at some point.
Unless your name is Jehovah you need to fall back.

I’m curious as to what actually happened to Ann Marie Burr. After watching his last interview, I’m not so sure Ted was involved. Why not confess if you know you’re gonna die soon?

I believe Ted Bundy was sincerely remorseful. All porn is bad. People get so worked up over him exposing the evils of porn. It’s not good either way. When he makes those revealtions about porn it makes me think about how those poor little girls were influenced by the “Slenderman” myth. Ted certainly knew what he was talking about. This generation is still being negatively influenced by and bombarded by satanism on a daily.

I wish he had not been executed. Execution is murder too. I would love to have seen Ted get extensive counseling and have overcome all his issues and be the productive person God intended for him to be. With all his intelligence, good looks and charm, he could have been a majorly positive influence on society.

I can’t stress enough how ignorant those people who just blatantly deny such valuable information. One thing for sure is that what he did was horrible, and he took responsibility of it. However, for those who think porn and his crime are independent, you really need to understand some basic statistics, or get a bit more educated. For example, many people drink, but few become alcoholic. Matter of fact, I drink few beers every day in college, yet I never had the urge to drink it if I’m busy. However, some people I know can’t control this urge since it is a lot more intense than mine. And therefore they turn into alcoholic. Some of them engage in domestic activity after they are drunk. So the argument is, those who hold the beliefs that porn and Ted’s crime are independent will say, alcohol and domestic violence are independent, as I drink also and I don’t do such things. It seems pretty obvious that this statement is faulty because a strong correlation does exist. Another example, my grandfather smoked for 65 years heavily and lived up to 96, and remained healthy till last 2 years. So he could totally claim that the statement that smoking is unhealthy is bullshit since I live longer than 95% of the population. So hope at this point you get the idea of correlation. If there are two groups of similar people (one group used as control group), only one group engage in an activity that result in another activity, even 20% of engagement rate is a very high rate. But most people will claim that 80% of people are not affected, and ignore the fact that statistically significant amount (20%) ARE actually impacted. Porn has very complicated effect on people’s brain, and everyone has different reaction to it. To some people it is highly stimulating and less to other. People with ADHD are a lot more likely to experience higher level of porn addiction compare with others. The bottom line is, porn DOES have a significant impact to people, and excessive porn viewing will make people feel less easily to be stimulated, therefore they will seek for higher intensity, result in Ted’s tragedy. Again, if you and me lift exactly same amount of weight and have same diet, the chance that we end up maxing out same weight is almost zero. The reason is simple, we are all different, externally and intrinsically. Ted’s statement is something we should all think about. It is his last moment to live, there is nothing left for him to hide and I can totally see the authenticity from that interview. I hope everyone takes this seriously and such tragedy probably can be reduced a lot.

I first discovered pornography when I was about fourteen years old, and ever since, I have been working to stop seeking it out. I’ve made a lot of progress, and have gone months at a time without pornography. However, there is always a backslide, which I blame on masturbation. This is because I started masturbating when I discovered pornography, and a neural pathway was formed in my brain that linked masturbation with pornography. As a result, whenever I masturbate, I have a strong temptation to watch pornography. I’m trying to stop masturbation as well, but this has proven much more difficult, as I’ve been unable to go more than a month without.

I can NEVER recall watching porn & wanting to be violent! ANY images I came across with bondage etc turned me OFF! Porn is FAR FAR more available in 2016 than it was in the 70s (Bundy’s time) and by correlating porn to violence there should be thousands of Bundy’s running around and we all know there isn’t. The porn to violence theory is horseshit and any incidence(s) where they collide is/are PURELY coincidental.

With a critical eye one can see that this interview was merely another in a long line of manipulations that made Bundy notorious. He was playing the part of a porn addict, possessed by a demon, for a Christian that is looking for some confirmation bias. I don’t doubt Bundy watched some porn. Many many people do, even though they don’t cop to it. He got one up on the interviewer and the people watching it and that’s what psychopaths do, even as they near death. Apparently he’s still fooling some of you right now!

You must guard your mind. Tragically porn is everywhere now through the internet, the flood gates have opened. People are opening themselves up to demonic influence. Even Christians can be tormented. Fast, pray and be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

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