The Documented Effects of Pornography

In the September issue of The Forerunner (Vol. X, No. VI ), we examined the relationship between pornography and violent crime in an article entitled “Mass Murder and Pornography – Are They Related?”

Since the publication of the September issue, we have received a number of responses challenging the claim that pornography and violent crime are related. These responses implored us to use real, honest and acceptable facts in defending this position. As a follow up to the many questions generated by this article, we have decided to give a more complete overview of the research that has been done in this area.

The Effects of Pornography

Defenders of pornography argue that it is not harmful, and thus should not be regulated or banned. Citing the 1970 Presidential Commission on Obscenity and Pornography, they conclude that there is no relationship between exposure to erotic material and subsequent behavior. But two subsequent decades of research based on the increased production of more explicit and violent forms of pornography has shown the profound effects pornography can have on human behavior.

Psychologist Edward Donnerstein (University of Wisconsin) found that brief exposure to violent forms of pornography can lead to anti-social attitudes and behavior. Male viewers tend to be more aggressive towards women, less responsive to pain and suffering of rape victims, and more willing to accept various myths about rape.1

Dr. Dolf Zimmerman and Dr. Jennings Bryant showed that continued exposure to pornography had serious adverse effects on beliefs about sexuality in general and on attitudes toward women in particular. They also found that pornography desensitizes people to rape as a criminal offense.2

These researchers also found that massive exposure to pornography encourages a desire for increasingly deviant materials which involve violence, like sadomasochism and rape.3

Feminist author Diana Russell notes in her book Rape and Marriage the correlation between deviant behavior (including abuse) and pornography. She also found that pornography leads men and women to experience conflict, suffering, and sexual dissatisfaction.4

Researcher Victor Cline (University of Utah) has documented in his research how men become addicted to pornographic materials, begin to desire more explicit or deviant material, and end up acting out what they have seen.5

According to Charles Keating of Citizens for Decency Through Law, research reveals that 77 percent of child molesters of boys and 87 percent of child molesters of girls admitted imitating the sexual behavior they had seen modeled in pornography.

Sociologists Murray Straus and Larry Baron (University of New Hampshire) found that rape rates are highest in states which have high sales of sex magazines and lax enforcement of pornography laws.6

Michigan state police detective Darrell Pope found that of the 38,000 sexual assault cases in Michigan (1956-1979), in 41 percent of the cases pornographic material was viewed just prior to or during the crime. This agrees with research done by psychotherapist David Scott who found that “half the rapists studied used pornography to arouse themselves immediately prior to seeking out a victim.”

The Final Report of the 1986 Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography lists a full chapter of testimony (197-223) from victims whose assailants had previously viewed pornographic materials. The adverse effects range from physical harm (rape, torture, murder, sexually transmitted disease) to psychological harm (suicidal thoughts, fear, shame, nightmares).

The Facts on Pornography

A day-care director, now serving three years for three counts of first-degree sexual assault, confessed the he had “started picking up pornographic materials occasionally, going to bookstores … no one knew, not even my wife … now I do recognize fully the shocking facts about pornography and how it will draw you into its clutches away from God into sinful fantasies …”

Multiplied incidents like the above graphically illustrate how the $8 billion-per-year porn industry has carved inroads into American life:

  • Nearly 900 theaters show X-rated films and more than 15,000 “adult” bookstores and video stores offer pornographic material, outnumbering McDonald’s restaurants in the U.S. by a margin of at least three to one.
  • Each year, nearly 100 full-length pornographic films provide estimated annual box office sales of $50 million.
  • Approximately 70% of the pornographic magazines sold eventually end up in the hands of minors.
  • About 1.2 million children are annually exploited through child pornography and prostitution.7

God’s Purpose in Sex

The tragedy of sex apart from God’s ideal standard was no more forcefully presented than by this young lady who testified in Chicago before the 1986 Commission on Pornography:

“I am a former Playboy Bunny … I never questioned the morality of becoming a Playboy Bunny because the magazine was accepted at home. [During my time with Playboy] I experienced everything from date-rape to physical abuse to group sex and finally to fantasizing homosexuality as I read Playboy magazine.

“I was extremely suicidal and sought psychiatric help for the eight years I lived in a sexually promiscuous fashion. There was no help for me until I changed my lifestyle to be a follower of Jesus Christ and obeyed the biblical truths including no premarital sex.”

The agony of this young lady – and others like her – could have been avoided through an understanding of and obedience to God’s purposes in sex.

Pornography attacks the dignity of men and women created in the image of God.8 It also distorts God’s gift of sex which should be shared only within the bounds of marriage.9 And it frequently promotes sexual perversion (rape, incest, sodomy, bondage, torture, pedophilia) which is condemned by God.

From a biblical perspective, sexual intercourse is exclusively reserved for marriage for the following purposes:

  • First, it establishes the “one-flesh” union.10
  • Second, it provides for sexual intimacy within the marriage bond. The use of the word “know” indicates a profound meaning of sexual intercourse.11
  • Third, sexual intercourse is for the mutual pleasure of husband and wife.12
  • Fourth, sexual intercourse is for procreation.13

The Bible also warns against the misuse of sex. Premarital and extramarital sex is condemned.14 Even thoughts of sexual immorality (often fed by pornographic material) are condemned.15 Various forms of sexual perversion are also condemned in the Bible.16

Contrary to popular opinion, the Christian lifestyle of purity and abstaining from premarital and extramarital sex is not repressive or legalistic. People who have adopted this standard of purity can testify to the liberating power that it has had in their lives. Sexual purity not only is a defense against sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, but it also can help to bring about stable and happy marriage and family relationships.

In hoping to live our lives according to biblical standards and obtain the happy benefits of this lifestyle, we must do two things. First, we must keep pure by fleeing immorality and thinking on those things which are pure.17 Second, we must work to remove this sexual perversion of pornography from society.

If you have any questions or comments about this subject, please contact us at The Forerunner, P.O. Box 4103, Gainesville, FL 32613

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This was an excellent article. I fully agree with all the points made. I can also attest to what was said; I once lived a sexually promiscuous life, and I know how tragic and negative the results of this lifestyle are. Since I have rededicated my life to Christ, I am a much happier, wholesome person. Thank you for putting this information out to the public. I am sure you will be truly blessed for it.

i thought it was a sad but great artical i totaly understand what your going through.

when i was 6 i was abused so i know what your going through
it was tiff becuse im working as a stripper. but then i reterd


YOU PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS!!! It is up to the person not what they watch that makes them do things. Porn does not screw people up, people are screwed up on their own, just look at who’s president now!!!

Actually I love what you guys are doing,I pray that
God will add more grease to your elbow keep it up.

yes i agree porn is dissgusting and women should be treated with more respect. Porn is satanic and those who support it are foolish

I am a counselor. During counseling, I have worked with many individuals whose personal experience and testimony confirm the validity of this article. Sex is beautiful when it is approached God’s way. When sex is approached without God’s plan in mind, nothing good comes of it. Nothing. The fleeting high of illicit sex is far outweighed by the tragic long-term consequences of broken lives and spirits.

Deep down inside everyone knows it is wrong. May everyone who has been taken in by pornography leave it and find a fulfilling, healthy relationship.

the addiction to pornography is like a drug addiction and you get a high on it even if you are sinning. thanks for your cutting it close tot the wire for us addicts;

“ Porn does not screw people up, people are screwed up on their own, just look at who’s president now!!! “
What does this have to do with the article?
Anyway, pertaining to the topic, would you not agree that exposure reduces sensitivity to sexual deviance? Tell me, did you start at bikini models, then escalate to softcore, then hardcore? Where does this all lead? I completely agree that pornography has negative effects.

I agree. I have often viewed pornography as I was lured into its addicting behavior. I, thankfully, have not performed any illegal acts, but I am ashamed to admit that it has stressed my marriage, and it has ruined my self esteem. I am striving to overcome this addiction – for truly it is addicting – and may God forgive me.

I am so glad to see that someone is talking about this subject. I also was exposed to porn as a young teenager and lived a promiscus life until I accepted Jesus Christ. I do have times that I battle with wanting to look at porn. I know the horrible effects it leads to so I choose not to. I have had two long term relationships ruined by porn. My present relationship will most likely be over now that I came home early from work and found him pleasuring himself with porn movies. My trust in him is gone. I wonder what the link is between men who view porno on computers and chances of these men going to the xxx bookstores and stripclubs. I so much appreciate your article and it is sooo true.

thanks alot for the research we need more of practical way out on the each effect and solutions

Although I don’t know you’re circumstances, don’t just loose you’re trust in someone because they are human (weak and prone to sin). If you really love the person, then try to love them through it, there’s a good chance that you will both become stronger and so will you’re relationship. Ask God for help and in his way he will provide it but make it you’re goal is to cooperate with him as you work out the difficulties of this debilitating addiction. Forgive me if I offend you but I know what it is to be a porn addict and have my wife completely reject me, when what I really needed was her help to overcome the problem.

I believe that porn affects relationships. I also believe that people that defend porn are people that are actively watching it. I think that because we are a society that is so dependent on technology and entertainment we are becoming desensitized and this is reflective in our relationships. Whatever happened to dating? Why does everyone wanna just hook up these days?! Because we have forgotten the purpose God has in our relationships and are becoming emotionally detached. Porn is another way to detach. It keeps us at arms length (at least from my experiences) and takes part of us from our relationships…

I am currently researching serial killers in the United States. The correlation between pornography and the desire to kill (especially women and homosexual men) is unbelievable. There has been over a hundred serial killers in the U.S. to date and my estimate is 8 out of 10 have related their desire to kill with pornography. They also have common links such as being adopted, having an abusive childhood, and mental illnesses. The problem is that since the masses of people don’t display such destructive behavior from being exposed to pornography, that the legal system cannot and will not remove the right to privacy that allows people to view and own pornographic material. We have to, as individuals, take the small steps alone to bring awareness to the people around us of the, sometimes blind, effects that pornography has on individuals, our children, our neighbors, our friends, our own lives. Educate the person beside you, so we can educate the world, and thank you for the insightful article.


Thanks for the article. I hope it encourages everyone that the pure lifestyle is the lifestyle God wants and the best lifestyle for us.

this is something we can not shy away from. it’s the most deadly of all human destroyers. let us put a stop to this. I’m on a book that will ease it off us. expect is real soon.

is it possible for us to get rid of all the porn website from the internet?..

Please, before you spew more misleading facts and figures, remember this: CORRELATION IS NOT CAUSATION. Over half of these facts do not support yor point, they simply show a correlation between sex and… hey, guess what, sex. saying that because rapists watch porn before raping and insisting that the porn made them do it is rediculous.

One needs to use very little common sense to realize that the artificially-induced sexual activities depicted in porn bring with them many personal and social side effects. I commend you for wanting to combat it for some of those reasons. However, god and religion should stay out of what we as people are capable of explaining and resolving ourselves. Unless we take responsibility for our own actions and stop acting like there is some superior power or being handling things for us through guidance or scripture (thereby having something or someone to rely on-although very comforting), nothing will get resolved. For instance, the guilt associated with many activities is a result of our intuition alarming us of engagement in activities that can potentially harm our bodies or minds. We don’t need to bring in god to realize such simple matters. Have a great life my friends and fellow human brothers and sisters.

People must be educated but the choice is ours. It is either you kill porn instantly or it kills you gradually.

The responses from many on here are a testament to the power of porn. One can easily discern the ones who support porn as the ones who engage in it and are happy with their sin. Obviously, some people visit this sort of website to offer scorn and derision to those who condemn these practices. They spit on the Lord, why would they not spit on His followers?
Another item of note is this: the humanists claim to not be able to find a god, yet their lives actually reveal His work in their lives. They would gladly fall down to the pit if the slide were made of pure joy.
Yet, when God intervenes in their dark times, they credit themselves for making the right decision instead of giving the Lord His due credit. They want to credit themselves for they worship themselves above anyone else.
Their actions reveal their true motives.

A bad tree will always bear bad fruit, my friends. The mind that got the person into a pit can not retrieve himself from the pit. Someone from outside the pit must be the one to help him out.

I am highly impressed with this present a factual,comprehinsive and educative information on the consequences of ponography on humanity. islams comdems in totality.we are tought to lower our gaze and guard our modesty that is beter for us healthwise and spiritually.Humanbeings are not animals.Allah said he fashion humanbeins in the best of forms;but some of them by their sins will be reduced to the lowest of the low.i.e lower than animals in their thinking and behaviour.what a pity

I agree. I too have found my husband looking at porn sites and when I came into the house, he lied and told me that the porn site had just appeared as an ad (popup). It angers me that he thinks that I am so stupid that I don’t know what he is doing. I know how to do a search that details what sites he has been on, and I did and found over fifteen porn websites that he has visited. It bothers me because he is also smoking weed talks about Tiger Wood as being the devil from hell because of his sex addiction and can’t see that he is too addicted and is doing the same thing to me that that Tiger Woods was doing to his wife in being unfaithful. Who’s to say that Tiger’s addiction did not start out the same way as just watching porn, with no concern to his wife. Bottom line to me is that if you don’t have respect for yourself to be faithful to your partner, you bring in destruction to your relationship.

Stop bringing god into pornography you can’t use god as an excuse to as why you think its bad. Not everyone believes in that. But of coarse according to you everyone who doesn’t believe in god is going to hell. How ridiculous is that.

One argument against pornography that everyone ignores is the fact that it is technically criminal action being caught on film. The criminal act being prostitution which is magically protected as free speech once it is recorded for distribution. After all, even though the people who are filmed in the act of prostitution are considered to be “actors” nothing could be further from the truth. Actors in a real movie or play do not actually engage in the activity that they are portraying while so called adult film “actors” are fully engaged in the activity that is portrayed. That is not acting! Further, any film that captures any other crime such as a murder or an assault gets treated as evidence and is prohibited from being disseminated as free speech. It should be the same with pornography. If Americans were truly consistent, the laws that currently protect filmed prostitution as free speech would be repealed. Free speech was never intended to protect crime!

I am so grateful that materials like these are available. It is rather disheartning that ponography has become a way of life for so many. But then Jesus is very much able to set free all the way.

I appreciate your article and many ideas expressed here. While I agree that pornography may be very dangerous to people who don’t have self control, I don’t think that everybody who watches a porn video becomes addicted; it’s like alcohol and many Christian Churches have decreed that alcohol is diabolic simply to protect people against the possibility of addiction.
My opinion is that pornography is dangerous but not sin.

Any person who calls them self a Christian should understand that Jesus Christ, the being that they trust in and accept as their Savior, condemns the viewing of pornography. In the book of Matthew, chapter 5, verses 27 through 29, Jesus clearly states, “Ye have heard it said by them of old time, Thou shalt not commit adultery. But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery already with her in his heart. And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it off from thee: for it is profitable unto thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.” (Matthew 5: 27-29) “[Looking] on a woman to lust after her” no doubt includes the addictive practice of viewing pornography and as Jesus said that it would be better to lose your eye than to be cast into hell from viewing such sinful material, certainly it will destroy the soul. How can that not be called sin?

For those of you who believe it is up to the person to decide if it’s “right” for them, well let me tell you how it has affected my life…an innocent by-stander. My husband has become severely depressed and has withdrawn from the real world. He blames me for his loss of sex drive (I am slim and attractive) and has become irrational and verbally abusive. He was once a decent man. Thankfully I have turned my life over to God. He is the only thing keeping me same. My husband refuses to get any help, and has moved out last week. I just received divorce papers. On the positive side, I know my GOD will see me thru this tragedy. At least this divorce is not my sin, as I was abandoned and I will be free to marry again if God so chooses to put someone in my life. Porn…..innocent and harmless…I have to disagree in my case. I’m going to go God’s way, it’s the only way!!

Kay-Kay, I am so sorry. Most men don’t know they have a jewel and joy in their wives. Most husbands don’t even know that if they die to themselves and love their wives as Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her – most men don’t know that if did that, the results would be totally fulfilling.

Pornography is a sin! Sin (or pornography) causes us physical harm.

SO many wives on here suffer greatly because of PORN. MY ex husband got so deep into pornography that he started having sex with MEN. He met them on Craigslist and would have emotionless casual sex with them. Then come home to me pregnant with our first child and endanger the two of us. I caught him once and found out that he had been having sex with men without condoms. Receiving oral sex from them completely unprotected. DEVESTATION does not even sum up how I have felt. I had post partum depression, which he blamed me for, called me a bad mother for ‘losing my mind’. Its unfathomable how much blame these men put on their innocent wives. By the way, I am a Beautiful, 27 yr old with a hot body. I didnt get fat after baby, I am funny, kind, and faithful. I cook, clean. The only thing missing was I didnt have a penis and I cared about him. I wanted face to face sex with my husband. I wasnt a dog enough for him. I can handle the break up, the cheating. I cannot handle being maliciously blamed for his behaviour over and over again.

Jesus saved me from my depression and rage. I pray God will save my son’s father too.

God bless the researchers,contributors, and editorial teams who published this article.I appreciate every bit of it so much because this porn thing is wrecking havoc even in my country Nigeria.I pray God help us!

Satan is behind porn.
He wants to steal, kill,and destroy.
To steal your peace,
to kill your soul,
to destroy your family

Porn steals your peace, kills your soul, and destroys you & your family (divorce).
But we can have Victory in Jesus, IF the porn addict:
1. Repent of your sins. 2. Ask Jesus to be your savior.
3. Say to God: “I am WILLING but I cannot do it myself.” God will give you the power to overcome it. Just be obedient!
4. You need to win your spouse all over again. Ex. Start dating again, etc.

And for the spouse:
1. God can give the grace to forgive
2. God will heal your broken heart (unfaithfulness).
Healing for both. It is a process. Both need to be willing.
“We can do all things in Jesus that strengthen us.”
Give all your burdens to Jesus.
God loves so much, He has a listening ear and wants to heal us.

This article only mentioned briefly that pornographic material can lead to being anti-social. I feel that when a person watches porn, they may feel less of a need to talk to and meet people sinse they can just watch their porn whenever they want.
If not, and im the only one who thinks that, well then darn. I’m not worried about being promiscuous or commiting a crime considering im a rather shy and sane person. It is addicting as heck, may give a computer viruses, but why quit? Other than the time spent watching porn there don’t seem to have any down sides.
As for quiting, I’m not gonna turn to God. If I can find a way to stop, find a reason to stop, then I will.

I’ve heard people say you don’t need God and you can do it on your own. That is the biggest lie from the devil that he wants you to believe to keep you in bondage. I tried to do it myself over and over again and with no success. I finally submitted to Jesus and this is the only way I’ve been able to be set free from it. The funny thing about all the comments on here about people who don’t believe in Jesus and God is that in the bible it actually says despite all the evidence even some people just won’t believe, even if they saw a miracle performed by Jesus right in front of them. I just really felt like sharing that, I hope it has encouraged someone today.

I have written a blog post for all interested. It is entitled, “Christianity and Pornagraphy, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Adultery, Fornication, Homosexuality and Sensuality. What Do the Scriptures Have to Say About These Things?” Just type this or 777denny into any search engine to find it.

Did you know the Great Whore, the Vatican (this is NOT to offend Catholics, but is rather about telling the truth. I grew up Catholic — I plan on making a blog post soon about ‘Mystery Babylon’), has misinterpreted the word “fornication” for about 1,700 years? Did you know that until about 50 years ago Vatican teaching taught that sexual intercourse between MARRIED persons was considered fornication? Did you know that if the scriptures are silent on an issue, then it is up to the person or husband to decide whether it is right or wrong? Did you know that if you judge someone for doing something that is not prohibited by scripture that you are sinning?

Find out about all this and more so you can make an informed decision about the subjects in the title of the blog post.

Thanks for listening, 777denny

Jesus Christ can save us from these problems. Our duty is only pray to him.

First off…I don’t support porn. I find it disgusting. I am defending Playboy..which IS NOT PORN. There’s a difference between porn and erotica.

Pornography destroyed my husband. He is homeless now and has lost everything.

I have seen people calling you guys idiots on this site. Please dont mind them keep up the good work. More grace to you!!

While I am sure your findings are accurate, I think the conclusions you draw from them are silly. You are implying that it is the act of watching pornography that entices people into committing heinous crimes, such as rape.
What you fail to take into account is that people who search for pornography often have an idea of what they want to watch. A rapist is very likely to watch a rape pornography video, whereas a pedophile is likely to watch something relating to children.
However, this is not the biggest issue I see. No… It’s your silly argument about God.

Why must your bring religion into it? Present your findings with data, information and facts! Do not bring us your stupid book and tell us that because someone wrote “sex before marriage is bad”, it is immoral and bad, and we will lose everything from watching it.

Your mention of God in this article immediately discredited it all for me.

I am a 20 year old female that has been researching and writing about pornography. In my opinion from my own research what I have found is that a lot of your claims are untrue. If you are going to bring religion into the fight please compare it to other religions. Also, please look further into your studies. If you look far enough you will see that the studies are not valid due to the methods they used to test it. I believe you still have a lot of research to do and address both sides better. Don’t attack one side. I am not a pornography watcher but I am not against it either.

I had been doing research for a school essay when I stumbled accross this page, at first we considered it a joke to cover a debate on ‘is porn ethical’. we were split into two separate groups and developed what went from what seemed to be an interesting debate into a bit of a violent argument. I myself have watched quite a bit of porn in my life time… personally it has had quite a significant influence on my sex life, mostly dulled it! But its not a heroin addiction. unlike other narcotic induced addictions, each passing day you stay away from it, it becomes a little easier.

The debate was called to a close tie, some interesting points were covered. in short, the pro-porn group argued that it brings in a great amount of revenue and can be greatly beneficial to a country, puts prostitutes in a safer enviroment; provided it is safe pornography. Lastly, that those corrupted by porn cannot blame porn for their corruption, it's up to yourself to regulate as much as too much junk food can kill you.

The anti-porn arguement was:
not all porn is legal, and it wouldnt be illegal if it wasnt bad for someone somewhere.
Some forms of porn have INTENSIFIED forms of violence and as with any form of enterainment media, people will eventually behave what they pump into their brain.
Rape porn… honestly?

I am currently writing an unbiased essay on porn. We're supposed to cover the argument from both angles. If wanted I could submit the material to this website.


Thank God for this article. I have learnt something. Thanks

I believe there is no higher power. Sex is just sex. Porn is a job. Some do it for the money and some just love sex. Who are any of you to judge the way women get by in life? At no point does a porn star come out and say go rape and kill the next person you see. That’s not how it works. The person themselves is fucked up. Like Ted Bundy.

Thanx for the article the world needs to be educated pornography is destroying us. It's nothing but a tool from the devil. I pray for deliverance for all that have been trapped in this bondage of the devil.God desires freedom for his children. BE FREE.

I agree with your article. The root of the word pornography is from the Greek: ‘pornographia’ . Pornography is semantically understood as to be sold as a female slave- to be brought. So, it is about enslavement for sexual purposes. Indeed, modern pornography does enslave people to an image, and so people prefer the image or illusion to healhty sexual relations, rooted in trust, respect, mutual self giving and being grounded in admiration not lust. I myself struggle with this thorn of the flesh, and truly we fight against principalities , powers, dominions; this is why it’s so hard or even impossible to be freed from such evil.

This was a fantastic article. Perhaps it may give a new diretion to my life

Replace a bad habit with a good one. Pick up a King James Bible and start reading it. That’s the only truth we will ever need in this world. Learn more about God. Yes, He is real, whether you are able to believe it or not. Be blessed.

You know what porn does? It opens the door of your life wide for demons. And when they have access to your life do you know what they do? Steal, kill and destroy! Beware!

I came across this page because I wanted to see what research are out. There are many websites helping non-Christians that were affected by porn as well and this information is not just Christian propaganda.

I have been affected by porn and I only recently came to the realization that I have a sexual addiction. I used to have a porn addiction. I don’t have pornography anymore (thanks to covenant eyes), but I am into steamy romance novels to the point of hiding them from my husband and it affecting my marriage.

I am a victim of my father’s pornography habit. Not because my father abused me or I started getting in porn as a result. My older brother, who was just becoming a teenager, found my dad’s stash. Him and his friends started watching it and touching themselves while I was in the room. I had just started puberty at the time. My brother, being young, considered my dad’s use to justify his use and wanted to act out what we were seeing. I consented. I suffer from Post Traumatic Shock and did not realize what happened until 2 years later when I had a nervous breakdown. My brother was not living at home at the time. I reported it to the police, and he went insane with guilt. I could not bear to hear the mention of his name without shaking physically for five years. We have reconciled our relationship by the grace of God and he finally recovered his sanity after years of dealing with bipolar, self esteem issues, etc…

Please note: I consented, but it was still abuse. My brother went insane with guilt because HE recognized it was abuse. We were affected because my dad’s use was a form of consent and exposure.

I only came to the realization of my own addiction when I realized I used the steamy novels to get the hormonal high much like a drug addict uses drugs to get high. I’m not preaching morality regarding the steamy novels as this is just MY story and I was affected by my past. But I am making an effort not to have those things around lest MY children be affected and go through what I went through or even less like a degraded view of themselves and cheapening something meant to be beautiful and pure.

Most of what I have read about parent’s porn use effect has been girls and self-esteem issues leading to promiscuity. Mine is the extreme. But would you want to risk your children’s future to give you momentary hormonal highs? What if your son tries to act out what he sees you looking at and harms someone else either physically or emotionally? Would you want that on your conscience or would you consider that not your fault?

I keep myself anonymous only because I am proud of how far my brother has come in his recovery and because I don’t want to cause my father more pain than he had to go through supporting two homes, paying for lawyers, and seeing his home ripped in two. He already knows this all happened because my brother found his porn. He told me this himself.

I believe that we ought to let the Holy Spirit convict on things that are not black and white in the Bible. So I’m not going to comment on porn’s effects on you. I just ask that you consider if it could be a stumbling block to someone else and ask if it is worth it. I am only sharing my story.

I want to thank you guys for this article because it is the truth and i think that if more people were interested in exposing the truth more people could get the help they need. God bless

I believe that the selling of pornography is wrong, and you have proven it very well in this website. It is aweinspiring. What I am having an issue with is that the information you have to support tyhe consequences of pornography, what time have these consequences occurred, because from the people who believe the selling of pornography decrease rapings have their information as well but what time did these occurrences happen. They conflict.

I agree with the author’s assessment about the toxic, self-destructive effects of pornography. It’s devastation on the human body, mind and soul is ineluctable. However, I’m an atheist, so apparently my righteous discernment on this issue did not require a direct, personal link to God Almighty… nor any subsequent Jesus-brokered salvation to discern this. I also happen to be ‘pro-life’ and I oppose all pending alterations to the definition of marriage as well. How did I come to accept these positions as rightful with the cold, unguided heart of an atheist? Was it just a case of a lucky guess? Perhaps three lucky guesses?
No. I submit to you that all three are obvious moral positions that any clear thinker can feasibly arrive at unaided.

This indeed is very helpful because so many are so confused about sexuality and the effects of its abuse of it. there are other things that we humans must understand about the standards of God because he is holy. I know there people who suffer this distressful addiction and they can be free from it. I was one of those addicts. and thank god for his victory he gave me to vercome it

I believe that the issue of watching porno should be violently addressed by Christians. We ought to take a stand and defend our children against porno material. Parents we ought to take our stand and with God’s help we can raise God-fearing children that will impact our society for Jesus.

Great, may God help us to get better.Yes we can!

To the man who said that the woman who’s husband is addicted to pornography should stay with him, if she really loves him—this only applies to those marriages where the addicted individual can actually admit that he or she has a problem, and is doing concrete things to remove it from their lives—like installing Covenant Eyes or similar software—otherwise, the non-addicted partner has every right to separate themselves from the situation, just like they would if the person was cheating on them daily with an assortment of different people, because emotionally, this is exactly what being married to a porn addict feels like. And of course her husband wants her to stay—this is so he has a “mom” who will cook, do laundry, and clean the bathroom for him, which he will have to do for himself if she leaves. Why should he want her to leave—she’s the one being emotionally tortured, not him.

I say leave to the non-addicted partner to decide whether their mate is worth sticking with, no matter what—those who don’t see anything wrong with viewing porn, and expect their wife or husband to pay the entire emotional price for it, are nothing but selfish children that have completely broken the marriage contract—their mate owes them nothing.

So much about this article is completely misleading. It’s things like this that only serve to reinforce people’s misguided beliefs about any topic rather than enlighten and educate them on the subject using real unbiased data instead of obscure “facts” set to an alarmist tone. So what if there are more sources for sexual material than there are for ONE brand of fastfood. You are comparing one chain to an entire industry, which is unobjective in of itself. And even if you weren’t you do realize that sex is one of the most, if not the most driving instinct among all humans? Why should it surprise you that the industry is so big then, and why is it bad? How can anyone trust such a biased article when such basic facts listed are highly dubious at best? I suggest that everyone who liked this article do their OWN research, and look at all viewpoints and compare them with how the world actually is and works, not how you wish it or simply perceive it.

Let us be freed from sin of pornography!

My husband lead a very erotic lifestyle before we got married. Although he is now a devoted husband and Christian, it wasn’t easy to convert him to the love the way it should be, til this day sex isn’t an interest to him and I don’t accomodate/provide to the illness, but love him in other ways. Hopefully someday it will come natural to him.

Satan is subtlely using public nudity to destroy peoples lives. The devil has blinded the shame of nudity from the eyes and people are no longer shy of public nudity. Don't show your nakedness for public view. It's a shameful and abominable act to God.

I have experienced firsthand the damaging effects of pornography. Let me tell you…
It does AFFECT relationships.
Along with conflict, it has brought pain to me and my lover and has made me feel ugly and worthless many a time… This article is not biased, it’s truthful. Yes, people are imperfect but that’s the whole point. Since the world as a whole is undoubtedly as corrupt as we people are then most assuredly our media, our world, is a reflection of our imperfection. Pornography is a negative influence on this world and I should know, I’ve been in places I never wish to befall on anyone else.

I think that pornography is bad but all the blame should not be put on in as humans we have the will to decide not to do it we’re not animals.

Porn disgraces people. From my life after having to do with porn, it disgraced me when I was caught. Please porn kills. Kill porn. Reach out to others who need your help. Lets freely talk about its effects with people so that they will come to know the truth. People are into it out of ignorance. Lets also pray and reach out to adult performers.

Very informative and useful in school settings. Should be shared with parents and teens.

Pornography is just a sin. Sin has a lot of consequences today and in the life to come.

Really appreciate those who have shared their story from real life – their failures and learning without judging others.
There are so many others going through similar struggles.

I am a youth, so I am not sure of the side effects of this ‘thing’ I even feel disgusted when having to type it. Pornography is hell’s pit, those who fall in it never comes up! Only the power of He who overcame death and hell can restore such a soul entrapped by pornography’s huge locked iron chains.

Do not be surprised when someone speaks in defense of it… It’s demonic. I feel pity for US the youth. “By beholding, we become changed!”

Believe it or not, the crime rate associated with rape actually plummeted after porn became mainstream.

Thank you for the article
You will be credited and
Blessed for this effort.
Pornography is unethical and destructive action for the world and soul.
Punishment is waiting.

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