Concerts of Prayer

OVER 200 YEARS AGO, JONATHAN EDWARDS prophesied that the glory of God would come to our nation and that the whole world would be evangelized as ministers and Christians around the world came together in a concerted effort to pray as a unified body. March for Jesus 1992 is only one such event. God is orchestrating a greater work to bring his Church together in concerts of prayer. Here are a few of the parts which comprise the whole:

  • Prayer for revival is becoming a centerpiece instead of preaching and programs in many urban centers such as New York, Los Angeles, Baltimore and Boston. In each area, one or several churches emerge as showcases for a renewal of monthly prayer concerts attended by many local area pastors.
  • Times Square Church recently shut down all local programs and activities in order to concentrate exclusively on prayer for the desperate needs of New York City. The 5000 member church, led by pastor David Wilkerson has initiated an effort that is being promoted throughout New York City.
  • In Boston, Hispanic, Chinese, Haitian, and African American believers united to pray for racial unity and revival during a concert of prayer in Boston three months ago. The gathering attracted 700 people from over 75 churches, representing 16 denominations.
  • In Philadelphia, Christians are uniting in prayer for spiritual awakening as churches prepare for an upcoming Billy Graham crusade. The city has been divided into 35 regions, and each region has its own prayer committee.
  • Hundreds of thousands of believers gathered in municipal buildings to pray for America on May 7, just days after tragic incidents erupted in Los Angles and other cities. The American Family Association organized the “Meet at City Hall” events in cities all over America.
  • Groups of 70 pastors each gathered in four different cities (Spokane, Washington, Minneapolis, Cleveland, and Colorado Springs) last Fall to pray for nationwide revival. One group met for just half a day, while another spent four full days in prayer and fasting. No one in any of the groups knew that similar meetings had been planned at the same time.
  • Southern Baptist leaders are uniting their congregations across the country in what they call “solemn assemblies.” Based on Joel 2, the meetings are calls for repentance and revival.
  • Church of God pastors have united to pray for revival. To date the number of participants has climbed to 5000.
  • Last Fall, an estimated one million junior and senior high school students prayed for revival during “See You at the Pole,” an event taking place in a circle around public school flag poles before the school day. The event was sponsored by Youth for Christ, Student Venture, and other groups.

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