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Azima, Ali Asghar (owner, verified) – North Fort Myers

By Jay Rogers
Published July 9, 2011


Southwest Florida Women’s Clinic
710 Pondella Rd Ste 12
North Fort Myers, FL 33903
Phone: 239-995-1111

Other address:

Venice Women’s Health Ctr Inc
21178 Olean Blvd Ste C
Port Charlotte, FL 33952

DOB: 12/22/1933

CorporationWiki map

Dr. Ali Azima in his office at the Southwest Florida Women's Clinic in North Fort Myers. Azima, who is a Muslim, says protesters are trying impose their religious beliefs on him and as such are violating his constitutional rights

Sheriff Aids Anti-Abortion Protesters, Condemns Doctor

Feminist Wire | Daily Newsbriefs, January 20, 1998

Lee County Sheriff John McDougall of Florida denied assistance to an abortion doctor whose clinics were being ambushed by protesters, stating instead that he would “assist the protesters.” Dr. Ali Azima had sent a letter to McDougall concerning a prayer vigil and other incidents that were being held outside his clinics. McDougall responded that he would uphold his duty to protect all citizens, “even a baby killer like yourself,” and went on to add that his office would “do everything within our power to assist the protesters who wish to protect the misguided mothers who come to your clinic of death.”

Abortion doctor and protesters stand their ground at Fort Myers clinic

Naples Daily News – Monday, June 14, 1999

Azima’s clinic serves as the site of a local battleground on which the war on abortion is fought almost daily, a war marked not by big battles but with small skirmishes. For the better part of two decades, a small brigade of protesters has stood guard outside the clinic on days abortions are performed. But in recent weeks, this quiet war has made itself heard – one protester and Azima have filed battery charges against each other, and a Fort Myers man was arrested for allegedly attempting to run over protesters with his car two weeks ago.
The battles show no signs of ceasing – both sides say they don’t plan to quit their respective practices.

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