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Lucas, Spurgeon LeRoy (promoter, deceased) Washington DC, Roe v. Wade lawyer

By Meredith Raney
Published August 26, 2012

Spurgeon Leroy Lucas, Esq. with his client Patricia Baird-Windle, owner of Aware Woman abortion clinic.

Born: 11/27/1941
Died: 11/3/2003

Spurgeon LeRoy Lucas, Esq. (a.k.a. Roy Lucas, Esq. DC #153957) is the architect of the "right to privacy" legal argument used to win the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion in the U.S.

Spurgeon LeRoy Lucas is a member of the District of Columbia Bar Association, # 153967. Prior to his death, he was the pro hac vice (out of state) lawyer for the abortion industry in four federal lawsuits in Florida. They are:

  1. Raney v Aware Woman et al, 97-1197-CIV-ORL-19B
  2. Ocala Women’s Center et al v City of Ocala et al, 98-371-CIV-OC-10C
  3. Aware Woman et al v Raney et al, 99-05-CIV-ORL-19C
  4. Manhattan Magnolia Corp et al v Unterburger et al, 99-8164-CIV-HURLEY

“Suing web sites, seeking injunctions against the utterance of certain words and requiring disclaimers on protesters’ signs may test the First Amendment, but Lucas says that even though his approach would limit protester’s activities, he is not out to curb free speech.” – Meredith Raney, forerunner.com/fyi, 3/17/1999

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