Florida’s Abortion Industry

Florida Abortion Clinics

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* No AHCA license was found at this address. All abortions clinics that do outpatient surgery are required to be licensed by the Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration AHCA. Not all abortion clinics are surgical outpatient facilities. Some do referrals to surgical centers. Some do chemical abortions (that is, by pill).

Florida Abortionists

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  • A Killer Template
  • Why We List Abortionists
  • Applegate, Gerald Brian (verified) – Doral
  • Arcelin, Gostal (watch list) – Boca Raton
  • Azima, Ali Asghar (owner, verified) – North Fort Myers
  • Baill, I' Cori (verified, promoter) – Orlando, Lakeland
  • Barquet, Luis (deceased) - Miami
  • Bazile, Frantz (owner, verified) – Miami
  • Benjamin, Michael J. (owner, verified) – Miami
  • Betancourt, Fernando Ricardo (verified) – Ft. Myers, Sarasota, Tampa
  • Bodman, Uzy (verified) Hialeah, Miramar, Plantation
  • Braithwaite, Sylvester Reynold (owner, verified) – North Miami Beach
  • Britton, John Bayard (verified, deceased) – Fernandina Beach
  • Broadnax, Gary B (retired, watchlist) – Augusta, GA
  • Brown, David Steven (verified) – Hialeah, Miramar
  • Bundy, Ralph Lawson (verified) – Daytona, Orlando
  • Buonopane, Edward Joseph (verified) – Davie
  • Cohan, Carol (promoter) – Miami
  • Davy, Kristin (owner) - Gainesville
  • DeHaan, Quentin C (verified) – Clearwater, Tampa
  • Dresden, Gary (verified, owner) – Clearwater, Tampa
  • Dresden, Scott Charles (verified) – Delray Beach
  • Duncan, Stephen Wiley (verified, owner) - Tallahassee
  • Egherman, William Phillip (deceased) - Gainesville
  • Elneser, Rafael M (verified) - Miami
  • Estes, Christopher Michael (verified, promoter, instructor) – Miami
  • Fanarjian, Nicole Joy (verified) – Sarasota
  • Felski, Emil F. (verified) - Orlando
  • Florida Abortionists
  • Friefeld, Richard Stuart (verified) – North Miami
  • Gengelbach, James Gordon (verified, watchlist) – Lakeland, Jacksonville, Tampa, Altamonte Springs, Gainesville
  • Gil, Magaly (owner) – Miami
  • Gonzalez, Belkis (owner) – Hialeah
  • Graber, Benjamin (verified) – Coral Springs
  • Guerrero (Dye), Candace M. (owner) – Fort Pierce
  • Idtensohn, Susan Rodman (Planned Parenthood CEO, retired) – Orlando
  • Jones, Malcolm Wells (verified) – Clearwater, Tampa, Lakeland
  • Kachinas, Matthew Jay (verified, suspended) – Venice
  • Keene, William Philip (verified) – St. Petersburg, Pensacola
  • Kelly, Patrick Joseph (verified, owner) – Jacksonville
  • Killer: A Definition
  • Lehrer, Theodor (verified) – Fort Lauderdale
  • Livingston, Robert Michael (watchlist, permanently suspended) – Vero Beach
  • Lucas, Spurgeon LeRoy (promoter, deceased) Washington DC, Roe v. Wade lawyer
  • Lupi, Carla Shyrl (verified, promoter, instructor) – Miami
  • Maurer, Susan (owner) – Miami
  • McCree, Douglas Gene (verified) – Naples
  • Miller Jr., Herman (verified) - Jacksonville
  • Miller, Lawrence Whitefield (retired, watchlist) - Jacksonville
  • Morris, Merri Beth (verified) - Tampa, Ocala
  • Nauert, George Michael (verified, deceased, owner) - Palm Harbor
  • Nauert, Jodell Lynne (owner) Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Tampa
  • Nisbet, Kieron (worker, watchlist) - Hialeah
  • Norris, Paul Michael (verified, promoter, instructor) – Miami
  • Osborne, Robelto (revoked, watchlist) – Miami
  • Patel, Rupa Dilipkumar (verified) - Tampa, Orlando
  • Peguero, Felicita (owner) – Miami
  • Peguero, Maria (owner) – Miami
  • Pendergraft, James Scott (owner, verified) – Orlando, Ocala, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale
  • Perper, Zvi Harry (verified) – Delray Beach
  • Poy-Wing, Celina (owner, suspended) – Plantation
  • Prabhakaran, Sujatha (verified) – St. Petersburg
  • Quintana, Jose Raul (verified) – Tampa, Orlando
  • Raum, Mary Elwin Pugh (verified) – Gainesville
  • Ravi, Himagiri G. (verified) – Lakeland
  • Reis, Mona S (owner, promoter) – West Palm Beach
  • Renelique, Pierre Jean-Jacques (watchlist, revoked) - Hialeah
  • Rodriguez, Frank (verified) – West Palm Beach
  • Rodriguez, Jose (former owner, watchlist) – Miami
  • Rosenthal, Evelina Mira (owner) – Miami
  • Rosenthal, Vladimir (verified, owner) – Miami
  • Roth, Harvey Craig (verified) – Boca Raton
  • Sanchez Jr., Joe (deceased) – Lakeland
  • Senises, Siomara (owner) – Miami
  • Sibley, Paul Leslie (verified, deceased) – Gainesville
  • Snydle, Frank Emil (null and void, deceased) – Winter Haven
  • Sobieski, Tammy (owner) – Orlando, Daytona
  • Spagnolo-Hye, Scott Evan (verified, watchlist) – Orlando, Tampa, Ocala
  • Spence, Mark R (verified) – Hialeah
  • Stockman, Cynthia D. (owner) – Fort Lauderdale
  • Stockman, Richard T. (owner) – Fort Lauderdale
  • Van Scriver, Kimberly Pauline (verified) – Jacksonville
  • Vergara, Natali (owner, administrator) – Hialeah, Miramar
  • Waterman II, Philip F. (verified) – Naples, Fort Myers
  • Watson, Edward Ray (verified) – Miami
  • Weinstein, Joan (owner) – Fort Lauderdale
  • Whaley, Walker L. (verified, deceased) – Jacksonville, Gainesville
  • Whitney, Randall Brooks (verified) – Orlando
  • Windle, Edward (owner, retired, watchlist) – Melbourne
  • Windle, Patricia Baird (owner, retired, watchlist) - Melbourne
  • Wolf, Lewis Sidney (verified, revoked) - St. Petersburg, Tampa, Melbourne
  • Behind The Scenes

    The following are links to articles explaining step-by-step how we gathered some of the information included here. The lists cover only Florida, but we hope that others will apply these principles to mapping the abortion industry in their own states and regions.

  • Behind the Scenes (part 1) The Corporation Search
  • Behind the Scenes (part 2) Internet Searches
  • Behind the Scenes (part 3) Call the Abortion Center for Information

    Here are two articles demonstrating the effectiveness of residential picketing:

  • Pro-life Residential Pickets
  • Residential Picketing: Questions and Concerns

    The following is an article by Rusty Thomas about maintaining a right spirit that should be read by everyone involved in pro-life street activism:

  • Pro-Life Pitfalls

    Why We List Abortionists

    Since 1996, The Forerunner has been listing abortionists on-line in order to expose their “fruitless deeds of darkness” (Ephesians 5:11). We publicly identify abortionists, abortion clinic owners and promoters. The practice of placing the names of abortionists on this website has a two-fold purpose:

    1. To ask for your prayers for the conversion of those listed.
    2. To expose OB-GYN abortionists to all their patients, especially to those who don’t know that they perform abortions.

    We hope that Christians will genuinely reach out to these individuals in a spirit of love with a message of redemption through Jesus Christ. The purpose is never to harass, threaten or intimidate. We have written articles and position papers condemning any sort of violent threats or intimidation toward anyone involved in abortion.

  • Justifiable Homicide?
  • Dr. George Tiller and Defensive Action

    These lists will always be incomplete and need updating due to the transient nature of the abortion industry. And that is why we need constant help. If you see any inaccuracies here or are able to give input, please email“jrogers@forerunner.com us. Our desire is that the individuals listed here will know the love of God, repent of the sin of child murder and become followers of Christ as so many before them have done.

    News Stories

    News from the Florida Pro-life Network.

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