Central East – Melbourne – Aware Woman Center for Choice (closed!)*

Aware Woman Center for Choice (closed!) 1564 Dixie Way, Melbourne, FL 32935


Windle, Edward (owner) – Melbourne
Windle, Patricia Baird (owner) – Melbourne

According to owner Patricia Baird-Windle, Aware Woman had a total of 24 abortionists over the years who each chose to quit rather than be exposed as child killers by pro-life advocates. The known killers appear here in reverse chronological order.

Egherman, William Phillip (verified, deceased) – Gainesville
Ravi, Himagiri G. (verified) – Lakeland
Arcelin, Gostal (watch list) – Boca Raton
Kelly, Patrick Joseph (verified, owner) – Jacksonville
Whitney, Randall Brooks (verified) – Orlando
Arrogante, Carlito B. (verified) – Lake Worth
Coleman, Steven Carter (verified) – Largo
Jones, James Lewis (verified) – Jacksonville
Boone, Scott Allen (verified) – Orlando
Stowe, Jeffrey M. (null and void) – Jacksonville
Wyninger, Carol J. (verified) – Jacksonville
Pendergraft, James Scott (verified, suspended) – Orlando, Ocala, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale
Turner, Robert Charles (null and void) – St. Augustine
Snydle, Frank Emil (null and void, deceased) – Winter Haven
Ruangsomboon, Monthree (verified) – Longwood
Wolf, Lewis Sidney (verified, revoked) – St. Petersburg
Britton, John Bayard (verified, deceased) – Fernandina Beach
Pagan, Jose Antonio (verified) – Palm Harbor

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* No AHCA license at this address.

Florida Profit Corporation (Inactive)


Registered Agent Name & Address

STE 505

Officer/Director Detail
Name & Address

Title P

Title VST

Closed Big Time!

This is the demolition of Aware Woman Center for Choice in 2000. No abortion clinic operates in Brevard County today!

Aware Woman was located in the city limits of Melbourne, Florida. Melbourne is located on the east coast of sunny Florida about 60 miles southeast of Orlando. Another Aware Woman Health Center was in Port St. Lucie, Florida, but closed several years earlier.

The abortion industry in Brevard County, Florida now consists of zero abortion clinics. The last abortion clinic, WomanCare of Melbourne, opened by Tammy Sobieski on August 21, 2000 and later moved to 412 High Point Drive, Cocoa, FL 32926. WomanCare of Cocoa closed August 19, 2005. Even “pro-choice” landlords don’t want abortion clinics in their properties.

A Radical Bows Out!

Aware Woman was owned by Patricia Baird Windle and Edward W. (Ted) Windle, Jr. pictured on the left.

Read more about the “radical” pro-abortion advocate Patricia Windle.

Aware Woman Center for Choice was the only state-licensed abortion clinic in the 70-mile-long Brevard County, on the east coast of central Florida known as the Space Coast, home of Kennedy Space Center. Aware Woman’s professional staff proudly killed an average of 25 unborn babies each week and occasionally sent a baby’s mother to the hospital in an ambulance.

Video: Central East - Melbourne - Aware Woman Center for Choice (closed!)*
Central East - Melbourne - Aware Woman Center for Choice (closed!)*
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Aware Woman sued by former patient under FACE

A former patient charges Aware Woman with violating the Federal Civil Rights Act, known as F.A.C.E., 18 U.S.C. §248, by preventing her egress from the facility on March 29, 1997 when Aware Woman, and/or their employees, did unlawfully, “interfere with”, “intimidate”, and use “physical obstruction” to restrain her and render impassable her desired egress from said facility.

More …

Aware Woman Unsafe

Warning signs across the street from Aware Woman’s parking lot

These signs warn new patients about the four previous patients who were taken directly to the emergency room from Aware Woman giving the dates of same.

Aware Woman Worker’s Car

Click image to enlarge.

This car belongs to one of the Aware Woman workers. Bumper sticker text is included here:

  1. Man/woman couple circled with slash through them
  2. “CLINTON/GORE 96” bumper sticker
  3. Fish with feet and “DARWIN” inside
  4. “IN GODDESS WE TRUST” bumper sticker
  5. “SAVE THE MANATEE” license plate (cost = $17 a year extra. See the CHOOSE LIFE license plate.)
  6. “MOTHERHOOD BY CHOICE NOT CHANCE” bumper sticker.
  7. On top of bumper, not visible: “MY GODDESS GAVE BIRTH TO YOUR GOD

Quality Care?

Another example of the Aware Woman style of quality care for women is shown here. What about a germ-free sanitary surgical environment?

Pictured here is Krysty going into work at Aware Woman with her scrubs already on. Scrubs are to be put on in the surgery area to keep from bringing germs in from the outside. Several employees wear scrubs to work every surgery day.


Several victims have managed to escape with the help of pro-lifers.

  1. Trish and Todd are two.
  2. Joanna and Morgan are two more.

Insurance Claims

The following info on insurance claims paid on behalf of Aware Woman provided by Florida Professional Liability Closed Claims.

Provider Name: Aware Woman Health Center
Profession: Abortion Clinic

File Number 8802611 8903738
Total Indemnity $5,000 $91,500
Occurance Date 10-07-87 01-09-88
Disposition Date 07-05-88 11-14-89
County St. Lucie St. Lucie

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At 19 years old, In 1979 I had an abortion at the clinic in Cocoa Beach Florida. I am almost 64 years old. I would like to find the medical records of that horrific day. I don’t remember the day nor the month I blocked it out. I would appreciate if someone could direct me in obtaining those records. Thank you, Kerri Fitzgerald.

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