Egherman, William Phillip (deceased) – Gainesville

Killing Places:

Aware Woman Center for Choice
1564 Dixie Way
Melbourne, FL 32935

Orlando Women’s Center
1103 Lucerne Terrace
Orlando, FL 32806-1016


4830 Northwest 43rd Street
Gainesville, FL 32606

DOB: October 3, 1953
Death April 3, 2010

This practitioner has indicated the following additional state licensure: Ohio, Indiana.

Here are the 911 calls resulting from Egherman’s work in Melbourne, Florida.

Video: Egherman, William Phillip (deceased) - Gainesville
Egherman, William Phillip (deceased) - Gainesville
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The image of Egherman at the end of this video was posted on what became known as Jay’s Killer Web Page in 1997. This website soon grew into a listing of every killer who had ever worked at Aware Woman Center for Choice in Melbourne, Florida and later spawned this listing of all known abortionists in the state of Florida.

A Brief History

Abortionist William P. Egherman started butchering unborn children at Aware Woman in Melbourne, Florida in January of 1997. In the 17 months between March 29, 1997 and September 4, 1998, 5 women were sent or taken to the emergency room by abortionist Egherman. No disciplinary actions have been taken.

This story starts on March 18, 1997, less than 3 months after abortionist Egherman started working at Aware Woman when we got a message on our answering machine from a young mother who had suffered a botched abortion at Aware Woman the previous January. She was responding to one of many letters that we sent to Aware Woman patients offering help with problems after abortion.

On March 29, 1997 the first ambulance showed up at Aware Woman. The Aware Woman worker who made the 911 call asked for the ambulance to come with “no lights and no sirens.” It seems Aware Woman is more concerned about their own image than about the safety of their patients. This mother, Jane Roe II, suffered a perforated uterus and intestine. She spent a week in the hospital and was out of work for 6 weeks.

On July 4, 1997, (yes, they were butchering on Independance Day) the second ambulance showed up at Aware Woman. This mother was loaded into the ambulance with IV’s already in place. We have no further information on this mother.

On December 12, 1997, the third ambulance showed up at Aware Woman more than 45 minutes after abortionist Egherman had left for the day. A black mother in her mid thirties was taken away.

On January 31, 1998, about 7 pm, after dark, abortionist Egherman loaded the fourth patient into his own car and took her to the emergency room himself. He stayed less than 30 minutes and left her there. We know who this mother is but she is not willing to file a complaint against abortionist Egherman. This happens way too often and allows these butchers to continue their butchery. People who observed the events did file complaints about improper medical procedures but nothing was done about it.

On September 4, 1998, an ambulance showed up to take the fifth patient to the emergency room. This time, Aware Woman’s owner, Patricia Windle showed up at the emergency room with her lawyer, Roy Lucas, to make sure no one found out the mother’s identity to offer her real help.

That’s it – five emergency room visits in 17 months. How many more before somebody does something about it.

Video: Egherman, William Phillip (deceased) - Gainesville
Egherman, William Phillip (deceased) - Gainesville
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William Philip Egherman shockingly has left a trail of injured women. He has been exposed to the public through this video series. So much for wanting to keep abortion “safe, legal and rare”!

We later discovered that Egherman, now working at Orlando Women’s Center, was the man who performed an abortion on Kelly Clinger, who years later was powerfully converted to Christ and has written about her experience. She has since become a sought after pro-life speaker and musician.

Video: Egherman, William Phillip (deceased) - Gainesville
Egherman, William Phillip (deceased) - Gainesville
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Note: William Egherman died on April 3, 2010.

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