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Killing Places:

Orlando Women’s Center
1103 Lucerne Terrace
Orlando, FL 32806-1016

EPOC Clinic
609 Virginia Drive
Orlando, FL 32803-1893

Ocala Women’s Center
108 NW Pine Ave
Ocala, FL 34475-6619


Family Planning Inc
580 Mulberry Street
Daytona Beach 32114


820 Indigo Court
Port Orange, FL 32129

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Whitney arrives at work at Orlando Women’s Center to kill babies with a smile on his face. This photo was taken the day after a plaintiff won a $36.7 million lawsuit against OWC due to a botched abortion by Whitney.

Born: July 13, 1933

Randall Whitney is a circuit rider abortionist for James Pendergraft’s Women’s Center mills in Orlando and Ocala specializing in 2nd trimester abortions. His medical license is currently being reviewed by the Florida Board of Medicine for a 2010 incident in which he was charged with battery for slapping a woman on a table while he was injecting her with valium prior to an abortion procedure.

Whitney has testified to the Florida Department of Health and also during a civil lawsuit hearing that babies are sometimes born alive and left to die in James Pendergraft’s abortion clinics where he works. In 2001, a patient of Whitney’s delivered a child who lived with massive birth defects after a botched abortion. As a result, James Pendergraft and Orlando Women’s Center was hit with a $36.7 million judgment. Whitney is also the subject of two malpractice lawsuits that are ongoing. Whitney served another suspension in the 1980s for a malpractice incident. After that time, he began doing abortions more or less full-time.

Abortionist Randall Whitney charges for 2nd trimester abortions based on the BPD (Bi-Parietal Diameter measured by ultrasound). BPD is the diameter of the baby’s skull measured temple to temple. Whitney gives prices for abortion of babies with BPDs up to 54 mm (2 inches).

A Second Clinic in Melbourne – NOT!

By Meredith Raney

In the mid-1990s, Randall Whitney tried to open a second abortion clinic in Melbourne in competition with Aware Woman. When pro-lifers discovered this, they leafleted the 5-story river-front office building where Whitney had signed a lease telling all the tenants that Whitney was an abortionist. Discovering that Whitney had lied about the nature of his business, and being very pro-life themselves, the building owners canceled his lease.

The fact that pro-lifers discovered Whitney’s plans is not surprising. What is unusual is that the news was actually “leaked” to the pro-lifers by Aware Woman’s founder and owner, Patricia Windle. After firing Whitney, Windle made sure Whitney would be met with the opposition of the pro-life community with her carefully timed “leak.”

All of Aware Woman’s volunteer “escorts” quit when they discovered that Patricia Windle’s motivation was to curtail a rival abortion clinic — not to “help women” as she often claims. After all, wouldn’t two abortion clinics “help women” twice as much as one? The volunteer escorts thought so, but Patricia Windle knew it would just hurt her profits. Her actions show her priorities – profits first, “helping women” second.

After 15 years of coming to Melbourne twice a week to kill unborn children, Randall Whitney quit coming to Melbourne. He still kills unborn children in his office in Daytona Beach, 90 miles north of Melbourne.

February 2006 – Pro-life activists were alerted by email that Whitney claiming that he was violent, disobeying medical laws, and causing young boys to be disfigured after routine circumcisions.

I found your site on this Dr. Randall Whitney. I just thought I would give you some more info on this maniac. I have 2 friends of mine that have worked for him. I know that this man throws 1st trimester babies down the toilet. I know he delivers second term babies and snaps their necks with a tourniquet, or lets them suffocate. He does not flip the baby around. He fully delivers them and then kills them. He skins most of the second term babies while whistling and then puts them in jars and stores them in the secret upstairs that authorities or health departments do not know about or inspect. This man last year in April circumsized a baby about 14 months old and this baby needed to have a blood transfusion to survive. Another little boy was completely disformed from the circumsizion. I am in the process of finding these mothers. He was sedating a woman for an abortion and he did something to her and she went after him with a syringe. Thew cops were called. They said he was a maniac. This was a few months ago. Just some info I thought I would share.Yes I do live in Florida. I have 2 friends that worked for this guy. One of them is in therapy. I think I talked both of them into filing a report. This guy has a file a mile long. It is amazing he still has a license. He must keep getting through some sort of loop hole. I know my friends said he has this great attorney that he pays the big bucks to. This attorney all I know is that he is from Tallahasse. YES THIS IS ALL TRUE! I can get these girls to prove it in time. But, he has a desk girl named Tina. She covers for him quite often so I am told. I promise you what I have said is complete truth. I am trying to get his license removed as we speak. I have been spending hours on the phone everyday for the past few weeks. The Florida department of medical licensing is aware of this. They just need the report from my friends through the police to get in there. These girls have seen this man kill many babies. They have told me things that have made me queezy about this man.

And later…

My friends which are very afraid of this man for some reason are telling the absolute truth. One night about 2 weeks ago, one of the girls called up my house and my husband answered. She said, I can’t sleep anymore because of this, I have to tell someone. She continued to tell this- One night in May 2005 a girl that she had befriended (given drugs to induce labor on her 21wk fetus) went into labor and called my friends cell phone. My friend told her to meet her at the clinic and she would page the doctor. The doctor did not get there in time and my friend ended up delivering the baby. She was going to take it to the hospital. The doctor came in then and took her and the baby into another room, leaving the partly sedated 16 year old mother on the table. He told her to be qquiet and that she wouldn’t be taking the baby anywhere. At that point he put a tourniquet around the babies neck and snapped it. My friend walked out and never went back. This is just one of many stories that I have heard. She said this guy is absolutely insane. He is crazy. She said he is not welcome at the local daytona beach Halifax hospital. She said many other doctors don’t want anything to do with him. She said he seriously has a problem. My friend, I am slowly trying to get her to come forth as well as my other friend. I dont know why they are scared. They are afraid of him. I know these girls are telling the truth. I know I can get them to come out speak. I know that there are others as well. I just have to find them. By law he is supposed to keep all 1st trimester babies for 30 days and dispose of them properly (as sick as it sounds) and he is not doing that, nor has he ever. It may not be illigal to skin fetuses and put them in jars. But, why hide them then? Look, you may or may not believe this, but I m going to get his license taken away. For the two little boys that he butchered. For the lady on September 24 1999 that he tore her cervix, left a sponge in her and the head of a fetus. For the babies that I know he is killing on a daily basis. I will not stop. I am sure there are many others. I am trying to see if I can get one of the desk girls to help with files. There might be a way. I dont know at this point. I KNOW that he is cheating his taxes majorly this year. He was talking openly about while my friend was standing there. He is not legit. I know that there are many like him. This guy has an extra evil to him. This guy does not EVER abort a second term baby by the law. I am sure many do not follow it. I KNOW that abortion will be over turned but, never soon enough.

A former employee of Randall Whitney wrote in 2006 the following:

I’m not scared of him, but as you can imagine, I sincerely don’t feel like reliving the absurdity I encountered while working at Family Planning. However, the immorality he has displayed is unacceptable. I feel as a human being I should say something to someone in a higher position.

I’ll refer to him as RBW, because his entire name literally makes me sick. RBW has sooo many complaints filed against him, I highly doubt he’d assume it was myself, or my friend who was employed there. I’ve never seen a doctor so unbelievably apathetic. As a pre-med student this obviously bothered me; but, I suppose I learned the way not to practice. His bedside manner (or lack there of) was disgusting, the way he spoke to patients when they would cry on the abortion table telling them it “didn’t hurt”, and telling girls they were fat, or “whores”. He’d announce in the ‘operating room’ if someone had an STD, violating HIPPA regulations. I’m not sure if you were aware he used to perform circumcision procedures and he’d mutilate over half of the males’ genitals that were brought in. If we had 6 patients 4 (that we knew of) would go to the hospital.

I must let you know I’m pro-choice, and that’s all I’d like to discuss on that matter. I don’t want to go public by any means, sir. I’d like to bring this to a surface, the investigations on FPC will be enough to shut it down, trust in that. The pro-life activists around here will tear him to shreds I’m sure, I’d rather never see the man again in my life. I have nothing but a strong hatred for him, and I want no contact with him.

He still uses cold soak as a sanitizer, can you believe that? He skins 2nd trimester fetus’ and puts them in formaldehyde until they’re nothing more than bones, and then he puts them into zip lock freezer bags. For what purpose I’m uncertain.

September 2006 – Whitney closes down his own clinic, Family Planning Center, in Daytona Beach, rather than comply with state regulators. Whitney goes back to doing abortions on-the-road.

March 27, 2010 – Whitney arrested for aggravated battery, a 2nd degree felony, against a customer of Orlando Women’s Center.

September 22, 2010Abortionist Randall Whitney Arrested … Again!

Randall Whitney – 7/22/2011

PORT ORANGE, FL – In this photo, Randall Whitney’s wife came out to talk to Pastor Mark Holick, one of OSA’s evangelists. Residential pickets are peaceful, missions of mercy to those who are caught in a web of deception and blood-guiltiness.

Later that evening, pro-life evangelist Mark Hall of Messengers of Hope, brought Randall Whitney to one of Operation Save America’s nightly rallies. OSA director Flip Benham says this of Randall Whitney:

I heard abortionist Randall Whitney’s testimony to the jury this past week in Orlando as he made the statement that he saw the babies wiggling around in toilets. It was jaw dropping for me to hear and witness the matter of fact way in which he described it. Chet Gallagher, who attended abortionist Pendergraft’s trial with me, said he saw juror number six in horror and tears as she listened to the testimony.

Note this well. I have been privileged to share the Gospel of Christ with Randall Whitney on more than one occasion. He attended our last rally session on Friday night, though most of you were unaware of his presence. He came as a guest of Mark Hall who has been sharing Christ with Randall for many years. Rusty preached that night and I know that God spoke to Randall’s heart. Please keep Randall Whitney and his wife in your prayers.

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