McCree, Douglas Gene (verified) – Naples

Killing Place:

Planned Parenthood of Collier County
1425 Creech Rd
Naples, FL 34103

Home: 144 Moorings Park Dr, Apt 205
Naples, FL 34105

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YOB: 1933

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Good evening,

My name is Kristin Campos. I’m Dr. Gene McCree’s granddaughter. My grandfather is very unwell unfortunately and we don’t expect him to recover. Dr. McCree, my grandpa was the most incredible, loving and a true gentleman. I plee with you to whomever this is, please take my Grandfathers name and address down. He is an incredibly frail old man who may not make it. I don’t know grandfather’s stance on abortion but it was never discussed. Ill tell you what I do know about him. He loved and provided for his family. My sister and I are adopted my grandpas

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