Hope for Chinese Students and Scholars

The Mandate contains powerful salvation testimonies from Chinese scholars as well as incisive articles relating to biblical civil government, economics, education, and business. These relevant topics are presented in a systematic format to build a solid biblical worldview in the fertile minds of our friends from overseas. It is our hope to teach Chinese international students the principles that will help them to reform their society when they return to their homeland.

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There is no question that the Chinese students studying in America today will one day be the leaders of China in every conceivable field. The Mandate is having an impact on the future leaders of China. The prospect of sending out this new breed of reformers back to China – with no language barriers, no financial barriers, no cultural barriers and no closed doors – staggers the imagination!

The following are some facts about the strategic significance of reaching mainland China’s future leaders:

Almost 23 percent of the world’s population lives in China.

Nearly 50,000 of China’s most distinguished university students are presently studying in the United States.

Of all the international groups studying in the U.S., campus ministry leaders all agree that mainland Chinese students are the most open to the Gospel message.

Most Chinese students realize that the Chinese government has lied to them about nearly everything.

Our U.S. universities are attempting to reeducate these precious visitors with a whole new set of humanistic lies.

If God’s Church does not reach these future leaders, a whole new generation could be subject to a cruel life of tyranny.

Here’s what some Chinese international students are saying about The Mandate:

“I’ve been in the United States one year. I’ve never set foot in a church before and never heard the Gospel message before. I really loved reading The Mandate.”

“I liked the articles by Chinese scientists who are Christians. I always thought Christianity was the antipathy of science. I’m happy to learn that a person can be both a scientist and a Christian.”

“I had no idea that the basis for the U.S. Constitution originated from the Bible.”

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