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Abortionist Randall Whitney Arrested … Again!

An Eyewitness Account

On September 22 at 9:20 pm, I was blessed by God to be able witness firsthand abortionist Randall Whitney being taken out of the Orlando Women’s Center abortion clinic in handcuffs by the police.

This is the second time in six months that Whitney has been arrested while on duty at the abortion clinic. On March 27th, he was arrested for aggravated battery after slapping a patient while she was on the operating table. Our immediate response team recorded Whitney being arrested at the scene on September 22nd. The following is the background of the original arrest by “Lifeguard” Mark Hall followed by the audio and transcript of Whitney’s resisting arrest tantrum.

See also my previous blog article and video interview with Mark Hall that fully describes the previous arrest incident.

Orlando Women’s Center (OWC) is one of five Florida abortion clinics owned by James Pendergraft, who advertises abortions up to 24 weeks. Pendergraft has had his license suspended four times for numerous violations including performing third trimester abortions in an out-patient facility. He has also spent several months in federal prison for extortion. Pendergraft now relies on the services of other licensed abortionists, such as Randall Whitney and Vera Stefanac, in order to stay in business. Whitney too has had his medical license suspended in the past and chose to close his Daytona Beach abortion clinic rather than comply with state regulators.

There are still many details surrounding the sordid tale of James Pendergraft and Randall Whitney to be revealed in coming days and months. In short, Pendergraft’s baby-killing empire is crumbling on all sides.

I visited the Orlando Court House on September 7th, when Whitney’s trial was scheduled to begin only to find out that there had yet been no proceeding. The clerks at that time knew only that the file was in the court room because the case was “still going on.”

On Saturday, September 11th, a sidewalk counselor arrived at OWC in the early morning hours. She usually comes before sunrise and waits for the first abortion-minded women who begin lining up at the front door of OWC.

The “unexpected” is an understatement to describe what may happen at OWC on any given day. However, my friend was surprised to find that Whitney had spent the night sleeping in his car. Suspicious of this, I looked at the clerk of court’s on-line record of Randall’s case the following Monday, September 13th. I saw that a capias had been issued on September 10th. A capias is a warrant for an arrest usually issued due to the failure of a defendant to appear in court.

On Tuesday, September 21st, I learned that the case file had been returned to the clerk’s office. At 4 pm, September 22nd, I went again to the downtown Orlando courthouse and was able to read the capias. It was as though I had struck gold.


To all and singular the sheriffs of the state of Florida, special agents of the Florida department of law enforcement, and Florida state attorney’s investigators; greetings:

You are hereby commanded to take Randall Brooks Whitney and him/her safely keep, so that you have his/her body before judge of the circuit court of the state of Florida for the county of Orange, at the courthouse in Orlando, instanter, to answer unto the state of Florida on an information by the state attorney for the county of Orange for the charge of:

Aggravated battery upon a pregnant person
Defendant failed to appear for jury trial on 9/8/10

And you have then and there this writ.

As I read the archaic legal language of the bench warrant, I realized that we had an obligation to find Whitney and turn him into the police before he could kill more unborn children. Since he failed to appear in court, the bond was set at “$0,” meaning no bonding out until the judge could rule on his case. The thought occurred to me that Whitney could be held in jail until his trial and possibly leave several abortion clinics in central Florida short-handed. If convicted of a felony, under Florida statutes, he could have his medical license suspended once again.

I immediately alerted what I call the IRRTT (Immediate Research and Reconnaissance Tactical Team). This consists of a handful of veteran pro-life activists and sidewalk counselors who preach and minister several times a week to abortion-minded women entering OWC. Text messages went out across central Florida. Soon two of our team members appeared at OWC and providentially found Whitney’s vehicle in the parking lot. It was an unusually late time to still be performing abortions. The IRRTT promptly called the police.

At about 8:45 pm, I was returning from a teachers’ softball game in Kissimmee. I received a call saying that the police had already arrived at OWC. I immediately detoured to I-4 and arrived at OWC at about 9:10 pm. Our two team members were waiting at the driveway on the right side of the abortuary that leads to a rear parking lot. There were two police cruisers already on the scene. I was told that the police were inside the building with Randall.

At approximately 9:20 pm, Randall Whitney was taken from the rear of the building by police officers in handcuffs still in his surgical smock and pants. I gasped at the thought that this was the second time that this abortionist had been taken out of OWC in chains in less than six months.

A clinic worker followed the police and cursed at us. “You *&^#@!,” she yelled, “This is all your fault!”

Randall walked by in handcuffs and glared at me. Although too dark to take a good photo with a cell phone, we attempted to record the event. “So you’re the guys that called? I’ll find out maybe who you are!” he threatened as we held our camera phones.

I looked into the eyes of paranoid frustration. “My name is Jay Rogers. I used to live across the street from Aware Woman,” I said boldly. Aware Woman was the now defunct abortion clinic in Melbourne where Randall Whitney performed many abortions in the 1990s. I owned the house across the street and lived there from 1993 until the clinic closed seven years later.

“You’re [kidding me]!” he said as he was dragged past us toward the waiting police cruisers. We listened to more of Randall’s profanity filled laced against us and the arresting officers. Soon there were three police cruisers on the scene. He objected that he was with a patient. He glared at us from across the street yelling that we were using “rough tactics!” as we tried in vain to get more pictures in the dark with our cell phones.

We heard Randall arguing with the police officers telling them that they could not arrest him because he was with a patient. The officers said only that they were required to arrest him due to a warrant and explained (as cops are wont to do) that they were only doing their jobs.

After several minutes one of the officers approached us and asked if we had “any questions.” I told him why we were there and showed him a copy of the warrant. Ironically, the officers knew only that a warrant had been issued, but knew nothing about the charges. He asked if he could show the warrant to the other officers. They looked it over. After a few minutes he returned my folder and asked us if we knew the name of the judge who signed (somewhat illegibly) the warrant.

“Circuit Judge John Adams,” we told him.

“Thanks. I am just doing my job,” he said.

One of the police cruisers drove away with the arrested Randall Whitney at about 9:45 pm. He has also been charged with resisting arrest without violence.

Right before I left, one of the team members reminded me that today was the first day of 40 Days for Life, a concerted prayer and fasting campaign to end abortion.

Randall Whitney was arrested for failure to appear in court. He may now have to remain in jail with no bond until his trial. He will be tried for a second degree felony, “Aggravated Battery upon a Pregnant Person.” If convicted, he could have his license suspended by the Florida Board of Medicine for the following reason.

Grounds for disciplinary action; action by the board and department.

Being convicted or found guilty of, or entering a plea of nolo contendere to, regardless of adjudication, a crime in any jurisdiction which directly relates to the practice of medicine or to the ability to practice medicine.

Here is the deeper irony in all this. If Randall Whitney had simply slapped a patient, then he would have been charged with no more than a misdemeanor. If he had simply performed an abortion, then even though this is child killing, there would have been no consequence since it is legal. However, Randall Whitney slapped a pregnant woman. In the state of Florida, that is a felony.

The downfall of these abortionists is going to be horrible and pathetic. They are getting older. Most won’t be here in ten to twenty years. However, we will be here as witnesses to tell it to the next generation so that no young doctors will want to follow in their footsteps. Otherwise they will have to deal with the “nasty crazies” (as they call us) who will give them no peace.

My word to Randall Whitney, if he reads this, is that although abortion is legal, it is still murder in the eyes of God. No legislature, no court, no authority can ever make it lawful. Those who participate in “legal” murder are antinomian brutes and their lives will be full of lawless actions. We will be there to document and expose their unfruitful deeds of darkness (Ephesians 5:11) to a candid world. My only advice to them is to heed the words of Jesus to the invalid in John chapter 5:14: “Stop sinning or something worse may happen to you.”

Then there is forgiveness and healing in the blood of Jesus Christ.


Your comments are welcome!

Praise God!

Posted by nancy carrera on 09/23/2010 04:30 AM #

Wow, thanks for sharing, Jay! Praise the Lord that He is faithful to answer our prayers and for you to be there capturing the moment. My wife and 2 boys were also at OWC on 9/11 when Deanna and Allura told us they’d seen him in his car in the back parking lot. We just assumed the man is going insane from his sin & persistent offense against his conscience. We know that God may eventually give him over to it (Rom 1:28), but we continue to pray for His divine mercy to save Randall. What a glorious testimony to God’s grace this would be. To God be the glory!

Posted by Dave R. on 09/23/2010 06:09 AM #

Great job!!

Posted by Cheryl U on 09/23/2010 07:02 AM #

Praise God!!!

Posted by Ken N on 09/23/2010 10:31 AM #

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ that this babykiller has stopped murdering babies.
I pray he repents of his bloodshed and accepts Jesus Christ as his Saviour

Posted by Rev Donald Spitz on 09/23/2010 12:01 PM #

Saints be praised!

Posted by Matt on 09/23/2010 12:38 PM #


This is exactly what I was thinking when Whitney glared at me:

“Saint John Rogers of Smithfield, don’t fail me now!”

Posted by The First Protestant Martyr John Rogers on 09/23/2010 01:15 PM #

Great job, Jay! Praise the Lord!

Posted by Brenda MacMenamin on 09/23/2010 03:23 PM #

Great news Jay, and great work. Heard today from the Bayly brothers that New Jersey voted to defund PP and they are already planning to close at least one clinic. What a blessing to see God move so quickly during these 40 days.

Posted by RC Sproul Jr. on 09/23/2010 03:26 PM #

A lot of your information is incorrect and propaganda. Furthermore there is no doubt that you’re a bunch of extremist religious fanatic nut cases. What Dr. Whitney and others like him have done in their professional licensed career for many decades is 100% legal by the laws of this country, and your interference and personal opinions will never change those rights that people have to choose what they do for themselves and their own bodies.

You can pray all you want, you can complain and cause problems, you can waste as much time as you like but nothing will change. Worship your own god without pushing your own beliefs and ideas and interference in the lives of others. You will always be the minority. Just look at the changes in society over the last 30 years. Gay marriages, non-prescription drug legalization, the right to die laws and assistance just to name a few. Your extremists views have had and will have no effect. You have no tolerance nor respect of others.

Posted by Aub on 09/24/2010 07:34 AM #


The idea that we can “never change those rights that people have” contradicts the 1500 year history of Christian liberty in the west. Our understanding of human rights changes all the time.

The rights and freedoms you enjoy are the exact result of the biblical philosophy that we are ruled by laws and not men. The rule of law is solely a Judeo-Christian idea. Every other system posits the authority of man or the authority of the state as the ultimate arbiter of justice.

Rule by men or the state is more often than not brutal and murderous, while the law is merciful and may lead some to redemption.

This philosophy of government was laid out by Christians at the Council of Chalcedon, the signing of the Magna Charta, the numerous colonial charters and compacts, the Declaration and Constitution.

Can our rights be perverted by evil men using the law to their own ends? Yes, of course, but ultimately truth is marching on to the place where all persons will have the right to life and liberty, including the unborn.

Posted by The First Protestant Martyr John Rogers on 09/24/2010 09:07 AM #

Why do I mention Council of Chalcedon (451 AD)? Perhaps no one has said it better than Mark Rushdoony, the president of the Chalcedon Foundation:

At Chalcedon, the theological issue was the nature of Christ’s divinity and humanity. Some suggested Christ had only one nature. The council decided otherwise and said that Jesus Christ had two distinct natures in union but “without confusion, without change, without division, without separation.”

The issue was not one of mere academic theology. The issue involved two views of being. The Hellenic view of being was of the unity of all being, sometimes called the “great chain of being.” This was the idea that man was different from deity only by degree, not by nature. Thus, in Hellenic thought, a man could be a god; man’s potential was unlimited. In the Biblical view, man was a creature and was by nature distinct from God. Moreover, man was a sinner. Man could then only approach God by grace.

The Council of Chalcedon defined Christ as the only link between God and man. No man can ascend to God. No man or institution can mediate between God and man. The gulf between God and man is bridged only by the incarnate God-man, Jesus Christ. Chalcedon denied to any human agency the power of salvation. It denied it to the state and the church. No human being or institution could claim to link heaven and earth.

Chalcedon meant freedom from the claims of the divine state, the god-kings and the priest kings that had controlled every culture of antiquity.

Chalcedon meant that Jesus Christ was our only means to communion with God and that His Kingdom was the only transcendent one possible. Chalcedon meant freedom from all man’s claims to divinity.

Chalcedon made the advance of liberty possible in the West. Chalcedon meant limiting all human power. Chalcedon led to Magna Carta, and the English Puritan Revolution, and, ultimately, to the American Republic. Chalcedon was the theological foundation of Western liberty. To the extent we lose sight of the Chalcedonian faith, we continue to love our liberties. Humanism is the elevation of man and always leads to a tyrannical state.

Chalcedon elevated Jesus Christ and by implication, His Kingdom.

Posted by The First Protestant Martyr John Rogers on 09/24/2010 09:15 AM #

Praise God! Good work guys. The day will come when all abortionists will either be behind bars or executed for murder. Let’s end abortion. http://www.PersonhoodFL.com

Posted by Pastor Bryan Longworth on 09/24/2010 11:03 PM #

These people call themselves pro-choice,it’s not pro-choice it’s PRO-MURDER!

Posted by Angela Barrera on 09/28/2010 01:58 PM #

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