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Planned Parenthood’s “baby parts” scandal underscores the need for Personhood

Millions of abortions is just statistics, a single murder of a Person is a tragedy!

You may have already seen the latest scandal involving tax-funded Planned Parenthood flouting federal law by selling body parts of aborted babies — including hearts, lungs and livers — for medical research.

A YouTube video has gone viral and millions of people have already seen and heard undercover footage of Planned Parenthood’s Senior Director of Medical Services, Deborah Nucatola, as she callously munches salad and sips red wine over an executive lunch with pro-life activists posing as peddlers of fetal organs.

We’ve been very good at getting heart, lung, liver, because we know that, so I’m not gonna crush that part, I’m gonna basically crush below, I’m gonna crush above, and I’m gonna see if I can get it all intact.

— Deborah Nucatola, Planned Parenthood’s Senior Director of Medical Services

The video also shows an actual on-line order form where medical research companies can illegally order preborn human body parts for experimentation and research.

The outcry over this has been monumental. However, in my support of Personhood, I have been torn that over one million preborn babies are slaughtered each year, while the selling of the body parts is what has led to the outcry of horror and disgust. However, I understand that is simply human nature to focus on individual stories or examples of tragedy that humanize the victims. Otherwise we are just hearing numbers and political debate.

In the days of the Soviet Union, when the tyrant Joseph Stalin was Commissar, a meeting was held of the highest-ranking officials to discuss the famine in the Ukraine. One official arose to make a speech about the tragedy of having millions of people dying of hunger. He began the death count in the different provinces. Stalin interrupted him to say:

If only one man dies of hunger, that is a tragedy. If millions die, that’s only statistics.

— Joseph Stalin

The point Stalin was making was that for propaganda purposes most people can’t fathom and don’t care if they hear that millions are dying all around them – as long as they don’t see it or hear much about it. However, if just one is humanized, it is a great tragedy.

Likewise, if you studied the Holocaust in school, you may have been horrified by stories of the Nazis selling lampshades made of the skin of executed Jews – and soap made from body parts of executed human beings.

When we consider abortion, our objective must be to humanize the victim, the preborn child, as a Person. Millions of abortions is just statistics, a single murder of a Person is a tragedy!

We must also be wary that pro-life laws that simply regulate abortion and include multiple “exceptions” for abortion may actually end up being counter-productive. This strategy undermines our stand for the Truth that each of these little ones in the womb is a human Person made in the image of God (Genesis 1:27; Jeremiah 1:5; Luke 1:41-44).

And this is why Personhood Florida is needed.

Will you help us to educate Florida voters and legislators and ultimately get a state constitutional amendment initiative on the Florida ballot that will allow the people to recognize and defend the Personhood of all human beings at every stage of biological development?

Otherwise, our pro-life activity will continue to be bogged down with a confusing array of unsuccessful attempts to regulate the industry of child murder, while existing laws are flouted left and right by the abortion giant Planned Parenthood and dozens of other “legal” child murder centers throughout our state.

The pro-abortion advocates already have learned how to deflect guilt by condemning the “bad” abortionists and claiming the videos of undercover sting investigations are “heavily edited” and “false allegations” — even though the unedited versions have also been released. An article at ThinkProgress.org makes the following claim.

The political response is reminiscent of the way that lawmakers handled the controversy over Dr. Kermit Gosnell, an illegal abortion provider who was arrested for preying on low-income women in his unsanitary clinic in Philadelphia. After horrifying details emerged about how Gosnell broke the law, Live Action released a misleading “investigation” claiming that legal abortion providers across the country were guilty of similar crimes. GOP lawmakers obliged by initiating an investigation into abortion clinics — which came up totally empty, finding evidence only that clinics are already highly regulated and quite safe.

No, this is a typical smokescreen by the pro-abortion media. Our Republican Congress did not launch a nationwide investigation into abortion. In fact, when we drill down into the “fine print” of this article, we find nothing but a cited statement from another pro-abortion group begging the question as to whether any investigations were being carried out in response to Gosnell at the time of the article’s writing.

After sifting through the data, RH Reality Check [a pro-abortion advocacy group] concluded that “congressional Republicans will find no support for their arguments in favor of new restrictions on abortion care in the evidence presented by the states.”

The article offers nothing but smoke and mirrors to substantiate that there has been a “national investigation into abortion clinics.” Meanwhile here in Florida, we know of numerous examples of abortionists who have delivered babies born alive and left them to die, who participated in illegal drug trafficking and violated numerous Florida laws.

We are in the middle of the fight to expose these abortion centers. We helped expose the attempt of Planned Parenthood here in Kissimmee to open a surgical abortion mega-center – in violation of a code banning surgical centers in a medical park.

Currently, Planned Parenthood is counter-suing a group of doctors in a medical park in Kissimmee, Florida, where no surgery is allowed, to continue to operate a surgical abortion center. Outrageously, Planned Parenthood was able to use their political clout to go “judge shopping” and get a stay on a temporary injunction that would have forced them to cease surgical abortions.

Yet even these efforts – as important as they are – can become a distraction. Fighting lawsuits and advocating for more regulations can result in the pro-life movement losing its emphasis on ending abortion.

This is why Personhood Florida needs your help!

What have these regulations acomplished? A National Review article, Gosnell: No Outlier and my article, Is Kermit Gosnell an outlier?, as well as numerous others have exposed child killers operating the ugliest third-world condition abortion mills.

The Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) inspects Florida abortion centers at least once a year and several times for those that have a history of violations. Yet abortionists who have had their licenses suspended and have had a long string of law violations are allowed to continue after a “slap on the wrist.”

Click to enlargeFlorida abortionists, from top left clockwise: Walker Whaley (cocaine felony); Stephen Wiley Duncan (drug prescription fraud); Randall Whitney (aggravated battery, babies born alive, $36.7 million lawsuit); James Pendergraft (federal extortion felony, $36.7 million lawsuit); Pierre Renelique (revoked license, baby born alive); Zvi Harry Perper (drug prescription fraud, racketeering); Quentin DeHaan (Department of Health reprimand, now 91-years old!)

We have seen incompetent practitioners stay in business for many years under current Florida law, such as James Pendergraft, Randall Whitney, Zvi Harry Perper, Walker Whaley, Pierre Renelique, Stephen Wiley Duncan, and the list goes on. One Tampa abortionist, Quentin C. DeHaan continues to do abortions every week even now at age 91, even though he has been disciplined in the past!

We have done research stretching back over the past 42 years in chronicling the law violations of abortionists throughout the state of Florida.

Most of these abortionists are still in business. They are seemingly above the law. Are you shocked by this? You should be!

And this is why Personhood Florida is needed!

We cannot continue to merely regulate the abortion industry. Personhood Florida does not impugn the motive or strategies of other pro-life groups who are working hard and doing what they can. We neither fight against nor support these regulative laws. This can never be our strategy or goal.

Unless the public is educated and we establish Personhood in hearts and minds, regulations and exceptions to abortion will continue to yield the bitter fruit of the slide of our culture into these horrors. We will only see the continued degradation of these precious little ones made in the image of God.

Will you help Personhood Florida to once and for all legally recognize and defend the Personhood of all human beings at every stage of human development?

— Jay Rogers is the President of Personhood Florida Education

Your comments are welcome!

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Over the past 100 years, however, startling discoveries in biblical archeology and scholarship have all but vanquished the faulty assumptions of these doubting modernists. Regrettably, these discoveries have often been ignored by the skeptics as well as by the popular media. As a result, the liberal view still holds sway in universities and impacts the culture and even much of the church.

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