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PZ Myers weighs in on my Sarah Palin entry

One of my good friends here in Florida is a young media expert who keeps telling me that I should post more of my writings to my blog instead of constantly writing to a ring of five or six friends with my most imaginative ideas. His rationale is that a blog that goes viral is a valuable commodity. At first, I doubted that most people are ready for my ideas in their raw form, but now I think he may be right. At the very least, I will get some attention.

I found out today that my most read read blog post so far for the month of September is my recent entry about Sarah Palin, in which I suggest that (even though I may end up supporting The Constitution Party once again) I am secretly (now not so secretly) praying that McCain/Palin beats Obama/Biden. Then when McCain wins, we ought to pray for McCain’s true conversion making use of imprecatory prayer.

I must be doing something right when PZ Myers calls me a kook.

See: Pharyngula Blog

Myers, if you remember, was the outspoken atheist featured in Expelled the movie.

As an atheist, he thinks that imprecatory prayer is hateful and outrageous. Of course, he gets the intent wrong: I want God to bless the president (whoever he is) if he does right in the eyes of God, and curse him if he disobeys God’s law. It’s the prayer of David for King Saul in about a dozen or two Psalms.

(Note: Although David’s Psalms were used of God to bring about Saul’s death, David loved Saul and wanted to see his true conversion.)

PZ didn’t read our imprecatory prayer articles.

But due to PZ’s blog entry I’ve gotten a lot of notice as an example of an extremist right wing Christian hate-monger.

Once again.

He even throws in a Mr. Rogers’ joke. It’s very funny actually. Ironic. If PZ only knew the how mild-mannered and congenial I am with my high school students. I am Mr Rogers!

One my most favorite passages of scripture is Judges 5:20, the Song of Deborah:“They fought from heaven; the stars in their courses fought against Sisera.”

The idea of course, is that every political battle, every war, is also a spiritual battle when it involves God’s people. Justice is written into every atom of the universe. There is a war going on, a spiritual revolution. There is no neutral ground on which to stand. And judgment at the moment of our death is inescapable.

So I need your advice.

My next entry on Sarah Palin vs. Obama/Biden may be called:

“Deborah vs. Sisera: the stars fought in their courses”

– or –

“The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Girly Men”

(I won’t explain this last one now. Just read the John Knox article here.)

Which do you like better?


Your comments are welcome!

Jay, the liberal atheist movement relies merely on ad homiem attacks in order to make their point. They consistently make the claim that they have higher degrees than we do; of course, it's not hard to get a degree from a Soros-financed college if you're a Leftist. They frequently persist in denying human accomplishments; although they focus the most on Christians, since they're racists, they also enjoy ridiculing the concept of God, even though it's clear who is going against 6000 years of recorded history and a consistent majority.

The atheists seem to spend hours in their basements attempting to come up with smears against us; I suspect they spend at least two hours a day looking at a thesaurus alone. Apparently, the atheist community sees intelligence only in the length of words, rather than the meaning.

In large part, they are all leeches off of a single man, Frederick Clarkson, when they attempt to make a point. Frederick Clarkson has far too much free time in his hands; he comes up with complete paranoid klaptrap so that he can drive the atheist movement into a frenzy.

Atheism is nothing without evolution. However, they are notoriously bad at sticking to their guns: atheists first start with circular logic by claiming that it is evident in everything. Of course, there is a contradiction between them and their beliefs: evolution holds that species grow superior in intelligence and other factors over time. However, atheists are nihilists, and hold that people are getting stupider over time. I wonder if some of them are actually just pretending to be atheists in order to scam people out of their money; although I think PZ Myers is genuinely stupid enough to be thrown into mental confinement, I think Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens are faking their atheism, since they can't write a half-decent Christian book.

Speaking of Christianity, several consistently try to say that Jesus was a liberal, would have opposed us, yada yada yada. I don't know why they defend Him if they don't even see Him as savior. They enjoy quoting Bible verses out of context, even though their idiotic beliefs were only created in 1829, while ours were shared by Tertullian, Augustine, and the rest of the Church fathers.

Of course, what should we expect from such people? These ARE the same people that consistently work to murder the unborn, yet give terrorists and illegal immigrants amnesty. I will not

As a former atheist socialist, I am firsthand proof that people can be saved. I have firsthand experience that one can squander years of their life on truly idiotic beliefs. We need more people like you; those that are unwilling to force the Word of God onto others are the same people that are happy to see people suffer in Hellfire.

May God's Law rule this society again!

Posted by calvinists4conservatism on 05/09/2008 06:39 PM #


@ calvinists4conservatism:

I'm sorry, I seem to have missed the part of your response where you gave evidence for any of your claims...

As for your remarks about evolution, let me attempt to explain, when we say it is evident in all living things, I would guess that is a reference to the obvious relationships between various organisms as evidenced by DNA analysis, examination of species alive today as well as fossilised remains of long extinct creatures.

I don't know of any reputable scientist who claims humans are getting 'stupider' over time (and even if they were, this would not disprove evolution as other mechanisms are in play (None of which have any relationship to a supernatural creator) and in any event evolution doesn't select for intelligence in the way you imply, what is selected for depends a lot on the environment)

Additionally, I find your suggestion that atheists as a rule are racist rather offensive, particularly given the well established history of religious organisations discriminating on that basis! (not to mention their charming habit even now of discriminating against gay/lesbian couples among others...)

Perhaps you should take advice from your own rulebook and refrain from bearing false witness, hmm?

The simple fact of the matter is that evolution is backed up by evidence, vast amounts of evidence, evidence based on different forms of analysis of different data leading to the same conclusions, what evidence have you for your creation myths? What reputable scientific journals have published your findings?

I'd be interested to know -.o;

Posted by Adam on 08/09/2008 11:35 AM #

Could anyone answer this in a way that doesn't seem ad hominem?
I assume this isn't deliberately written as some kind of spoof, and the poster actually means it.
One can only wonder that anyone could write this on Earth in the 21st century. Correcting the misconceptions would take days as there are so many. How could one even start to correct the 'logic'?

Posted by  Geoff on 08/09/2008 11:41 AM #

Ad homien? What the hell is that?

Got news for ya: it ain't just liberals who think you're delusional. Basically, anyone with half a brain can see straight through your "talking snake" BS. And by the way, you really should at least take an introductory course in biology before you start passing yourself off as an expert about it.

Posted by  Robert Bigger on 08/09/2008 12:03 PM #

Cavinist's every paragraph contains untrue statements about everything he is attempting to assert.
Paragraph 1: You don't need to have an education to be an athiest. It's true most of the very vocal ones are well educated, but it is not a requirement.

Recorded history, no matter how old, is not evidence, especially when the information is incorrect/plagarized/badly translated. Brings to my mind the phrase: "When the legend becomes the truth, print the legend."
Paragraph 2: Learning is bad? What's wrong with strenghthening your language skills? Bad, bad precedent you're setting Mr./Ms. Calvinist. Shame.
Paragraph 3: What does Frederick Clarkson have to do with my disbelief in your religion?
Paragraph 4: Evolution explains how organisms with the best suited genes to their environment will be favoured with longer life and reproduction. If the environment favors eschewing education for religious dogma that is, according to you, 6000 years old, then yes, genes for gullibility and inability to learn on ones own (stupidity)will be favored.

It appears we fell back on Paragraph 2 again. So is this your intent? Dumbing the population down to avoid the questioning of untestable beliefs?

Paragraph 5: How, exactly are beliefs from 180 years ago less or more idiotic than beliefs that can be traced back over a thousand years? I don't think idiotic is the right description. Maybe "ignorant" would be better suited to fit your point? Or are you attempting to show how Bronze Age world views are more believable than something more modern?
Paragraph 6: Somebody cut down those trees, they're blocking my view of the forest! Is it only local babies your concerned with? Because lots of babies, born and unborn are getting obliterated in the "holy war" in the Middle East. King Conservatism, George Bush, stated that god told him to invade Iraq.
Paragraph 7: Yes, you can totally squander your life on truly idiotic beliefs Calvin. All athiests understand that. That's why we are atheists.

Posted by  Anonymous on 08/09/2008 01:14 PM #

i would just like to point out that calvinist4conservatism has done the following:

A) you call out atheists for making "ad homiem" attacks, then filling you comment with "ad homiem" attacks (calling them racists, claiming they spend hours alone in basements, calling them leeches)

B) you make a point to say that atheists make claims to have higher degrees and value knowledge as if that were a negative. while making these claims you first wrongly spell the name of the logical fallicy you try to use in your defense then immediately lower yourself to the same level that you are claiming superiority over.

there need not be any smear campaigns, as you make yourself look worse than any atheist would need or want to.

Posted by  Anonymous on 08/09/2008 01:18 PM #


So you used to be an atheist? How are you using that word exactly? Because I'm concerned over the "Atheists" that you know (and from your own words..were). I'm an atheist (I'd carry a card if they made one) and I am NOT racist, not that, to take your context, Christianity is a race (Judaism, that's a race, but xtians..nope sorry not recognised). And as for denying human accomplishments I, and every Atheist I have known, has certainly never done that. In fact I believe the opposite to be true, if anyone is singing humanity's (and by extension the Universe's) praises its Atheists. When I do a good deed or help my fellow mammals or complete a masterpiece (not likely, I struggle with stick men) then its me that performed that act...me and me alone. By extension if you or anyone else does something wonderful then they have formulated that act and performed it all by themselves. How is that denying human accomplishment? Conversely when a Xtian or other religious person performs an act of comparable genius or selflessness then either "God [name you deity here] worked through her" or they merely did so to appease some all-knowing sky faerie.
As for consistent majority...have you even looked at yourselves? Protestants, Catholics, Witnesses, 7 day adventists, mormons, anglicans; and thats just a small sliver of Xtians! Lets not forget Jews, Reform and Orthodox, and Greek Orthodox; Muslims, Shia and Sunni [and others], Seikhs, Hindus, Buddhists (of which there are various kinds). And then there are Pagans - a collective noun I use to represent all kinds of Sky Faerie worshippers. Consistent? I think not...
I dont even have a basement...
Circular logic is your play set not mine. I struggle to see what kind of Atheist you were...clearly a confused one...
Athiesm is a denial of a faith based mind set. Faith itself is enshrined in circular thinking - God exits because the Bible says so - the Bible is the word of God - therefore it is true. Not good enough I'm afraid...where is your evidence? Where is the logic?
Since when did Atheists claim that the human race was becoming less intelligent? We are quite clearly becoming more so...and I might add would be doing so a damn sight faster without religion getting in the way all the time muddying the waters. Claiming that your belief set is older is not evidence if viability I'm afraid, if so then Hinduism wins...hands down! Praise be to Vishnu!
Prof R Dawkins is an evolutionist - he is also atheist. His God Delusion, while a fine book is more of an aside (a very welcome one) compared to his calling - Biology. Atheism stems from evolution - he (in the God Delusion) was merely stating a set of arguments for the denial of faith - through evolution and other sources - he has never claimed to be an expert in anything other than his field - he focused on xtianity because of his background giving him more insight into this faith than any other.
When we quote Jesus as a liberal we're trying to point out how inconsistent xtians are. The two testaments themselves are clearly inconsistent and I belive stem from an obvious attempt to move with the times. Fire and brimstone stopped working so love stepped in. If anyone tries to force the Word of God on me they're going to get it back...with a few choice words which they may not understand...but that's your failing...not mine, dont like it? Buy a dictionary.
If Gods Law ever holds true in my society then I'm moving. Fortunately I live in England, we're much more sensible over here without a written constitution which cannot be twisted by the God-fearing masses.
Out of curiosity why do you fear God? Isn't she omnibenevolent? But then why does Hell exist? It's a complete mystery to me why people cant see the inconsistancy that's prevalent throughout all belief systems.

Posted by  Tom Streamer, UK on 08/09/2008 01:46 PM #

Man, I really hope God's law rules in your society again! Seeing the (once) greatest world power become a third world country in just a matter of years, would definitely be a heads up for the other nations in the world about the dangers of religion and irrational thinking for economy and a society.

Posted by Diego on 08/09/2008 01:59 PM #

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