Daniel 12 in Preterist Perspective I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day Why is Christmas celebrated on December 25th? Revelation 11 in Preterist Perspective Nero Caesar: The Sixth Head of the Beast Postmillennialism: Answering Contrary Texts Postmillennialism: A Brief Expositi…

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The Florida Personhood Act The Economist: Russia's economy in recovery, West's about to collapse Largest Missile Attacks in Ukraine Yet - Eyewitness The Emerging Multipolar World – Rebuilding Christian Civilization Russia-Ukraine Crisis: The Media Wars Social Justice…

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In Memory of Dr. Pat McEwen Operation Save America (OSA) Regional Event: Kissimmee, Florida - June 11-14, 2014 Nelson Mandela: Saint or Criminal? My Meeting With Nelson Mandela A World to Win 20th Anniversary of Predvestnik's first press run -…

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