Pornography Battle

AT&T moves to eliminate dial-a-porn Boycott of Top Pornography Sponsors Community protest against pornography is growing Dealer Drops Porn Dial-A-Porn Stopped FCC Rules Indecent Programming O.K. After Midnight Holiday Inn bans pornographic movies Holiday Inns stop showin…

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Kansas City Campaign

KANSAS CITY, MO (NCAP) – Three out of four residents of Kansas City were aware of the S.T.O.P! campaign conducted there by the National Coalition Against Pornography(NCAP), and roughly the same number opposed sale of hardcore pornography in their community.…

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Dealer Drops Porn

BEDFORD, VA (FR) – A convenience store owner in this small Virginia town near Roanoke burned a pornographic video after hearing of convicted serial killer Ted Bundy’s confession about how pornography fueled his rape and murder habit. “I don’t want…

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