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The greatest revolutionaries and reformers in history have understood that you cannot change the world by rule of force, you must first change the culture by changing the worldview of the people – their beliefs, ideas and ethics.

Benjamin Franklin on the printing press: “Give me 26 lead soldiers and I will conquer the world.”

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Give me 26 lead soldiers and I will conquer the world.” Franklin knew that a printing press loaded with the 26 letters of the alphabet had more power than loaded guns when it came to revolution. So did Karl Marx and many other socialist revolutionaries. The world hasn’t yet recovered from the changes they began with only ink and paper.

Ideas have consequences. This is a foundational truth. The arts, media and education have more to do with social reform than politics, which is merely a reflection of the worldview of the prevailing culture.

We hear Christians in our day complain about the “lame stream media” and “liberal Hollywood.” Of course, this outcry doesn’t stop the media and entertainment industries from generating billions of dollars of profit. In turn, these social juggernauts subtly impact the values and belief systems of the people and influence the political process as well.

Today, we are in the midst of a media revolution. As in Franklin’s day, the written word is the key to power. Although the literate are more likely to be found writing the script to a film or new media broadcast than the political tracts that fueled the American Revolution. At the same time, we see more and more Christians reengaging the culture and getting involved in the political process. However, without a consistent biblical worldview, we are prone to reform efforts that look good on the surface, but ultimately conform to world’s patterns. If we don’t have a total biblical worldview, we will ultimately fail to please God in our efforts.

The Bible declares that Christian ideology will ultimately rule the whole world, but this conquest will not be forced on people as in the manner of political systems. This ideology will come by being expounded in the written word and other resulting media. As it was said in the time of Israel’s King David, it will be said of our generation, “The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it” (Psalms 68:11).

A Biblical Blueprint for Restoring Our Fallen Culture

The following is a primer for Christians to be trained to the battle. Here are five video seminars that are truly word changers. Each one of these presentations is just as relevant today as when first released. See any of the following presentations, as well as related video clips and articles, at:

A Christian Manifesto and How Should We Then Live? are a great introduction to Dr. Francis Schaeffer, one of the most influential Christian thinkers of the twentieth century. These two DVDs, along with Schaeffer’s many writings, are responsible for countless Christians being launched into political and social activism.

God’s Law and Society is a four-hour, ten-part seminar composed of programs of about 20 minutes each. We asked 16 experts in Christian ethics to answer ten of the most common objections and questions that Christians have regarding biblical Law as it relates to civil politics and culture. This has had a great impact among Christian leaders ever since it first appeared as you will see on the testimonial page.

The Beast of Revelation: Identified challenges the prevailing defeatist eschatology of most evangelical Christians. Does the world belong to King Jesus and His faithful stewards? Or does the earth belong to the devil and the Antichrist? Based on Ken Gentry’s lecture at the national Ligonier conference, this presentation gives a little considered, but historically valid interpretation of the book of Revelation, keeping audience relevance and historical context in the forefront.

The Real Jesus is a video I produced in response to the countless “Jesus” specials we see in television that call into question all the vital components of the Gospel. One of the greatest challenges to the Gospel, in fact, is equipping Christians to be able to give an answer to the distortions of liberal theology that are presented by the popular media.

See more details for each of these DVDs below. Each can be securely ordered on-line using any major credit card or PayPal. See any of the following presentations, as well as related video clips and articles, at The Forerunner Store.


A Christian Manifesto

Dr. Francis Schaeffer

America’s moral crisis and what Christians must do

Dr. Schaeffer, who was one of the most influential Christian thinkers in the twentieth century, shows that secular humanism has displaced the Judeo-Christian consensus that once defined our nation’s moral boundaries. Law, education, and medicine have all been reshaped for the worse as a consequence. America’s dominant worldview changed, Schaeffer charges, when Christians weren’t looking.

Schaeffer lists two reasons for evangelical indifference: a false concept of spirituality and fear. He calls on believers to stand against the tyranny and moral chaos that come when humanism reigns-and warns that believers may, at some point, be forced to make the hard choice between obeying God or Caesar. A Christian Manifesto is a thought-provoking and bracing Christian analysis of American culture and the obligation Christians have to engage the culture with the claims of Christ.

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How Should We Then Live?

Dr. Francis Schaeffer

A sweeping epic chronicling the rise and decline of Western thought and culture

After 40 years of intense study and world-wide ministry, Dr. Francis Schaeffer completed his crowning work of scholarship – to present profound truths in simple film language. Dr. Schaeffer’s brilliant analysis of the past and predictions for current trends have proven so uncannily accurate that this amazing series still feels contemporary almost three decades after its initial release. Ultimately, Schaeffer concludes that man’s only hope is a return to God’s Biblical absolute, the truth revealed in Christ through the Scriptures.

Available for the first time on DVD, this documentary spectacular also includes intimate in-depth conversations with Francis and Edith Schaeffer. With the on-disc study guide, this presentation forms a unique course of comprehensive study. While this series forms an innovative analysis of the past, this outstanding work is more than history. Each episode focuses on a significant era, yet speaks clearly to 21st-century man with answers for modern problems.

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God's Law and Society


God's Law and Society

Sixteen noted Christian leaders and scholars apply the Ten Commandments to American life.

God’s Law and Society powerfully presents a comprehensive worldview based upon the ethical system found in the Law of God.

Speakers include: R.J. Rushdoony, George Grant, Howard Phillips, R.C. Sproul Jr., Ken Gentry, Gary DeMar, Jay Grimstead, Steven Schlissel, Andrew Sandlin, Eric Holmberg, and more!

Sixteen Christian leaders and scholars answer some of the most common questions and misconceptions related to this volatile issue:

  1. Are we under Law or under Grace?
  2. Does the Old Testament Law apply today?
  3. Can we legislate morality?
  4. What are the biblical foundations of government?
  5. Was America founded as a Christian nation?
  6. What about the separation of Church and State?
  7. Is neutrality a myth?
  8. What about non-Christians and the Law of God?
  9. Would there be “freedom” in a Christian republic?
  10. What would a “Christian America” look like?

Perfect for group instruction as well as personal Bible study.

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The Beast of Revelation Identified


The Beast of Revelation: Identified

Featuring Dr. Kenneth L. Gentry at the 1999 Ligonier conference

Now at last, a plausible candidate for this personification of evil incarnate has been identified (or re-identified). Ken Gentry’s insightful analysis of scripture and history is likely to revolutionize your understanding of the book of Revelation — and even more importantly — amplify and energize your entire Christian worldview!

Historical footage and other graphics are used to illustrate the lecture Dr. Gentry presented at the 1999 Ligonier Conference in Orlando, Florida. It is followed by a one-hour question and answer session addressing the key concerns and objections typically raised in response to his position. This presentation also features an introduction that touches on not only the confusion and controversy surrounding this issue — but just why it may well be one of the most significant issues facing the Church today.

Ideal for group meetings, personal Bible study — for anyone who wants to understand the historical context of John’s famous letter “… to the seven churches which are in Asia.” (Revelation 1:4)

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The Real Jesus: A Defense of the Historicity and Divinity of Christ


The Real Jesus: A Defense of the Historicity and Divinity of Christ

Explodes the myths of the liberal critics and the movies, books and television programs that have popularized their views.

Ever since the dawn of modern rationalism, skeptics have sought to use textual criticism, archeology and historical reconstructions to uncover the “historical Jesus” — a wise teacher who said many wonderful things, but fulfilled no prophecies, performed no miracles and certainly did not rise from the dead in triumph over sin.

Over the past 100 years, however, startling discoveries in biblical archeology and scholarship have all but vanquished the faulty assumptions of these doubting modernists. Regrettably, these discoveries have often been ignored by the skeptics as well as by the popular media. As a result, the liberal view still holds sway in universities and impacts the culture and even much of the church.

The Real Jesus explodes the myths of these critics and the movies, books and television programs that have popularized their views. Presented in ten parts — perfect for individual, family and classroom study — viewers will be challenged to go deeper in their knowledge of Christ in order to be able to defend their faith and present the truth to a skeptical modern world – that the Jesus of the Gospels is the Jesus of history — “the same yesterday, today and forever” (Hebrews 13:8). He is the real Jesus.

Speakers include: George Grant, Ted Baehr, Stephen Mansfield, Raymond Ortlund, Phil Kayser, David Lutzweiler, Jay Grimstead, J.P. Holding, and Eric Holmberg.

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