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If you are subscribed to via Feedburner, you might know that Google ended this service last summer. We are using the Feedburner replacement called There are additional features you can now use that didn’t exist on Feedburner. You can now define filters and more delivery channels. You can receive your news via Telegram, News Page and many others. If you have not subscribed to The Forerunner, the link is

If you have not seen the website recently, take a look at the updated design of

In 1996, The Forerunner website was launched with the help of Rick Kiper of Over the years, the website grew organically out of earlier beginnings, branched out and was “glued” together in different ways over time. With the changing state of the web over the past 25 years, the design was sometimes slightly out of date. I tried to keep up with this, but finally I hired an expert from to help update the site to 2021 standards. He understood immediately what needed to be done and did a highly detailed job in a short period of time.

I paid money out of my own pocket for this job, so I’m now seeking to raise funds to recover all or part of this. Rather than raise funds first, I like to start a project and then present it so people can see what they are supporting. As a 501(c)3 organization, any donation you give to The Forerunner through Media House International is tax deductible.

You will see a “DONATE” button at the top of the webpage. Credit card donations may be made using PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account. Click on the Donate button and follow the instructions to either use an existing PayPal account or to donate using a Debit or Credit Card via PayPal Guest Checkout. We also have a video and books section labelled STORE. Purchases of books and DVDs include special bulk distributor deals.

Some background on this publishing ministry: The Forerunner newspaper was founded in 1981 by Maranatha Campus Ministries. The purpose was to teach a total biblical world and life view to college students and ministry leaders around the world. Multi-volume editions with both unique articles and translated materials were published in Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian and Urdu. The articles continue to be reprinted in numerous other publications and including school textbooks and translated into other foreign languages.

I became managing editor in 1989. In 1993, I founded Media House International to support the foreign language versions in other countries around the world. I also have worked with Eric Holmberg of Reel to Real Ministries and the Apologetics Group in the research, writing and editing of several acclaimed video productions. In 2021, we completed the publication of four more books that emphasize a victorious eschatology outlining the bright future for the people of God promised in the Scriptures. We’ve recently provided materials from my books to be translated by ministries in Germany and Norway. We plan to continue to move ahead in 2022 with all of these efforts and more.

As you might know, I had a heart transplant in July 2020. I did a series of videos about my recovery on our YouTube Channel. By the grace of God, my recovery has been phenomenal. My doctors told me I was in the top 1 or 2 percent of all the heart transplant patients they have followed-up in the first few months of recovery. I have not been sick or in rejection once since the surgery. I am greatly thankful for all the prayers, messages and support I received from friends and family members during this past year. Rather than slow me down, I experienced a lot of grace, energy, excitement about finishing several projects that had been “on the drawing board.”

This past month, I personally experienced a renewed vision both physically (cataract surgery with multi-focal lenses) as well as mentally and spiritually. As part of this renewal, I’ve launched the updated website design for The Forerunner. I literally have a new heart and I am moving forward with a renewed sense of purpose. Anything you can do to help spread the news about the website or any financial donation no matter how much is greatly appreciated.

Yours for Christ’s victorious kingdom,

Jay Rogers

P.S. There is a whole bunch of technical stuff that I have in a 21-page report. The main differences you will see here are the following:


  1. Responsive three-column layout collapsing successive to a single column for narrower device sizes.
  2. Responsive images – the browser chooses the best image of the device size and resolution (in future also connection quality)
  3. Design for better readability and visual differentiation: text size, spacing, fonts, colors, and white space.

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