Mission to Ukraine 7/12/2007 – Two Church Services in Lviv

Video: Mission to Ukraine 7/12/2007 - Two Church Services in Lviv
Mission to Ukraine 7/12/2007 - Two Church Services in Lviv
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While we were in the downtown area of Lviv, we went into a Church where there was a wedding going on. I later found out that many of these churches are actually Eastern Rite Catholic from the time of Polish control of the area, but I don’t know which ones. To me they are indistinguishable.

We went to a church service at night at their Baptist church. The church building was converted from a Lutheran church after the Soviet Union absorbed western Ukraine. Two Chinese-American pastors from Lexington, Kentucky spoke. One was asked to give a report about the Church in China even though he said his perspective was that of a Chinese-American.

The other pastor told the people that the world is getting worse and worse, Jesus is coming soon, we have a mansion in heaven, and so on. Of course, everyone said “Amen!” But I say, “Bah!” See my articles on postmillennial eschatology if you want to understand why I don’t receive pessimistic teaching about the progress of the Gospel in the world.

In any case, they were precious Christian preachers who were traveling in Ukraine preaching in Baptist churches.

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