What is really happening in Kiev, Ukraine

The following comes from a friend who was born and lives in Kiev, Ukraine. He has asked not to use his name because he could be at risk of attacks by Nazi radicals. This is the name used by Ukrainian Nationalist militias – “Nats” and “Natzis.” This is a real thing despite the incredulous reaction of our media to Putin’s goal of the de-Nazification of Ukraine. The following is shared to give accurate information for those who only hear the reports from CNN and FOX News. It is for the purpose of directing prevailing prayer, not saying which side within Ukraine is right. We should be praying for all involved. ~ Jay Rogers

The Forerunner: What’s your immediate view of everything so far?

A:- I see the agony of the Kiev regime and they care very little about our citizens. They distributed tens of thousands of AK, RPG and hand grenades among people who never touched firearms before, with no mind about criminals, drug addicts and alcoholics among them. All civilians killed within the city of Kiev are victims of “territorial defense” groups. We have information that these armed people are firing each other and at civilians who are suspicious in their opinion. So far, all you have heard about Russian saboteurs in Kiev is a lie. They shoot each other and later claim they neutralized Russian soldiers. Do not believe this baloney – when Russians capture Kiev, you will see and know the truth.

The Russian army is busy now by locating arsenals and Nazi squads and destroying them. These radicals offer to surrender to the Ukrainian army (UA) soldiers and many do. The next target are the roads to cut off delivery of “western aid” (arms) from Poland and the flight of what is left of the UA army to the western part of UA. Cities are not Russian army (RU) primary targets so far. I know from one of my customers from the city of Kherson that life there is normal as usual though city is surrounded and blocked by RU troops.

On the other hand, I know from someone I trust that battle machines and artillery of UA army is hidden among living areas of one of Kiev districts.

There will be a huge problem with liberation of city of Mariupol. The Nazi squad Azov (which was condemned by members of the U.S. Congress as a terrorist organization) is holding people in the city using them as a shield. They know they are hated by locals, but Russians do not wish to capture them as a prisoners of war. They are hated even by the UA army.

The vast majority of UA media messages are pure lies trusted only by misinformed people here. The UA has been demolished and Russians are seeking the surrender of 10 to 12 brigades near the city of Dnepropetrovsk. The UA army is trying to flee to big cities. Kiev is almost surrounded right now and I think blockade will be completed in a few days.

This morning there will be negotiations between UA and RU. I think it’s a technical thing as the Russians said the army offensive will continue anyway regardless of talk results.

Another remarkable thing is that Putin and the RU elite made this decision. They knew they were going to lose a lot with this mess but also they realized they lose everything in the long run if they did not act. Ever been woken up by supersonic Iskanders followed by Kalibers? That is something that is worth living for!

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Thanks for posting this update on Feb. 28. I just heard about your work. It is hard for me to sort through the propaganda on all 3 sides. Thanks for explaining the situation.

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