Karl Marx?

By Georgi Marchenko
Translated by Alexei Salapatov
Edited by Jay Rogers
Published in Predvestnik #2, 1991
Translated January 27, 1997. Quotes from same named book.

Editor’s note: This article was translated into English from material in a Russian book published under the name “Georgi Marchenko.” It was likely published for distribution during the time of the USSR under a pseudonym. The entire book was published in English as Marx & Satan by Richard Wurmbrand. Readers are encouraged to obtain a copy of this book if they find this article interesting.

The origin of Marxism is within a satanic mystery cult. This is something very few Marxists are aware of.

Before Marx became a famous economist and communist, he paid his tribute to humanism. Today, one-third of the world is Marxist.* Many in western countries acknowledge Marxism in one form or another. There are even many professing Christians, many of them highly revered, who are convinced that if Christ said many true things about the Kingdom of God, real answers on how to help hungry, poor and oppressed should be sought by reading Marx.

We’ve heard that Marx was a deep humanitarian; that he was possessed by the idea of helping the oppressed masses. His belief: The reason behind oppression is capitalism. As soon as this putrid system is destroyed after the time of proletariat’s rule, a new society will appear in which everyone will work and receive according to their needs. There will be neither a state that represses individuality, nor war or revolution, but a world-wide brotherhood of nations lasting forever.

Marx opposed any form of religion since it prevented the fulfillment of his communist ideals – the only answer for all the world’s problems.

This is the way Marxists explain their position. Yet there are even some Christians who have held similar views. Pastor Ostereier (UK) once preached in a sermon: “Communism, no matter in what form, good or bad as it appears today, is a movement for liberating man from exploitation. We, the members of Christ’s body, humbly repenting should acknowledge that we owe a lot to every communist.”

I have spent great deal of time and effort studying Marx’s thoughts and I was fortunate to find some things that I’d like to share with my readers.

In early youth, Marx was a Christian. The first of Marx’s known works was entitled, “Unity of believers in Christ according to the Gospel of John 15:1-14: Unity’s meaning, unconditional necessity, and influence.” Here we find the following words: “Union with Christ is found in a close and living fellowship with Him and in the fact that we always have Him before our eyes and in our hearts. And at the same time that we are possessed by the greatest love of Him, we direct our hearts to our brothers, with whom He bound us closely, and for whom He sacrificed Himself.”

So Marx was aware of the way in which people may show brotherly love towards each other, that is, through Christianity.

He continues: “Therefore, unity with Christ internally exalts, comforts in trials, and makes the heart open to love people, not because of our pride or thirst for fame, but because of Christ.”

At the about the same period of time, he writes in his work entitled: “Thoughts of a young man before choosing a profession”:

“Religion teaches us the Ideal to Whom we all aspire. He has sacrificed Himself for all mankind. Who will dare to deny such assertions? If we have chosen a profession at which we may give our best to mankind, then we won’t falter under its burden, because it is a sacrifice for all.”

When he graduated from high school, his diploma contained the following in the category “Religious knowledge”:

“His knowledge of Christian teachings and principles is clear and properly based. He also knows the history of Christian church to a great extent.”

Soon after receiving of his diploma, something very mysterious happened. Even before Moses Gess led Marx to socialistic persuasions in 1841, he had become a zealous atheist. This change character could be seen in his later student years.

In one of his verses, Marx wrote: “I long to take vengeance on the One Who rules from above.” Marx believed that “the One that rules from above” in fact existed. He contended with Him, although God never harmed him. Marx was from a relatively wealthy family. He didn’t starve in his childhood and in his student years he lived much better than his friends. So what caused his fierce hatred towards God?

Personal motivations are not available to us. Maybe Marx was only somebody’s else speaker in this defiant assertion?

During this period, the following lines are taken from him from the poem entiled: “Conjuration of falling into despair.”

I’ll set up my throne above,
Cold and terrible will be the peak of it.
Superstitious trembling is at its base,
Master – most black agony.

The one who will look with healthy looks,
Will turn away, turn pale and deadly mute.
Possessed by blind and cold deathness,
will prepare a tomb with his happiness.

The words “I’ll set up my throne” and his confession that agony and fear will go forth from the one who is sitting upon the throne, remind us Lucifer’s proud boast: “I will ascend to heaven, higher than God’s stars I will set up my throne” (Isiah 14:13).

Why did Marx need such a throne? The answer for this question is in an infamous drama written by Marx in his student years. The drama is called “Oulanem.” There is a mention of a satanic “Black mass,” a ritual conducted by a priest at midnight in which a Bible is burned. All present promise to commit all the seven deadly sins mentioned in the Roman Catholic catechism and to never perform any good works. An orgy follows after that.

Worship of Satan is very old. In Deuteronomy we read that the Jews “made sacrifices to demons” (32:17). Later, the king of Israel, Jeroboam, set up priests of the high places and of the goats and bulls that he made”(2 Kings 12:25-33).

The “Oulanem” can be understood if we read with Marx’s bizarre confession made in the verse “Nidler”:

Hellish evaporations rise and fill my brains,
Until I will go mad and my heart will not change dramatically.
See this sword?
The King of darkness
sold it to me.

These lines have special meaning when we take into account that during the rituals of higher dedication into a satanic cult, a bewitched sword that guarantees a success is sold to the candidate. He pays for it by signing with his blood taken from his vein the contract which makes his soul belong to Satan after death.

And now I’ll quote “Oulanem”:

For he is marking time and giving signs.
Bolder and bolder I play the dance of death.
And they too: Oulanem, Oulanem.
This name sounds like death,
Sounds until won’t stop in miserable shapes.
Halt! Now I have it. It rises from my soul,
Clear as air, hard as my bones.
And still, you personified mankind,
I may take you by the power of my mighty hands and crush with fierce force
In the meantime, as the abyss gapes before me and you in the darkness,
You will fall in it and I’ll follow you,
Laughing and whispering into your ear: “Come down with me, friend!”

The Holy Scripture, which Marx learned in high school, says that devil was cast down by an angel into the abyss (Rev. 20:3). Marx wanted to send all mankind into this abyss prepared for the devil and his angels.

Who speaks for Marx in this drama? Is it reasonable to expect this from such a young man – that he would dream that mankind would fall into the abyss (the “outer darkness” as the Bible calls it), and that he himself laughing will follow those who were ensnared by unbelief? Nowhere in the world is this idea cultivated except in the rituals of dedication into the higher degrees of the Satanic church.

The time to die has come for Oulanem. These are his words:

Perished, perished. My time is over.
The clock has stopped, the tiny building has fallen.
Soon I’ll squeeze eternity to me, and with a wild cry
Will speak out a curse to all mankind.

Marx liked to repeat Mephistopheles’ words from Goethe’s “Faust”: “all existing is worthy to be destroyed.” All, including the worker and those who fought for communism in battle. Marx liked to quote these words and Stalin acted according to these words and destroyed even his own family.

Members of Satan’s cult are not materialists. They believe in life after death. Oulanem, the person whose character Marx assumes, does not deny life after death. But acknowledges it as a life full of hate to the highest degree. I should mention that “eternity” means “torture” to demons. This is the reason why demons rebuked Jesus: “And so they cried out: what do you have to do with us, Jesus, Son of God? Have you come to torture us before our time” (Matt. 8:29).

Marx says the same thing:

Hah, eternity, our eternal pain,
Indescribable, unmeasurable death!
Disgusting, artificially conceived,
To despise us -
We, who ourselves, as a clock mechanism
Blindly mechanical, created to be
Foolish calendars of time and space,
Without any purpose,
Besides accidental appearance for destruction.

We begin to realize what happened to young Marx. He used to have Christian ideals, but he didn’t applying them to his life. His correspondence with his father testifies of spending of large amounts of money for entertainment that caused endless conflicts with his parents. In this situation, he possibly was entangled in the snare of a secret Satanic cult and went through the ritual of dedication. Satan is seen by his followers in hallucinations during the orgies and speaks through their mouths. Marx is just Satan’s voice when he proclaims “I want to take vengeance on the One who is above.”

Let’s go to the end of “Oulanem” drama:

Hah! Tortured on the burning wheel,
I must happily dance in the circle of eternity:
If there would be anything beyond it,
I’d jump into it, even if I had to destroy the world for it.

Build between it and me!
It must be destroyed with curses.
I’ll supress stubborn existence by my hands.
Embracing me, it should calmly fade out.
And then – down to nowhere.
Completely disappear, and not to be – that would be – the life.

In the “Oulanem” drama Marx, in fact, does the same thing as the devil. He curses all humanity.

“Oulanem” is probably the only drama in the world in which all the players are so sure of their sinfulness and revel in it as on a holiday. There is neither white nor black, neither Claudio and Ophelia, Iago and Desdemona. Everything is black in it, and every one appeared to have Mephistopheles’ character. All of it’s players are demonic and doomed to perish.

When Marx was writing “Oulanem,” the young genius was 18. His plan for his life was very clear by that time. He had no illusions about serving mankind, the proletariat or socialism. He wanted to destroy the world, set up a throne for himself that would be based upon the world’s shocks, throes and convulsions.

At this stage, Marx’s views were developing. Some mysterious things appear in his correspondence with his father. For instance, the son writes: “The cover has fallen, my Holy of Holies was emptied and there was a need to put new gods there.” This was written on November 10, 1837 by the young fellow who previously professed to be a Christian. He used to profess that Christ inhabited in his heart. Suddenly this turned upside-down. What new gods replaced Christ’s place?

Marx’s father replied (February 10, 1838): “I didn’t demand any explanations about such a mysterious thing, though it seems to be very controversial.” What was that mysterious thing? No biographer has been able to explain these puzzling words.

What suddenly caused young Marx’s father to express anxiety for controversial influences on his young son?

In a poem, Karl Marx wrote:

I have lost heaven,
And know that for sure.
My soul, once faithful to God,
Now is destined for hell.

We need not comment.

Marx began with proud ambitions in art. His verse and drama were important for the discovery of his inner world, but because of the absence of poetic talent, they remained useless. Failures in painting and architecture gave us Hitler; in drama – Goebels; in philosophy – Rosenberg.

Marx was the implacable enemy of all gods, a man who bought a sword from the prince of darkness for the price of his own soul.

Did Marx really buy a sword from Satan?

His daughter, Eleonora, wrote book entitled: “The Moor and the general – memoirs of Marx and Engels.” She says that Karl told many stories to her and his other daughter when they were children. Her favorite story was about some one named Hans Rekle. This story was continued for months and seemed to never end. Hans Rekle was a wizard who had a toy shop and a lot of debts. Though he was wizard, he constantly was in need of money. Therefore, in spite of his desire, he had to sell all his cute toys one by one to the devil. Eleonora wrote that some of these adventures were so awful that her hair stood on end.

Robert Payne, in his book “Marx,” also tells in detail, from Eleonora’s words, how the poor wizard Rekle unwillingly was selling his toys keeping them until the very last moment. But because he had an agreement with devil, he was unable to escape.

The biographer comments: “Scarely can we doubt that those never ending stories were autobiographic. Sometimes it seemed as though he was realizing that he was performing the devil’s duty.” Marx didn’t conceive of socialism when was finishing “Oulanem” and other early works in which he admits he made a pact with Satan.

At that time Marx met Moses Gess, the man who played most significant role in his life and led Marx to accept socialistic ideals.

In a letter to B. Auerbasch (1841), Gess characterized Marx as “the greatest, possibly the only, philosopher of today … Dr. Marx is very young (24 years old at the most); he’ll strike the final blow on religion and philosophy.” So the first target was to strike a blow to religion not socialism.

It is a myth that Marx had been pursuing the ideal of helping mankind, that religion was the obstacle on the way to the realization of those ideals, and that this was the reason why he took an anti-religious position. On the contrary, Marx hated all gods and couldn’t hear about God. Socialism was only a decoy to attract the proletariat and intelligensia to the realization of a satanic ideal.

Marx publicly spoke about metaphysics very little, but we can gather information about his views from those with whom he communicated. One of his co-members in the First International was Mikhail Bakunin – a Russian anarchist who wrote that the devil was the first free thinker and the world savior; that the devil liberated Adam and sealed his face with the seal of humanism making him disobedient.

Bakunin not only glorified Lucifer, but had a concrete program of revolution – but not the kind that is able to free the poor from oppression. He wrote: “In this revolution, we’ll have to wake up the devil in people in order to stir up their lowest passions.”

Here it is very important to give special signicficance to the fact that Marx and his friends, being against God, were not atheists as modern Marxists call themselves. Although they denied God publicly, they hated the One Whose existence they never doubted.

All active Satanists have a disorderly personal life, Marx was no exception. Arnold Kunzli, in his book, “Marx – Psychography,” wrote that Marx was guilty of causing the suicide of two of his daughters and one son-in-law. His daughter Laura also buried three of her own children and then committed suicide together with her husband.

Marx had lost a lot of money on the exchange. Being a brilliant economist, he nevertheless could only loose money.

Since everything in a satanic cult is covered by secrecy, we only have a suspicion that Marx had ties to the cult. His slovenly life could be one more in the chain of evidence.

Marx was a highly intelligent person, as was Engels, however their correspondence full of indecencies which are unusual for men of their social position. A lot of obscene words, but never do we read of these idealists communicating their humanistic or socialistic dreams.

Everything in Marx’ behavior had a demonic character. His friend Weitling wrote: “Usual topics for conversation with Marx are atheism, the guillotine, Hegel, rope and knife.” Being a Jew himself, he wrote an anti-semetic book called, “The Jewish Question.” He hated not only Jews. He hated Germans and asserted that “only a stick can raise a German.” He use to talk about “the dumb German nation” and the fact that “German, Chinese and Jewish people can be compared to the street vendors.” Finally, he makes mentions of “the disgusting national narrow-mindedness of Germans” (A. Kunzli “Marx – Psychography”). He counted Russians as a people of the lowest sort, “a barbarian race,” and called Slavics – “ethnic garbage.”

So we have paid some attention to several inclinations that allow us to believe that Marx may well ahve been a Satanist.

Here is one more interesting fact. Captain Reese, a disciple of Marx, grieved by the news of his death, went to London to visit the house where his beloved teacher once lived. The Marx family had already left the home and he was only able to talk to the servant who lived in the same house. He heard the following amazing words about Marx from her: “He was a man with the fear of God. When he was very ill, he used to pray alone in his room before burning candles, wound round his head was something like tape.” This reminds philacteries used by the Jews during their morning prayers. But Marx was baptized in a Christian church. He never confessed Judaism and later became an enemy of God. He had been writing books against religion and had brought up all his children to be atheists. So what was that ceremony which the uneducated servant understood to be a prayer? Praying Jews with phylacteries on their face never place a row of candles before them. Could it have been some sort of a satanic ritual?

Another possible hint is in a letter to Marx from his son Edgar, dated March 21, 1854. It begins with these astonishing words, “My Dear Devil.” Where else does a son greet his father in such a ridiculous way? But Satanists write so to the ones they love. Was his son involved too?

One more significant fact, Marx wife wrote to him in August of 1844: “Your last pastoral letter, Higher Priest and soul Possessor, brought peace and calmness to your poor flock.”

Marx clearly expressed his dream concerning the elimination of all religions in “Communist Manifesto.” We should assume satanic cults were included here too. But his wife addresses him as a Higher Priest. But of what religion? The only faith confessed in Europe where a Higher Priest is present is Satanism. So what kind of pastoral letters could a man write who was known as an atheist? Where are those letters? These are periods of Marx’s life that remain unexplored.

Marx died in desperation, as all Satanists die. He wrote to Engels on March 25, 1883, “How purposeless and empty life is, but how desired!”

The Cult of Lenin

Marxism hides a mystery that very few Marxists are aware of. Yet Lenin wrote a half century later that none of the Marxists comprehended Marx.

There is a mystery in Lenin’s life too. Here is what he wrote about the Soviet state: “The State is in our hands. And did it act this year according to the new economic policy as we desired? No, it didn’t. We don’t want to admit the following: it acted not as we desired. So how did it act? The machine jumped out of our hands: as if another person controlled it, and the machine didn’t go to the place where we directed it, but went to the place where that someone else dictated.”

What were those mysterious forces that overcame the plans of former Bolshevik’s leaders? They gave life to a force, hoping to control it, but it appeared to be more terrible than they expected. What made them desperate?

I do not pretend that I have found perfect evidence of Marx’s membership in a Satanic cult. But I believe there is a lot of information that points us to such a conclusion.

Again: I realize, the information given here by myself is far from perfect. This question has to be researched in details by someone else. However, from what is written here, we may conclude – that the Marx described by Marxists is nothing more than a myth.

The Marx who loves all people is a myth created after his death.

Darwin’s book made Marx really happy. In his opinion, it was one more blow that forced man to forget his Godly origin and his great destiny. Darwin said that a man evolved from the ape and has no other purpose but to survive.

Satan was not able to pull down God’s throne. Therefore, he made men valueless. Man was represented as a slave of his stomach and a descendant of an animal.

Later Freud continued the work of those two satanic giants, reducing human beings to base sexual instincts which sometimes give rise to politics, art and religion.

Some more before I finish. I have saved most important for the end.

Jesus spoke to the church at Pergamos some peculiar words: “I know your works, and where you dwell, where Satan’s throne is” (Rev. 2,13). Evidently, Pergamos was the center of a satanic cult in ancient times. A famous tourist book by Bedecker mentions, in a section dedicated to Berlin, that since 1944, the Altar of Pergamos was placed in one of Berlin’s museums after it was excavated by German archeologists.

But this is not the end of the Satanic altar story. The Swedish paper “Svenska Dagbladet” reported the following on January 27, 1948:

1. After capturing Berlin, the Soviet Army removed the original Satanic altar to Moscow. (Strange, but for a long time the altar was not shown in any Soviet museum. Why it was necessary to remove it to Moscow? I mentioned earlier that some higher leaders of the Soviet hierarchy practiced satanic rituals. Possibly they wanted to keep the altar of Pergamos for their personal usage? There are many dark spots here. Even fragments of such precious archeological rarities don’t disappear.)

2. Architect Schusev, who built Lenin’s tomb, took the Pergamos altar as the project prototype. This was in 1924. It’s a known fact that Schusev received all the needed information from Frederic Paulsen – an acknowledged authority in archeology.

Satan’s altar of Pergamos was only one of a kind. Why did Christ point to it? Perhaps because it was to play a leading role. His words were prophetic.

Endnote from the translator – Lenin’s tomb is still standing today in the very center of Moscow, Red Square, containing the dead body of the person who made the most terrible and costly revolution and civil war in our history. Despite the number of proposals to bury the body, it remains at the same location many years after the Soviet Union’s collapse.

  • This book, Karl Marx, was written by a Christian dissident at the time of the Soviet Union.


Bill Clinton is a Communist. He gave China, a communist nation “favored nation status.” He is directly responsible for 9/11. When the Twin Towers were attacked in 1993 on his watch he did NOTHING about it. Now they are gone and thousands of Americans are dead.

Thank you for posting your work, after many years of studying His word and history this article has profoundly helped me to see.
P.S. compare Psalms 37:34 with Genesis 18:19 asking self what is His way we are to keep?

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