Jailed abortionist Harry Perper receives emergency suspension of medical license

Notorious Orlando and Miami-Fort Lauderdale child killer now serving a one-year sentence for drug trafficking

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In 2014, Harry Perper was convicted of 1 of 19 counts of oxycodone trafficking, racketeering and conspiracy. He’s now serving a one year sentence plus three years probation. That’s actually a light sentence. Each count can carry up to 15 years, but he pleaded guilty and 18 counts were not prosecuted.

ORLANDO, Florida (www.forerunner.com) — Notorious abortionist Zvi Harry Perper had his license suspended by emergency order in August 2014 as a result of multiple counts of federal drug trafficking and racketeering charges. The indictments occurred in 2011 and stemmed from Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi’s sting operations that helped to close almost 100 “pill mills” throughout Florida.


In 2011, Zvi Harry Perper was charged with 19 counts of racketeering, drug trafficking and conspiracy.

Perper’s case has not yet come before the Florida Board of Medicine, but a complaint was filed with the Department of Health on January 10, 2014. Another complaint was filed on July 29, 2014 and notes that

On or about May 14, 2014, in the Circuit Court of the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit in and for Palm Beach County, Florida, in case number 2011-CF-001934-AXXX-MB, Respondent was adjudicated guilty of attempted trafficking in oxycodone, a second degree felony, in violation of Section 893.135(1)(c), Florida Statutes.

His license was put under emergency suspension status effective September 10, 2014. An emergency suspension is given prior to a formal hearing and the licensee may not practice medicine.

A 37-page complaint outlines nine counts of medical malpractice related to prescription drug sales to patients with a history of drug abuse. Perper was indicted on multiple counts of conspiracy and drug trafficking. He most recently worked as a dealer of pain pills for a controversial clinic in Miami that was founded by a convicted drug smuggler.

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Jailed abortionist Harry Perper receives emergency suspension of medical license
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Perper was the abortionist on duty at EPOC abortion center in Orlando when Baby Rowan, a 22-week gestation baby boy, was born alive and left to die. Baby Rowan’s mother, described him as a very fast-moving, hyperactive type of person.

Perper also perforated a woman’s uterus at Orlando Woman’s Center requiring a hysterectomy. He was subject to disciplinary action for “substandard care, incompetence or negligence” on February 12, 2008:

Nature of Complaint: The physician upon performing a termination of a patient’s pregnancy through dilation and curettage severely perforated the patient’s uterus and deposited materials including the fetus and placenta into the patient’s lower abdominal cavity. The patient was subsequently transferred to a medical center where another physician removed the fetus and placenta from the patient’s abdominal cavity and due to the severe perforation of the patient’s uterus performed a hysterectomy.

This case has been erroneously reported by several pro-life blogs as the source of abortionist James Pendergraft’s current license suspension. Pendergraft himself has been almost continually under suspension since 2006. Pendergraft owns five abortion clinics in Florida and has continued to operate even while his license has suspended five times by hiring other abortionists like Perper. These have included

  1. Abortionist James Pendergraft (extortion)
  2. Abortionist Walker Whaley (conspiracy to manufacture synthetic cocaine)
  3. Abortionist Zvi Harry Perper (racketeering, drug trafficking)
  4. Abortionist Randall Whitney (aggravated battery; reduced to misdemeanor on “no contest” plea)

In 2012, another Orlando Women’s Center employee was arrested on charges of rape.

Security officer Roderick Johnson (sexual battery)

Amazingly, Perper’s medical license was not suspended in 2008 due to an agreement in which he satisfied the terms of disciplinary action. Perper received a reprimand from the Board of Medicine and was ordered to pay a fine.

Perper then reemerged in the news as one of 17 doctors who were arrested in 2011 on drug trafficking charges. The Sun-Sentinel has an article about the “mafia doctors” who were arrested in 2011 for running “pill mills” in south Florida. The article is one of the few by the mainstream media that makes the connection to Perper’s career as a troubled abortionist.

Perper began working at the pain clinic after he was fined $10,000 by the state in 2008 for a botched abortion in Orlando, according to state records.

An article in the Broward Palm Beach News on May 14, 2010, exposed Perper’s pain pill clinic.

Broward County Medical Examiner Joshua Perper has warned us about the dangers of pain clinics. Last June, he was in the Miami Herald talking about the dangers of doctor shopping, where people go to numerous clinics to stockpile pills like oxycodone, Xanax, and Valium.

“It’s almost impossible to monitor different people shopping doctors,’‘ [Joshua] Perper told the newspaper. “A person can get hundreds or thousands of pills.” He went on to talk about the explosion in oxycodone-related deaths, which ballooned to 171 in Broward County in 2008, more than double the figure from 2005. In the Sun-Sentinel, he warned of how those using the pain clinics are consuming deadly cocktails of pills.

What Joshua Perper didn’t reveal was that his son, physician Zvi Harry Perper, was himself in the pain pill business. Harry Perper dispensed pain medication at a clinic on Swinton Avenue in Delray Beach called Delray Pain Management LLC. The clinic was founded in early 2009 by a convicted drug smuggler named Kenneth Murry. Harry Perper is listed as a manager of the clinic.

According to the Palm Beach Post, the clinic was founded by convicted heroin and cocaine trafficker, Vincent Colangelo. Colangelo was running at least eight more pill mils in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area at the time of his arrest. He was sentenced to prison for 20 years in 2012.

Incidentally, the town is also home to a number of Palm Beach luxury detox centers that serve the more affluent members of the community who are facing drug abuse issues.

Perper is arrested at the “pill mill” he ran at Delray Pain Management.

In yet another ironic twist, Joshua Perper was the coroner who did the autopsy report on Anna Nicole Smith, the Playboy model who died from an overdose of prescription medication, a bizarre case that has prompted numerous conspiracy theories.

In September 2011, Governor Rick Scott announced he would not reappoint Perper to another three year term as Chief Medical Examiner. Perper expressed surprise at the decision, saying that Scott gave him no reason. He subsequently announced his intention to resign at the end of October of that year, and enter retirement according to an article in the Sun-Sentinel.

DEA agent Keigh Barker, right, escorts abortionist Zvi Harry Perper, son of the Broward Medical Examiner Dr. Joshua A. Perper, to a awaiting police car after his Delray Pain Management clinic was raided by agents on February 23, 2010.

The Forerunner has followed Perper since 2007 and has compiled the following articles.

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